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  1. That sounds like what it was intended for. And thats what he said he wanted to do. Art, design stuff. Now he is asking me about other stuff like putting virtual machines and windows and linux and hacking and it seems because of the processor a lot of older things aren't supported.
  2. Man, nicotine is still as shitty as when I first tried it with chewing tobacco. But it's helped my breathing in this mold infested place. The vaping
  3. My friend got an M2 Macbook. What a headache. Can't do shit on it
  4. Russia is gonna steamroll Estonia next week 🦑
  5. Yellowstone. I'm by season 4 and realized I hadn't seen a single gay storyline.
  6. 2023 and jerry getting pwnedz doesn't stop 🤡
  7. You can make a Labo with that box. And they say it beats a high end PC at VR. Man I love bang for the buck.
  8. Just download a torrent of all the ps3 games
  9. i was gonna suggest that. since everyone here is usually anti doing cool piracy shit
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