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  1. Mario 64 is just so damn good. Camera issues aside the game is just a blast to play, everything else still feels as precise as ever. It’s incredible this came out in 1996. Going back through these worlds is great, I haven’t played the game in quite a while, up to 39 stars now...probably go for 120. Crazy how big these worlds felt back in the day considering how tiny most of them are. They sure made the most of what they had though, the worlds changing somewhat depending on the stars you chose is a nice trick. Even levels I kinda disliked back in the day are a blast to play through again.
  2. 343 didn't fuck anything up. Microsoft gave their one good IP to a c-tier, trash ass dev. That's on them.
  3. Casual

    Series S $299

    Honestly it's not a bad deal. Like for someone that just wants to casually game here and there or who is the typical xbox guy who just buys halo and cod, 299 is a solid entry point for what you get. especially combined with gamepass. the drive is the biggest problem but this is a system that, imo, appeals to people who only game occasionally and probably don't keep that many games installed. not something enthusiasts will want but xbox doesn't really appear to enthusiasts in general.
  4. Portland is just moving aside so the legend of Luka Doncic can continue to grow.
  5. Eh this isn’t even the real one. It’s the one voted on by coaches, probably just salty that he’s new. Casey probably lobbying to other coaches to pick anyone but nurse.
  6. Honestly I don't want none of Miami in the playoffs, I'd rather play the bucks. Tough team to play against all around, even if you beat them you're coming out bruised up. Hoping Celtics hold onto 3rd. Don't care about the middle of the bracket, and either of Orlando or Brooklyn will be a cakewalk especially with Isaac out now.
  7. raps bout to be the back to back champs baby lets gooo
  8. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/ghost-of-tsushima/critic-reviews BANG BANG BANG
  9. Lmao. Garbage ass games are also counter to what gaming is Phil.
  10. yeah im hoping for something too but im also prepared for the possibility that they just have nothing good this year. they've blown their load the last few years and modern nintendo has routinely had 1-2 year droughts so it's about that time.
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