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  1. Casual

    Witcher 3 Ditch

    Tbh I’m already annoyed that my first play through of this was on the base PS4. I’m buying it again the next steam sale and experiencing the real version
  2. Casual

    Who saw Joker?

    I thought it was cool. I unno, didn’t blow me away but I’m not really a movie guy tbh. great acting
  3. Gonna be great. Luigis mansion for GameCube was awesome, the 3DS one was even better from what I played but I didn’t get far.
  4. Casual


    I mean, according to them it is... They don't even like white people doing motion capture for black characters...
  5. I usually have trouble jumping back into the middle of longer games which is why when I stop it means I rarely ever finish. But I'm already back addicted to Fire Emblem. Think I'm almost at the time skip.
  6. Casual


    Lmao. That place just becomes worse every day. Every time one of these types of threads (not just blackface...anything "racist" "sexist" "mysoginistic" etc) comes up it's like a fucking contest for who can have the most outraged response. It's a good thing that, based on the Off-Topic side, majority of the posters there either have zero employable skills or have such crippling self diagnosed anxiety/depression/etc. that they'll never have any influence in the world.
  7. Quebec City is a dump and the people are a bunch of bitter separatists so don't bother. Montreal is alright though. The old town is cool, it's got a great food and bar scene. Some cool hiking spots and that too (forget the name of the "mountain" but it's the only one so shouldn't be hard to find).
  8. Yeah. I didn’t mind it the first time but couldn’t do it a second. The wolf parts are kinda awful too tbh.
  9. TP does some really great things. It's got some of the better dungeon settings (Snowpeak, Arbiters, etc). If it wasn't for it being such a slow start I'd play it again.
  10. Didn't realize people like Minish Cap that much. Need to get around to playing it. Wasn't a fan of Phanton Hourglass or Spirit Tracks. BotW really is hit or miss it seems...tiers for me: LttP OoT BotW MM TP LA ALBW Zelda II LoZ Ages Seasons WW SS ST PH i've actually never played minish cap! hopefully we get some GBA emulation on the switch.
  11. Yeah I wouldn’t put it above LttP but I do think it’s the best handheld one besides maybe ALBW. I’d probably stick it somewhere near the top 5 overall....OoT, BotW, LttP are the only ones I would definitely put above it. It’d be in the next tier with ALBW, MM and TP. So somewhere from 4-7 overall.
  12. Fine by me. Backlog is already massive lol.
  13. @-GD- Which path should I do for Edelgard iyo man? Did you finish both of them?
  14. I gotta do a playthrough before TLOU2. The Remastered version is so much better too.
  15. Just beat Links Awakening. Amazing. The last two dungeons were great, couldn’t put it down from the start of Eagles Nest. Definitely in my top 3 games of the year so far. Think I’ll go finish Fire Emblem up next. switch is on fire this year. Probably grab DQ after FE and then Luigis Mansion in October.