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  1. So no specifics then. They were both above average JRPGs for their time.
  2. What part was worse then? And I mean worse than the actual original game not the rose tinted glasses version in the imaginations of the people for who FF7 was their first jrpg.
  3. Yeah I mean the only thing worse about the 7 remake was that it was only a quarter of the game and they added too much padding to compensate for that fact. The actual part they remade was way better than the original. it sucks that it was such a small portion of the game, but the reality is that Midgar was the most logical cut off point.
  4. Yeah. I thought the FF7 remake was fine, I know some die hards didn’t like the changes to the story but the story was kinda trash in the first place so whatever. there’s considerably less damage they could do to 6 though assuming they kept it 3D. It would also be almost guaranteed to be completed in one entry too. I dunno if the octopath engine would be my first choice but I’m sure it would do. 6 is also leagues better than 7 in the first place so it’s got that going for it.
  5. Okay list. I have Animal Crossing Cadence of Hyrule Celeste Crash Team Racing Crypt of the Necrodancer Cuphead Dead Cells Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Dragon Quest XI FFVII Fire Emblem Three Houses Golf Story Hollow Knight Into The Breach Lumines Mario+Rabbids Mario Kart 8 Resident Evil 4 Ring Fit Rocket League Sonic Mania Splatoon 2 Stardew Valley Steamworld Dig 2 Super Mario 3D All Stars Super Mario Maker 2 Super Mario Odyssey Super Smash B
  6. Cooke is literally the only person on the planet who would choose switch to play this game one so whatever.
  7. Definitely deserves it. Out of the choices, I’d definitely go Hades > FF7R = GoT > AC > Doom > TLOU2 I dunno how Demons Souls isn’t there tbh. Should be an easy 2nd.
  8. Demons Souls will win next year. Two years straight for Sony.
  9. https://thegameawards.com/nominees Ghost of Tsushima Last of Us 2 FF7R Hades Animal Crossing Doom Eternal A pity nomination for a game available on Xcluded but better on literally any of the other platforms you can play it on.
  10. Most of them aren't even notable enough to need excuses for. Has MS ever bought a dev that went on to make a good game for one of their consoles? Not a coincidence that Rare hasn't made a good game since MS bought them.
  11. Bethesda is good for maybe one AAA a gen and it's always best on PC. They haven't developed a good game in 10 years.
  12. probably having exclusives built from the ground up for a specific architecture. too bad xbox doesn't have those.
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