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  1. I remember that weeaboo phase I watched mg gundam, yakuza movies, japanese and korean romantic comedies, and bought a Nissan 300ZX
  2. Maybe they just don't use yelp Do you get statistics for google business sites?
  3. roflpwnedz


    I don't think I've even seen it running a game
  4. Enemy Territory is all you will ever need
  5. For me it was the Frankenstein game...and the movie was even scarier.
  6. I grew up with Genesis and loved the variety of games. I never really cared for SNES other than for Link to the Past. Never got into Mario or Metroid.
  7. Yes. For less than 10 minutes. I think I played Paladins more than that.
  8. Z button was dumb on top of the n64 controller design Thank god for sony perfecting it
  9. I want a Jurassic park game like the genesis one where I can play as a dinosaur and eat people.