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  1. imagine being cool with the government spending your taxes on ridiculous amounts of military crap that doesn’t benefit you but not cool with them spending it on universal healthcare that you’ll actually use when your out of shape lemtard ass gets diabetes at 42 and has multiple heart attacks by age 60 lmao.
  2. Apparently Bernie tweeting about how Joe endorsed him is “signal boosting and supporting a known bigot”. Lmfao. oh and Joe’s massive listener base is apparently made up entirely of card carrying republicans who the dems “don’t need to win”.
  3. Yeah my bad I was just poking fun at the dumbasses on twitter and Reset who are now anti-Sanders because he accepted an endorsement from a dude who has an absolutely massive fan base and now he no longer passes the purity test.
  4. Looks like Bernie made the fatal mistake of being endorsed by Joe “alt right gateway” Rogan. Guess he won’t win now. Paves the way for Warren to become the first Native American president.
  5. Gameplay was decent. Rest of the game was awful.
  6. meh, the first one was good in 2007 but doesn't hold up imo. the other two always sucked.
  7. E3 is basically dead anyway. Aren't they "rebranding" this year to focus more on gamers and influencers as opposed to have it be a media/news thing? e3 used to be dope back in the day. i remember coming home from high school during those three days and having so many new games and footage to check out. now everything is already announced beforehand and you just get some shitty not-in game trailers. like it's just one long advertisement and not even news for the most part.
  8. nice, ill get myself prepared for more MPT disappointment.
  9. Hope you got your friends consent to post their picture on a forum where at least 30% of the members are on some sort of FBI list.
  10. This guy fucks. merry Xmas y’all.
  11. yeah not gonna listen to what the personification of resetera has to say. take all their shitty opinions and lame ass threads and stick them together and this guy is your megazord.