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  1. meh. 2 and infinite sucked and the first hasn't aged great anyway. series is dead.
  2. sounds made up but if the gameplay is good i don't care.
  3. I was never big into aoe back in the day, but I’ll take any rts I can get
  4. work from home helps haha 🙂 I enjoyed it a lot more than MHW...I think a bit of that extra enjoyment is the fact that the game is better and trimmed a lot of fat...the majority of it is because I now understand a lot of the poorly explained systems in the game so I was able to get right into it without being confused for the first 20 hours. MHW was my first. I'd say give that a try if you're interested...think it's free on PS5 as part of the PS+ collection. The core gameplay is very similar so if you're not digging that I can't imagine you liking MHR.
  5. Gotta try Pac-Man 99 soon. Still deep in MHR. Got like 60 hours in the last week, fully hooked at this point. I'm done with the story stuff so starting to jump into the multiplayer now, which works surprisingly well considering how bad World was initially and how bad Switch is at online in general. Working on finishing up my endgame S+S build, need a few more decorations. Once that's sorted I was tackle Dual Blades, Hammer and either greatsword or longsword. Might try out a ranged weapon as well since I've never used one in a MH game before. Easily my GOTY at this point
  6. yeah NHL is solid, my lack of interest is more a result of no changes...I played every year from like 08-12. my general interest in hockey has plummeted in recent times too.
  7. All time? SSX Tricky THPS1-3 NHL 94-97, NHL 2K5, NHL Hitz Mario Tennis 64 NBA Street Ken Griffey Juniors Winning Run/RBI Baseball FIFA 10-12 Currently? They all kinda suck right now tbh.
  8. Nada. Busy with MH:Rise. Should hold me over till TBC Classic, which should hold me over till D2:Remastered, which should hold me over till the bangers.
  9. ME1 the goat. Definitely gonna grab this, probably on a discount down the line though....too much to play right now. Trying to be more disciplined and not buy games day one when it doesn't make sense.
  10. Cool. Something I'd probably pick up assuming the performance boost is significant. Mostly play docked so I'd prefer this to a whole new model.
  11. sad. guy had two platinum albums in a single year. still one of the most unique sounds in the genre and it's dark and hell is hot is a top 10 album oat.
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