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  1. zak


    I hate to say this but I hope this will go down soon and will forever be remembered as the biggest fail in gaming. Google needs a reality check.
  2. also the fuck is up almost every new action game looks like dark souls
  3. this gen graphics are already top notch, it's hard to compare it to this no name game. I don't think the jump in graphics will be as impressive as prior generations
  4. zak


    yea, pretty good start for them
  5. he was a great father figure to his kind... i guess... and he did the obamacare thingy. I think that's more than just being orange and a meme lol.
  6. hopefully you crawl back under the rock you came from and stop harassing everyone with your mickey mouse porn drawings, you fucking psycho
  7. i dont care about graphics anymore. looks like its just max bloom. the biggest jump in graphics I've seen was Crysis.
  8. zak


    idk if anyone wants a multiplayer game like that on a console this is definitely the way to go. half assed multiplayers are a waste of time. ooh man sorry, you meant its coming to PC wow... I forgot its not so special anymore since xbox lost all games, i legit thought you were referring to a split version of the game sp/mp.
  9. fair enough. I tried apex legends
  10. yeah, I couldn't stand it. every footage had these awful punching and kicking scenes... just garbage