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  1. I doubt they even position this for gaming. Probably more lifestyle/experience/fitness type shit. It'll suck like all the other VR shit regardless.
  2. might be the worst value in gaming. shit looks like a $2 itch.io bundle from 2015.
  3. ill check it out and then go back to good arpgs.
  4. The medallions make this game such a joy to play. Freedom feels like it gets cranked to 11 once you get them. No risk in trying dumb jumps or worrying if you can actually make it where you need to go. Don’t have to think about that 5 minute climb back to where you were. Just set that medallion and give it a go.
  5. Awesome man! Showing up is half the battle. on the barbell squats, you don’t really want the bar to rest on your shoulders, should be down a little bit on the (very) upper back. That’s makes it more comfortable. I usually do squats first so sometimes I keep my hoodie on to get the sweat going, definitely makes it more comfortable. Towel wrapped around the bar helps too. and yep, it sucks being at a busy gym. The only time mine isn’t packed is from like 7-11am. After that you get the lunch crowd, then the after school crowd, then the after work crowd which is the absolute wo
  6. Not sure where you're getting that idea from The reality is Bungie probably didnt say it wasn't good. They probably said it's not the type of game that is gonna survive and make the type of money Sony wants in the crowded GaaS with fickle ADD gamers. GaaS is a sink or swim space where only a handful of games manage to swim, and not necessarily cause they're good games. all this says to me is that sony is trend chasing and looking to capitalize on loot boxes, season passes, etc...things that generally make games worse.
  7. yeah do the 4070. hell, 3080 12gb would be better than the 4060.
  8. I just cook tbh. Better food, more flexible, not paying a premium
  9. I think this is the best single player game I've ever played. Top 5 for sure. I'm pretty far behind you guys I think. Finally started to do some more main quest stuff, I did like 50 shrines before I got the auto build shit. Definitely would have benefited from getting that earlier but ah well, headed to get my shrine finder now. I know you can also get something that allows you to set a warp point anywhere, need to find that eventually. Still only done the one temple, but I think I need to do the zora one to get to a few areas I've had my eyes on. My map is littered wit
  10. looks great. i wouldn't trust them to do much but a straight remake without kojima. at least they're remaking the good MGS. wouldn't mind a MGS1 remake.
  11. garbage. can't believe i paused TOTK to watch that.
  12. yeppp put VR away for another decade this shit aint ready
  13. sony digging MS out of its grave so they can put one more nail in the coffin
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