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  1. I had fun playing 5 in co-op. I don't care how casual it was
  2. Just pass by the bus stop next to the jail
  3. Go wake your depressed ass up. Splash some jizz on your face, fgt.
  4. It was fun. But I don't think I would touch it for a week at least lol
  5. I didn't read the comments before my "review" of it. But yeah I was thinking this is the kind of game to play when I would want to take a break from something else and not commit to anything. It was cheap, but fun. And literally cheap since I didn't buy it Well, back to Rising Storm 2
  6. Well...that was pretty interesting. It's just as fun and satisfies the adhd in me with all the crazyness and sensory overload. I lost the first fight and it downgraded me to "route normal" and then it was just button mashing craziness. Then the chick I lost to at the beginning joined me for the final fight lol. I hadn't played any of these games since the dreamcast one but it's still fucking fun 🙂
  7. Same. Just with a cracked case. Somewhere in my parents' house along with my pokemon cards. Apparently pokemon cards skyrocketed in value as well.
  8. Someone give him an intervention or something already. Refer him somewhere. All his posts are depressing as fuck. It seems like every time I decide to browse SW someone else is dead.
  9. But they called him racist for that The 3 stooges must be in the politics groups damage controlling.
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