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  1. roflpwnedz

    Tiger King

    No, the Miami one with the cuban drug dealer
  2. must be nice being free in russia with no virus
  3. Lol does that really happen from wearing a headset? Wouldn't be surprised if it did though
  4. roflpwnedz

    Tiger King

    Watched it all. I think I'll go to that exotic zoo here one day. Never knew about it. And I hope they find her husband but it'd be pretty funny if they find him in Costa Rica
  5. Mafia and Mafia II were good games. Not sure if gameplay is outdated now. I read the 3rd one sucked so I didn't play it. I am remembering all those old open world games that weren't GTA and I had fun with them...Scarface (I thought it was better than Vice City), True Crime, Sleeping Dogs.
  6. roflpwnedz


    I had heard about the mcable and that it did what it was supposed to do. There's reviews of the mclassic on youtube. It works, but it's expensive is what people seem to say. Wouldn't have these problems on pc
  7. i'll download it and see what it's about
  8. lmao remaking it for a last gen system. nintendo
  9. something for vr I actually liked drive club with vr. Gta 5 on pc in first person introduced me to the possibilities. Then DCS world blew me away. And all that with a shitty phone and google vr.