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  1. yeah, i still can't believe how much of an improvement it is. I replayed demon's souls in 2016, usually do a replay every 2-3 years so the graphics never bothered me but the comparison video was night and day. its only a matter of time before demon's and bloodborne come to PC and then its all over TOO STRONG
  2. cpu is 2500k which is a beast pretty much the same as minimum and can run it and my gpu has only 2gb vram.. well my pc overall is still shitty but it can do it
  3. yep, thank god I'm not even matching the minimum, but other games with the same requirements run fine with a few adjustments.
  4. KCD, GTA5, SOMA, mutant year zero. i put a shitton of hours into KCD alone. 0€ spent.
  5. this cross gen bullshit is awful, i read it all and i almost teared up and I don't even care about RE8. make a clean cut and move on ffs. the old consoles have enough games.
  6. just get some. drugs make you gay though. finished reading dragon quest?
  7. lol consoles died for me when they introduced graphics modes and upgraded versions of consoles. Basically this gen was the last nail in the coffin for me.
  8. I jerked off three times only, so pretty mediocre for a movie with children as main cast
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