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  1. D2 is one of my top 5 games of all time tbh. Shit consumed me for years. So yeah, I know it's no where near as good. Reaper of Souls had some fun moments though. It definitely did away with a lot of what made Diablo II so good. The gameplay loops were nothing alike. Product of the times to some extent though, D2 wouldn't fly in 2018 unfortunately. Hopefully we get the HD remaster soon.
  2. Cool. Think I'm done with D3 though. Had some fun with it but it never did draw me in nearly as much as D2 did. Can't imagine playing this without a M+KB.
  3. Finally got around to starting Yakuza 0. Game is legit, it definitely feels different than anything I've played before. The map seems so small but damn is it packed with shit to do...I keep getting sidetracked by minigame stuff though, spent like an hour at the batting cage last night. Just on Chapter 2 of the story trying to get some info about these real estate dudes.
  4. eh. looks alright but i think ill skip this one tbh and get it at a discount a few months down the line. bf1 burned me out a bit and this comes out too close to RDR. don't have time for both.
  5. meh, it's fine. there's a couple manchildren/incels here but otherwise it's all good.
  6. Finished off Overcooked 2. Played some more Dead Cells. Need a new game to main though. Got a few options...
  7. Beat Hollow Knight finally. Clocked in at 25 hours and finished with 74%. I'll probably go back at some point (I think there's one more DLC coming, so probably then) and do some more cleaning up. Game was excellent throughout. I can't think of a much better way to blend Metroidvania and Souls tbh. Solid difficulty level, incredibly designed world, top tier art and soundtrack, etc. Charm system is fantastic too, it was really fun experimenting to find what combo worked best for bosses, even though I missed like half the charms. My one gripe is that there was a few too many hours spent just...wandering around. Obviously it's a Metroidvania so there's going to be points in time where you don't exactly know where to go, but my issue with it was the sheer size of the map. It's huge, which is a positive most of the time, but when you're trying to figure out where to go next there's a lot of ground to cover. I'd have liked to see some more stag stations or tram stations here and there cause there's some particular areas that are a pain in the ass to get to and from and when you have to check them for where to go next (only to find out that that's not where to go next) it's a good waste of 20 minutes. Those 20 minutes add up fast. Either way, minor gripe all things considered. Definitely a top 3 Metroidvania for me. Easily the best this gen (would have been Axiom Verge before).
  8. pokemon mobile ported to switch lmao.
  9. RDR2 is the only AAA game I think I'll even end up buying. Spiderman is Sony's only big exclusive hitter and superhero things suck. Microsoft only has another yearly Forza. Nintendo only has Smash. I guess Tomb Raider will probably be okay. Assassins Creed Odyssey will be decent too I'd imagine. BFV looks like a reskinned BF1 and it won't even have the new modes available at launch. Fallout 76 looks even worse than 4. Pokemon looks shit. What about you guys?
  10. Too bad Obsidian is only good when they make games using established IPs.
  11. Confirmed to be captured on a PS4.
  12. Made the mistake of trying Overcooked with my girlfriend. Now I only play Overcooked.
  13. Yeah. It'll get its hooks in you. I've been contemplating starting another run soon. It's just so daunting. Something I wanna do though. Honestly, if you really hate the combat just lower the difficulty, you can get pretty OP quickly and just breeze through the encounters while getting to absorb the story.