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  1. When the only reason you visit SW is for this thread 👏🏿 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam nikka
  2. building a pc now is easier than ever. or just buy a prebuilt. i don't see the sense in paying more to use a laptop as a console. and if anything fucks up it's gonna cost even more. stop being a baby . or go super tiny and build something to use a streaming service. nvidia shield, crap like that
  3. like actual actual 2k medium-high settings. without any adaptive resolution tricks.
  4. not a lot. but you dont' wanna play at 1080p now. at least make it 2k
  5. Damn, I've been so focused on work that I didn't know they cracked it on pc. Time to uninstall it on the ps4 and pretend like I will actually play the pc one someday.
  6. I attract crazy. Whether I met them offline or online
  7. One of the first games I played online on PS2. It was really fun multiplayer. :x
  8. I don't think you can edit much or at all with them. It was $70. But it can be used as a webcam. But why not just use a smartphone? The cameras are good these days and you can livestream from em, probably use some kind of youtube editor or editing program on the phone.
  9. lol nah. but i did research for a cam and ended up getting one of those gopro clones for my friend.
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