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  1. they speak from experience. netflixbox taught them a lot.
  2. koko you get gayer every time I read your posts.
  3. you can lick my asshole, cocksucker
  4. looks like your anus, stinker.
  5. you rushed your childhood that's why you are gay and sad as an adult.
  6. this is gay but more gay like ultra gay
  7. lol 1080p is more than enough. 4k and beyond is babyshoes technology.
  8. it is. but it's a fun game. you can skip 3 but new vegas has a lot of funny content. fuck off asshole i dont care do what you want
  9. fallout new vegas is literally fallout 3 enhanced. fucking dumbo brain. try to make sense at least once you fucking idiot.
  10. you are a fucking idiot. if you spent 40h in w3 you couldve finished the main game + dlcs. hearts of stone dlc is by far my fav single player game. the story is just waaaaaaaay too good. so fuck you. also witcher 1 shits all over the sequels. It's not your thing I get it but let me tell ya you are missing out and you are gay.