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  1. Not as beautiful a sight as your comrades staying loyal to you even when you're wrong. (Always)
  2. Did you try opening it up and cleaning it? There's videos on youtube. It started happening within 2-3 years for this controller. I've done it a few times and it helps a bit but it's still there and eventually comes back. I can't remember this shit happening on ps2 or ps3 and that it's not even a third party controller . In fact, this shit has never happened to me on any other controller for any other system ever. these chinese people are getting lazy
  3. Amp was amazing. Kickstart was shit. I'll keep drinking mountain dew and killing my sperm. You guys eat your soy.
  4. Still waiting to see anyone coughing or dying on the side of the street. And my neighborhoods/areas are supposedly the worst hit. I still pass by all the homeless people and they're all chilling with masks off. Miami politicians are corrupt. That's nothing new. Since when the fuck did they care about people? Never. They're obviously being paid off because there is no way they would give up that tourism $$$. I know, it sounds like a "crazy" conspiracy theory
  5. Lol who the fuck is gonna care how you look like to an audience of yourself?
  6. Notice how he has to keep up bringing up that post again and again to try to receive confirmation that he wasn't baited into doing this jerry-go-round.
  7. I knew Biden was your boy. What is it with you guys and kids in pools?