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  1. How? I think he's perfect for the young Drake role. not that I'm super interested in that movie or anything though. Yea, I agree. I think Mark looks too young to play Sully when Drake is young.
  2. he's supposed to play a young drake before the games. I think this was brought up here many times before.
  3. fuck rocky lmfao this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  4. that guy doesn't even want to play the games he just wants them to be exclusive. guy has serious issues with his flip flopping tendencies lol. and that's why i can't take this man-baby serious. He's less than a man than even aza.
  5. every master in fighting movies is like:
  6. yes, there are also gpu's that cost $500 so what's your point? that doesn't mean you pay 3x or 4x times the price of a console like bhtrgay said? and i don't know why you say pc fans acting like they can drop $500 for a pc of a console equivalent, like nobody says that but even then spending a few more bucks and you have it. I know bhtrgay is just trolling but I can't believe you actually believe it.
  7. I already own rocket league on egs so I dont get the coupon I guess. seems like you missed the game the last time, twinb?
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