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  1. That's so fake. Where's the boob and ass shadow graphics.
  2. That other video similar to this but with a black guy was way better than this, and that one was shit too.
  3. https://www.newsweek.com/kyoto-fire-animation-arson-japan-1450197 Sounds like one of those schizos that think people are ripping them off. I know one girl (diagnosed schizo) who told me her life story and how Pixar or Disney ripped her off with one of those movies because the girl in it kinda looked like her
  4. Saw this last night. Surprised no one had posted it. I remember when everyone here was into haruhi. Sad
  5. I skipped the last expansion with the arenas. This one looks awesome though.
  6. That's what I started doing after Hispanics say I look European and struggle to talk to me in English instead of just talking in Spanish. And white people treat me like I don't know English. I just say I'm American now. "Yes, I was born here". But that's not enough for them. "Yeah, but where are your parents from?" Why the hell do they wanna know? They'll still call me gringo afterwards.
  7. I used to make fun of Snakey for being from the hood. Then I moved to his hood And he became a college prep
  8. I've always thought latino was cringey. Since I was a kid I've seen them push the whole "latino pride" shit on Univision. Now there is that LatinX crap So like, "Latino" may be correct but I identify as Hispanic and if you call me Latino I'll take it as a derogatory term and assume you are associating me with Mexican filth and I will have you reported and deported for mislabeling me. (famous juggle smiley)
  9. I would have thought they held their value. I got a broken Galaxy S6 for free a few days ago....the swollen battery fucked up the screen too so I took it apart thinking a battery and screen would come out to less than $25 but the screen assembly is still fucking expensive WTF. I could get another one for less than the prices I saw. It's not even worth buying another one for parts with the prices people are asking. Not gonna lie, my S3 was fantastic but I'll stick to these sub 150 chinese phones. I'm still using mine after 3 1/2 years.
  10. Probably not. What mods / patches are you using?
  11. I wish guys didn't look at my crotch