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  1. Trannygay probably joined a Ronpaul youtube stream and got duped into thinking people there really hate jews.
  2. why is this thread still pinned
  3. How? Isn't Yakuza done and over with? There's like no sense of wondering what's coming next. I forget if the successor was supposed to be that game sega cancelled cause the guy did coke For me Fallout was the Final Fantasy of these gens until they fucked it up
  4. FF12 wasn't memorable. I can't remember shit from it. Damn, I gotta play the FFX spinoffs. I put so many hours into FFX
  5. This is one of those games I thought I would hate. Then I played it and it was like crack. Fortunately I had friends to play with. Too bad they're now dead or in jail.
  6. Not even in the same league. 10 shits all over 12.
  7. The world ends with you. Android version Far Cry 5 Yakuza 2
  8. My Phenom II X6 1100T is one of the best investments I ever made. I bought it for like $100 back then brand new and it can sell for more than that today. Apart from it being an amazing processor that I would definitely still use today if I really couldn't afford anything better, it was the best processor for the AM3 non + socket I believe so maybe that's why it's desired so much. People wanting to upgrade a processor and not the rest of the components.
  9. Sheep that say they don't like mindless violence or the kind that would rather use a magic cane instead of guns in a game. |:
  10. I don't like to admit I love GTA because it makes me seem like a casual.
  11. roflpwnedz


    2000 grains of rice per month per household
  12. This And Fallout until 4 and 76 just destroyed it.