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  1. She gave it a 5 because all the zombies are white. Also:
  2. Couple things: 1) 1TB SSD might be overkill for that use case? Could probably save a lot of money just by dropping that down to a 500. I'd roll that money into a more modern processor BUT not a K since she probably won't need to overlock.
  3. Not surprised at all. This had "Xbox Exclusive" written all over it since the first reveal.
  4. Lmao Leafs. Also jesus christ what a terrible call in the Vegas/SJS game. NHL got the worst refs in pro sports. Dame is a fucking god. https://streamable.com/toofv Finally, Raps are rollling right now. The starters are peaking on offense at the right time and the defense has been incredible. I'm still a little concerned about the bench...I don't love these Siakam + 4 bench guys lineups that Nurse has been going to but I hope that is just a combination of it being the first round still + OG out. Once OG comes back I'd like to see Meeks out of the rotation and ideally at least have 2 starters in at all times. Next series should be interesting but I'm expecting Raps to take it in 6. I think they just matchup too good against Philly, especially with Embiid not 100%. Gasol will do to him what he did to Vooch, barring the refs dicking us. We already know what happens to Simmons against the Raps. Philly doesn't have an answer to Siakam or Kawhi and JJ is a defensive liability. Not to mention they're the only team left with a worse bench than us.
  5. 1) Games. I'll put games instead of exclusives, the console with the best games usually has the best exclusives too but just in case there's some weird shift in the multiplat side of things. 2) Power. Needs to be reasonably future proof. Less concerned with overall power but more so where that power is allocated (ie. i want good load times, i don't need power dedicated specifically to features idgaf about, etc) The rest are all relatively unimportant to me but.. 3) Backwards compatibility. I only really care about this if it retroactively enhances the old games. Realistically I barely have time to play new games let alone old ones but it'd be nice enough to have during the transition period and the inevitable first/second year lulls. 4) Features/Services. Doubt it'll be anything I would really care about at this point. I use consoles for games and that's typically where it ends. Not interested in VR. 5) Price. Don't care. Will only become a factor if there's somehow two boxes that are equal on 1/2 which won't happen. 6) Brand. This doesn't matter at all. Brand can be a driver of the categories we already ranked I suppose, but we already ranked them so
  6. Bit of a gaming lull for me. Started up a few games but nothing really sticking right now, probably chill for a month or so. Did a bit of cuphead...it's solid enough but wish there were more actual levels.
  7. I enjoyed the game a lot more when I realized most of that maintenance type shit is optional. For the first 10 hours they make it seem like you absolutely gotta eat regularly, sleep, feed your horse, clean your horse, all that shit. Then you realize that...you don't. You don't even have to pay your debts really.
  8. Yeah ideal way is to have a warm shower, wash off and then gradually reduce the temp. Not that Jim uses soap.
  9. Great episode. So many cool moments...Jaime knighting Brienne, the Night's Watch reunion. Feels like they're setting us up for some heartbreak, that's definitely the last dialogue we're getting with a few of these characters.
  10. Oh my bad, it has nothing to do with the Switch. More so whether I wanna grab Cuphead lol. Never played it. Looks great though I'm not entirely sold on it being 95% bosses.
  11. I mean Nintendo is oblivious and lives in their own universe so yeah probably.
  12. Keep in mind the Night King doesn't even exist in the books so Bran = Night King would be a big divergence for the show.
  13. I don't think Bran is the Night King but they're certainly connected. I like this theory: https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/bdygzu/spoilers_extended_bran_isnt_the_night_king_but/