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  1. why did you delete that picture? lol that was way too funny
  2. just made an bandlab account to check the prog out and man it's awful. it's so barebones even for a free prog. not to mention the UI is dreadful
  3. there should be a documentary on "how do we stop black on black violence" about ya two gays
  4. this is why your last "model" girl left you and you are alone now. I think you blamed covid for it.
  5. fucking sheeplets completely in shatters right now. gouko on suicide watch
  6. It's ok, dude. I don't care either way, but it's all bullshit and you know it as well. Shit happens naturally or it won't.
  7. are you talking about just getting a quick fucky fucky or actually falling in love with someone because you don't need a fucking douche expert and advice for that you retarded moron. jesus christ.
  8. twinblade truly believes people need "dating experts". wtf
  9. i'm not a kid anymore only nintoddlers can get excited about this now because they have nothing else
  10. imagine playing doom or godcher 3 on fucking switch
  11. wow, instead of remaking the OG they remake it again for phones like how many different versions can you make of the source material?? and then newcomers to the game will never start with the og? remakes/remasters are a mistake. fucking garbage
  12. bloober team made more ownage games than your beloved nintoddler shite and xbox combined. just because their new game released on xbox only for a week doesn't mean they are pro xbox like you, you stupid cunt.
  13. what the fuck are you talking about go back and play some kurby dreamland, nintoddler, to pass the time
  14. what do you expect from XBOX the laughing stock of the gaming world?
  15. bruh i started watching the video and almost puked when they showed yuffie. WHAT THE FUCK is happening??? she was never near midgard? she doesn't give a shite about avalanche! she fucking steals your materia and bounces and you chase her to wutai to get your shit back! and now its some fluffy DLC content completely botched and fucked over. If they wanna milk that game with dlcs before it even finishes in 3 episodes I gladly wait. I hope this yuffie DLC minigame doesn't interfere with the story and they don't meet in that. this remake is a huge fan fiction cash grab,
  16. no more cherry pepsi? also last time you preached drinking alc with sugar, now you drink sugarless, i am disappointed. also mango 😳
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