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  1. tbh i'm expecting a delay, but we'll see. hoping for metroid prime trilogy as always.
  2. Yeah, I'd agree. I think that cuts both ways though. DS3 is a bit more consistent throughout whereas DS1 peaks higher. I personally prefer the world of DS1 and especially the "metroidvania" style of the first half of the game. DS3 feels a lot more linear in that sense, it still captures that kind of design, but it's more contained to individual areas as opposed to sprawling across the whole world. DS3 has probably the best set of bosses outside of Bloodborne. I'd probably recommend 3 as the starting point for someone looking to jump into Souls for the first time.
  3. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1622958367374458882?s=20&t=Z2jClAJrPK2btOKXI7xHJQhttps://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1622958367374458882?s=20&t=Z2jClAJrPK2btOKXI7xHJQ
  4. Dark Souls 3 is awesome. I get why people would say that. IMO Bloodborne > DS1 > Sekiro > DS3 > DeS > DS2. Ultimately they're all just incredibly good games though. Outside of maybe DS2 they're all certified classics.
  5. to each their own i guess. astro bot is a great game in the context of VR, certainly doesn't make the case for 3d platforming games pivoting to VR. this all reminds me of people who said they could never go back to dual analog after playing red steel. we'll be having this same conversation in 10 years when VR is still struggling to catch on.
  6. Yeah as much as I dig the FFVII Remake combat, not sure it works with DQ. Like Ramza said, it's really the last of the "AAA" traditional JRPGs. I'd just leave it as is. Hopefully they get some better battle music for XII though, listening to the trash from XI for like 70 hours playtime was tough.
  7. curious why you think we'll all have vr headsets and bring them with us in 10 years? i feel like we're still so far off the point of VR not being tethered to other hardware - especially at ski goggle size. if it has to rely on cloud we're screwed. cloud gaming is another thing that's a good 20 years off from not sucking.
  8. VR needs to separate itself from non-vr gaming to become a thing. like you said, VR is at best novel but generally just comes off as awkward and outdated when it's trying to shoehorn traditional games into a VR format. it should be its own thing entirely. there's certain things that VR has the potential to do well, but you're never going to get to a point where someone wants to play the next 3D Mario in VR (at least normal people). the problem is that it's tied to traditional gaming platforms from a hardware perspective so it's natural to try to force those experiences.
  9. Didn't they already say they were revamping the combat for dq12?
  10. vr sucks dude. and its like 20 years off from potentially being good. at best it's an alternative form of gaming similar to mobile.
  11. man the jump in this game is atrocious which sucks cause there's a decent amount of using it early on.
  12. man what a fantastic episode last night. i was a bit torn at first cause we lost out on ellie's interactions with bill but i think it was worth it.
  13. I played an hour or so. It’s alright, it’s a neat idea for sure but not blown away. I’ll probably put some more time into it still.
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