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  1. I can't stand vice anymore. Around the time they went on hbo, they completely went to shit.
  2. I had just upgraded to that a few days ago. The $70 promotion for 2 years was for new customers only but it seems like they are offering it to existing customers now too since ATT is pushing fiber lines all around here in Miami. They just put some on the posts behind my house. Competition is good
  3. gigabit? I'm chatting with them right now to get it $70 per month and $60 installation not bad
  4. It's happened to some discs in the box full of dreamcast games i left in the basement. Cats probably pissed on it too. Good thing I didn't actually buy those games.
  5. Seems like your anxiety attacks were caused by a degenerative brain disease.
  6. I didn't even have to listen to him. You can tell by his face that he was scum like eminem
  7. Definitely worth installing the hd texture mods. Also they fixed the aspect ratio on cutscenes. https://www.shenmuedojo.com/forum/index.php?threads/shenmue-i-re-release-16-9-cutscenes-fix.358/post-9614