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  1. There's nothing original anymore. Everything is remade or remixed. But it makes you appreciate how much better the original stuff was in terms of effort, skill, creativity, etc. Not saying you can't be influenced but damn, some stuff is just so obvious and even cameos and references get excessive. I've always wondered like how is music like rap that references other artists supposed to be appreciated in the future without someone going on wikipedia looking up every single thing or person they mention.
  2. Thats where I'm at and I don't know wtf I'm doing. And I got hooked on Bloodborne now I'm wondering why I'm so lost lol
  3. I forgot I still need to finish syberia 3. Maybe never now
  4. More accurate than what they teach in American public schools.
  5. Why does no one make a thread about wisconsin man https://futurism.com/man-dismembering-parents-spacex In a grisly crime, a 23-year-old man from Wisconsin reportedly murdered and dismembered his parents after they found out that he had fabricated plans to move to Florida for a job at SpaceX last summer. Prosecutors claim the man in question, Chandler Halderson, actually spent his time playing video games all day while telling his parents he was hopping on meetings that never actually happened, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.
  6. I sat next to a girl named Roxette in high school. She had big tits.
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