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  1. sheep in here acting as if switch lead platform is a good thing and that rev were good games fake gaymers
  2. agreed. (all of it is some creepy stalker level shit tho, if you hate her or not its kinda gay)
  3. i never understood the kissing on the mouth thing, just gross
  4. yea, it looked better than I expected. I didn't know it will be FP again. the witch is sexy as fuck tho, i won't run from her, she can eat me and suck me dry. pleeasse
  5. yo punky whats good, havent seen you in years
  6. space (maybe on another planet or near it, some space station part, some alien planet part, but with humans ofc, idk) or what others said: Australia. I mean that place is already the gate to hell
  7. uh huh, not gonna defend gays gone but of course you have to lie to make shony look bad pathetic
  8. I'm afraid when I play it I like it so much I have to play any other "visual novel rpg" game.
  9. I finished Soma yesterday. The game is absolutely incredible, I played the safe mode because my first playthrough my save got corrupted halfway through. And I enjoyed the safe mode waaay more. The pacing in this game is phenomenal. Never a dull moment. I will replay this a lot. The ending hit me full blast....... that shit makes you think about this kinda stuff. after that researched the net for more ending explanations and it was a ride
  10. I have a lot of fun with it, I don't even bother with these lame gta baits. Gta games are a boring 30 hours story where nothing happens. godpunk is a story driven role playing game, I certainly don't drive around and run over every npc I see. Even the NPC convos they are having if you are just standing and listening I very well made a lot of times. gta doesn't have cool shit like that, it's bland and boring world with no lore. the game was marketed to lure in the gta kiddos, guess it worked and now you kids are mad that it's a mature RPG with story and choices and com
  11. yes, visual novel that's why it sucks. I watched the first part gameplay and tbh moving your character around in a 2d environment and talking to peeps got my dick wet I should try this but still the term "visual novel" grosses me the fuck out also BEST ON PC. PC GOD RACE!
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