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  1. dude straight up killed him wtf how stupid are these cops? the people saying he isn't responsive right now are right. unbelievable. i hope he goes to prison and dies painfully.
  2. funny i was just watching a bit of a documentary about her where she said people started calling her grandma and every negative comment she got on her first videos she would reply like a grandma and tell them to get better etc. and then she said but all her followers started to warn the negative commenters like you cant talk to grandma like that. maybe the trolls got to her after all. she also said she plays her skyrim characters with her own story in mind, that's kinda sweet. like one guy was married and had 2 companions then he broke up with his wife, went to a mountain, dismissed 2 compains and then got killed by a troll. wait, man it was this one after i watched a kcd docu lol shes kinda sweet and good for her but shes also a stupid old faggot
  3. bro i doubt you are in the 1% of nirvana fans, then i'd be the actual number 1 nirvana fan. also: I like this one.
  4. a house can last for centuries man even longer. 70 years lmfao
  5. bruh thats ok, nobody has any respect for me. you should finish kingdom come
  6. lemmings thats pretty cool tho, but i prefer to play games how it was originally intended. thats also why i hate remasters.
  7. lol the fact they are still making consoles for next gen alone is not a good move. and they had base, s and x consoles this gen too and each one flopped. they are just stupid. xbox consoles are going extinct after this gen. finally.
  8. yea imagine how many people died recording this. some videos stop right when it hits them. crazy shit
  9. it probably maintains the series x look, but is slimmer. like a ps2 but higher.
  10. "we're"? you are still trying to make an impact in boycotting the release of this game? wasn't the letter you send to PETA crying about dog abuse not enough?
  11. https://www.dota2.com/international/battlepass anyone grinding battlepass 2020 levels in doto? the new anti-mage persona tho Magina turns into.... Vagina! lmfao doto too strong
  12. www.systemwars.net they have experts like holyax and cuumster15 explaining in detail why Covid-19 is a hoax and not dangerous