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  1. Pretty shitty policies too. Watch out for the auto-renewal
  2. well when you do, ship it here, my damn monitor doesn't have hdmi. just displayport and vga. idk what they were thinking.
  3. You're on crack aren't you. Fucking downloading every mmo.
  4. It runs fine even on that 12gb setting at 1080. Maybe it was meant more for higher resolutions? Game doesn't look that demanding anyway.
  5. https://www74.zippyshare.com/v/4ZDBVONh/file.html I reuploaded the trainer here to take the time limit off the pc demo. Not responsible if it has a virus or something you guys should scan it with whatever you want if interested.
  6. You tried the different servers at the bottom of the video? Rapidvideo is the one that worked for me