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  1. I know I'm probably not too welcome here but I'll throw a few things out there. The URL sucks. systemwars.com redirects here, does Javier still own that? The forum needs to reside at sw.com honestly. Forums overall are dying, they just are. People prefer faster more streamlined interaction (discord for example) Pretend you've never set foot here before. Load up the home page, look at how busy the page seems. There's a lot going on! So many colors and different things happening. When I ran this place the old forumites ran off all the new people
  2. I gotcha, no biggie, totally agreed on the security stuff, I'm super paranoid about that kind of thing in general.
  3. I did some sketchy shit too, no doubt, I'm not great at themes though! I'm good at buying them and installing and tweaking them.
  4. I've also never expected to be kept around as admin and would have zero issue ever getting removed. But I will never ever purposefully fuck things up ever.
  5. Nah just reading through the thread. I would never fuck this place up on purpose. This place is probably the reason I didn't graduate college, literally poured hundreds of hours into keeping this place going. It was rough. But it means a lot to me, it really does. And I've never talked shit about it, some of the users, sure, I can't stand a lot of people here anymore but the site itself still means a lot to me.
  6. I don't even remember how to use IPB forum software! And awesome! It was a bit scary the first couple days but he's doing great now, he had some lung issues but they healed themselves quickly.
  7. Probably true, I gave up on the place in what like 2010? After users online dropped to under 20 at any given time from a high of 80-100 in 2007 I lost a lot of hope for the site. The final nail in the coffin was when Sdubz was more popular than this forum was, so I decided to dedicate my attention to that site.
  8. JC Watts would not approve.
  9. The few conversations I've had with him over the past couple years I really don't think the dude cares at all anymore. He's just living life.
  10. SW2 has been around for 7 years and is an extremely tight knit group of the original Gs SW members. And shocking is only getting more active. It's starting to become busier than even this forum most days. And SS seems to be a tight knit group of SW members.... it seems like SW2 members left because they couldn't handle flaming/trolling/baiting.... seems like SS members are doing the same thing. So aren't both sites just really nerdy people trying to make friendships and relationships on the internet? Pretty much they basically quit posting here because they were tired of the stupid noobs w
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