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  1. God of War Maybe Bayo and CoD Gonna be doing a lot of backlogging I think.
  2. Elden Ring for me. Can't see Ragnarok dethroning it but I'm sure it'll be a good game. Neon White probably runner up, but pretty distant.
  3. so it's basically a good telltale game? not sure that's the praise they think it is. but cool if you like these "games" i guess.
  4. yeah, im doing the opposite, getting the ace on every level (ill go back for the gifts later - they unlock some cool side missions too!) there's also a "red ace" on every level, i've managed to get a handful but the time threshold it takes is hidden.
  5. might be my fav vg track of all time tbh. up there with some of the dkc1/2 classics for sure. got this game for christmas, remember my first time walking into phendrana over the holidays. so good.
  6. meh the whole mentality of hoping everything comes to switch was always lost on me. maybe if you ride the bus everyday or some shit, but most games aren't something i want to play in handheld at poor framerate/resolution. similarly i don't want to play those games on steamdeck. i watch the recaps of nintendo directs for the purpose of exclusives.
  7. finally glad they're doing the first separately tbh. one of the greatest games of all time, top 10 easily. greatest game of its generation. give us echoes eventually and do whatever you want with corruption.
  8. the card you get in chapter 11 is bonkers lol top 3 game of the year for me so far.
  9. yeah games great. the way they layer the mechanics on is pretty fantastic and the card system for the guns works well. so addicting shaving seconds off of runs. im just through world 7 now, managed to get platinum or whatever on all them so far.
  10. waiting on a 4070 still. have almost pulled the trigger on a 3080 a couple times though.
  12. ive been keeping an eye on prices up here. i think at this point ill hold off till the 4 series. my 3060 is fine for what im playing and it seems like there might be a decent amount of new tech wthin the 4 series. Ideally I can grab a 4070 and have it last me quite some time. if i was gonna pull the trigger though it'd be on the 12gb 3080. The main thing about the 3070tis that puts me off is the 8gb vram. it's the one element of the card that makes it not that future proof.
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