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  1. Jerrtrude is now pretending to be mentally ill to hide the fact that he really is
  2. LOL I love the projection. Triple posting now.
  3. Can't come up with anything new so he posts the video 1, 2, 3 times......and he's knocked the fuck out.
  4. Jerry is fighting with himself right now trying to prove that he isn't completely retarded
  5. LOL he had to edit his post...............and he couldn't even do that correctly oops
  6. You must be literally shaking now.
  7. Watch him repeat himself Lol nevermind, he already did
  8. Jerretard is so oblivious to reality that he thinks me teasing him was a slip-up. Jesus christ
  9. Little too late for you to be asking for proof after once again proving you are a fraud
  10. And it's working because you keep running away
  11. Gotta try harder than that to make me mad. Totally worked all those other times. lol
  12. Jerrduh got baited and hooked again.