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  1. I caved in....and bought the month pass to try the game. I can't compare it to those Forza Games since I haven't played them but it feels like a solid racing game and it's beautiful too. I've only played the Xbox 360 most wanted and Rivals on PS4 so I also can't compare it to the supposed shit ones in between. BUT It's hilarious seeing the different neighborhoods and landmarks around me. It's not as accurate as The Crew 2's Miami but this is a nice reimagining of it. And the hype people on youtube weren't kidding...the cops are tough and this is on medium. They keep busting me (fuck 4 cylinders) It's good that you can't just breeze through the game. Seems to be a good, not crazy amount of customization options. Feel bad for the console plebs if you are really playing this at 30fps. Even 60 bothers me. I'd rather lower the settings down to get ~75 and bump the resolution up. Damn, I hope it goes on special for and the discount applies on top of that.
  2. When they realized they were incels they became transexual and when they couldn't even get laid with the old faggot at burger king they said fuck it and became asexual.
  3. The way her story played out And yeah, they weren't kidding, it's not just the character creator females who have the dude hair. Like 90% of the female NPC's do too I was playing it on hard from the beginning and it was a little hard at first but then after side quests it became super easy. I used the Supernova patch and it just became annoying with the sleeping and eating thing. If there was a difference in enemy difficulty, it was minimal and not worth the extra hassle so I've gone back to hard. I don't remember this difficulty curve in New Vegas. Definitely saw it in Fallout 4.
  4. It was new to me when you posted it. Now I see it on FB and it's old
  5. Cnn will claim this was doctored
  6. drunk posting on sw happy birthday
  7. my friends are all into that crap
  8. Michael Baden and this guy will be dead in a week
  9. Can't wait for a nude patch. Parvati
  10. How long have you been playing the game for? There's nothing realistic about it. Aren't you the one that says Saints Row is better than GTA anyway?
  11. And why the hell would you want to cover and slow down the pace of the game. It's about shooting shit up and running around not hiding like a lemming