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  1. Nah im not some 300lbs lemming who sweats profusely and eats cheetos for hours straight while gaming.
  2. One thing I don't like is it looks like there's a few pretty deep lines separating the colours. Dust/dead skin will definitely get in there.
  3. yeah my bad i was reading the reset thread at the same time. people in there talking about using the touchpad for dynamic buttons and shit.
  4. lmao unless you chain smoke in your home or are just dirty in general it doesn't really matter. i say make all the controller white so we can tell who the nasty people are.
  5. Shape looks similar to the Switch Pro controller which is nice.
  6. You guys are dreaming with some of the features you want. The controller that comes with the console will always be relatively budget. They're not going to make a decent controller if it forces them to raise the price of the box by anything significant.
  7. Lightbar and touchpad are back? Guess it'll be another cheap piece of plastic. Looks fine ergonomically though.
  8. Played 4 matches today. It's fun, gonna take me a while to get used to the abilities and stuff but they're doing a lot of good things. Gunplay is very similar to 1.6, movement too. Map design seems solid and everything contrasts really well. 128 tick and the game performs really well.
  9. ToV is top notch. One of the better JRPGs from that gen.
  10. Halo multiplayer is so slow by today’s standards. Playing the MCC on PC was jarring.
  11. NOA has the absolute worst sales in the industry. I don’t think I’ve ever bought something and thought I was getting a deal on a Nintendo platform.
  12. Hahaha, I don't have much confidence in it. But it's at least someone trying to make a game that's what I want.
  13. Managed to get an invite. Was disappointed to find it doesn't start till Tuesday. I'd take a sick day but I'm working from home anyway. Probably play some CS this weekend to get in the zone.
  14. Casual

    Tiger King

    hahaha, i only wish i grew up in BC. onterrible leaves a lot to be desired.