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  1. Yeah, I really should play that. Maybe I'll grab both of those....
  2. Any idea how well the controls transitioned to consoles?
  3. I've kinda wrapped up all the single player games I'm going through. I was anticipating buying Metro but it seems like a buggy mess so I'm holding off on that for now. Also want RE2 but I feel like it'll go on sale soon so I'll wait for now. Next full priced release on my radar is Sekiro so I got about a month gap to fill in. There's a few games on sale on PSN this weekend that I've had my eye on, so convince me on one of them: Divinity: Original Sin 2 - 40% off -$48 Shadow of the Colossus - 33% off - $21 Spyro Reignited - 25% off - $40 Titanfall 2 - 75% off - $10 Basically no experience with any of these games. What's the best bet?
  4. Siakam is the MIP and it's not even fucking close. What a difference year over year. Dude is gonna be a legit all star. I know he's a gym rat too so can't wait to see what he'll look like next year...crazy to think that he's only been playing ball for 6 years. He has some room to add some muscle too, if he gets on the Giannis program...oh my. Not to mention he just keeps adding elements to his game...4/5 from deep last night. Kawhi looked so happy when he hit 40 too. I honestly believe Siakam could be the difference that makes Kawhi stay. 24 year old who is basically an overnight all star and keeps improving seemingly daily, that's a hell of a forward combo for the next 4-5 years if Kawhi stays and they shouldn't have much problem attracting talent to go along with them.
  5. It's been what? 5 years now? They've just been given Metroid Prime 4 and will start from scratch which has got to take the absolute majority of their dev team. That would mean that they're either: 1) Completed or very close to completing (ie. skeleton team putting the touches on) whatever they were making 2) Have scrapped it completely. If it's the former you would think we'd probably know about it by now, and if not now very shortly (maybe Nintendo is just holding it back for Holidays and want to announce it closer to that date). Seems more likely that it's just completely scrapped though...wonder if we'll ever know what it was.
  6. lol they aint doing any single player add on content. everything post launch will be stuff they can monetize in the online.
  7. "The Good: It's fun to jump high in the air and throw tanks at enemies faces"
  8. jesus christ the areas look so good. seems like they're pretty far along. also the combat looks way faster...like dark souls vs. bloodborne level shit. i really hope this is 2019. might just start another hollow knight playthrough.
  9. LMAO. Last year was the year of the 6 for Xbox. They've upgraded to a 5.
  10. oh fuck yes. nintendo should have had this at the direct instead.
  11. Eh ports don’t bother me, they just tend to post the weirdest things. MPT is one of the greatest trilogies of all time with no good way to play it right now/HD version. It would be the definitive version of one of the greatest games of all time (and another great game + a serviceable one). Hellblade is a mediocre game that came out a couple years ago and the switch version will be far worse. Hardly comparable lol. Mario maker looks dope. Zelda could be good, just don’t love the style choice. See what they do with it.