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  1. looks like a used picture to me.
  2. bu buuh i live in a save environment but i have to pay for it. but other people don't because they are slobs buuh the injustice!!
  3. grandia 2 is garbage. I played that shit on pc when I was a kid and had nothing else to play. the original grandia on ps1 is a fucking masterpiece though. the skill system is really good.
  4. that's the point. and retard people like holyaxe take it serious.
  5. chad snooze lol. this is how people lose their arm.
  6. they don't care what YOU think. they built worlds with love. lots of gay love too.
  7. dude you got me confused with someone else, i don't look that good.
  8. yeah i know. that's what im saying. the writing is really good. bethesda are talentless hacks with their boring ass npc copy paste
  9. yeah. some are but not all. the thing about fallout 3 and skyrim is there is so much content but it's all shallow and bland. You have to play for hours to get to an interesting quest that doesn't have the same boring npc copy paste. like i said you can skip fallout 3, there's some fun stuff but it makes up maybe 10% of the game. play new vegas, jondumbo.