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  1. Grabbed CTR, pretty awesome. The Adventure mode adds so much to it. It's what makes it and DKR superior to Mario Kart. DKR needs a remake though...I think it had the best adventure mode.
  2. Toronto. I unno, it's a dope city to live in but I can't see why it'd be appealing to tourists. There's lots of great food from every culture though if that's your thing. Grab a cottage up north in the summer.
  3. Have you played Crypt? If you have..it's that but with amazing renditions of Zelda music (seriously, there's like 4-5 versions of some classic tracks) and a much higher production value + QoL stuff. If you haven't played Crypt it's a bit harder to explain. The gameplay takes a bit of getting used to but it works extremely well...really satisfying loop of clearing a couple screens, dying, upgrading, and then going back and getting a bit further. They also made it so if there's no enemies on screen you can now move at any pace you want (don't have to follow the beat) which helps since they've added a lot of puzzles along the way (pretty simple ones, moving blocks and shit, but adds to the experience).
  4. i think he'll stay, at least on a short term deal. but damn ill be sad if the man leaves lol.
  5. yeah i ended up grabbing it on ps4 for the same. might grab the switch vrsion at that price tbh.
  6. I was about to grab this but it was 30 bucks and they had Crypt on sale for $3. Wasn't convinced I'd enjoy the gameplay so decided to grab that first...I'll defintiely be getting Cadence when it's ~15.
  7. Fuck that was rough lol. Left my place at 515Am and have been standing in the same spot at the square since about 530. Didn’t have anything but a big bottle of Perrier, couldn’t even leave to take a piss. Not sure it it was worth it.
  8. Anyone going to the parade tomorrow? Think I’m gonna head to NPS at like 630. Told the boss not to expect me.
  9. playing games just with your brain? every xbox game will need a retard mode. Microsoft already got into the physical disability department so the foundation is there.
  10. Yes yes yes yes fuckkkk yes. I’m crying. This is amazing. I’m stuck in fucking shithole Ottawa for work instead of at my place and I’m pissed but I’m fucking ecstatic and I don’t god damn care let’s fucking goooo fuck yes nba champs kyle Lowry you beautiful son of a bitch
  11. Neither makes anything good so sure whatever.
  12. So apparently it’s 540p in handheld. 720 docked.