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  1. Counting only games that I actually intend on finishing? Fire Emblem - I'm just past the timeskip, gotta get back in the groove. I also want to do another playthrough tbh, but i think ill wait for the dlc. Divinity:OS2 - Maybe about 20 hours into this one, it's getting most of my gaming time right now. RE2 Remake - tbh I'll probably just start this one over. it's short enough. might tackle it over christmas. DQXI - Another one I'm maybe 20 hours into. Mostly something I chip away at while I have something else going in the background. Not sure if I'll ever finish it though. Cadence of Hyrule - I've got pretty far into it a few times but never completed. Those are the main ones that I already have and actually think/plan on finishing (or at least investing a decent amount more time into). There's still a few things I missed the last couple years that I want to pick up on sales.
  2. Can't wait to check some of these out. Been getting back into MM2 lately. I still find it hard to find decent, challenging levels that aren't some gimmicky speedruns but i've found some gems here and there. i find the sweet spot is levels that are tagged as traditional and have a 3-5% clear rate.
  3. smh what a waste. dualshock 4 build quality is fucking awful and it's probably because the stupid trackpad cut into the budget. when was the last time someone made anything more than a small revision to traditional controllers and it was actually worth it?
  4. https://ca.ign.com/articles/2019/12/05/game-of-the-year-2019-best-games-award-goty Resident Evil 2 Remake Slay the Spire Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Outer Wilds Fire Emblem Three Houses Disco Elysium Control Pokemon Sword/Shield The Outer Worlds The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Remake Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  5. yeah the one that everyone will automatically omit from their matchmaking preferences lol. 343 sucks dude, get over it. MS sent Halo to die with a bunch of amateurs.
  6. Halo is still popular. 343 Halo just isn't. It says something that this many people signed on to play Bungie's absolute worst Halo but that Halo 5 is completely dead lmao. If Infinite was made by Bungie or any halfway competent dev it might have a chance. But at least now we have a good version of Halo that's playable on modern hardware.
  7. i hope switch gets P4G tbh. never played that one. don't think ill be double dipping on this.
  8. Definitely better than the N64 from a quantity perspective. N64 had the best games of the gen though.
  9. I can see positives on both sides tbh. Kids are a lot of time and effort and I’m already at the point where I feel like I don’t have a ton of either left and I don’t even work a particularly rough schedule...basically 9-520 M-F every day including commute. Then there’s a certain freedom that I feel like I’d miss having with kids in the picture, both financially and decision making. Right now we’re at the point where we can make discretionary purchases or go on last minute trips that won’t be possible with kids in the picture. Lucky enough that even with kids it wouldn’t be particularly tight but there would have to be a lot more planning and discipline with them. Kids would also likely mean moving to the suburbs. Toronto is just too expensive to, no way we could reasonably raise kids down here. A 2 bedroom condo is gonna cost you like 2800 rent or 800k to buy. Suburbs means a commute since most jobs are gonna be in the city. Even half decent houses in suburbs that are barely even reasonable commutes (like 90 minutes each way on a good day, which with Canadian weather there’s only so many of) are 500k+ and getting more expensive either way. On the flip side there’s obviously some benefits to having kids that are harder to quantify. There’s clearly a joy and price in raising someone and it would make the monotony of going to work every day feel more worth it. Plus family that will be there when you’re older and that. I don’t really care about the societal pressures. I’m sure my parents want grandchildren but I wouldn’t stretch myself for that reason alone. All that said I’m 29 so who knows how I’ll feel in a few years. Girl wants them so I’m sure I’ll end up with 1 or 2, probably not for a few years at least though.
  10. Lol. Yeah, hardly anyone having dev kits less than a year before launch. Sounds like a great strategy for a company who’s biggest issue the past generation was a lack of games. Sony must be shook right now.
  11. Also, even if it worse than those games...both those games would be GOTY had they come out in 2019 lol. cant wait for elden ring to be GOTY 2020. From
  12. Lmao bunch of people ITT need to get good.