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  1. I don't know many places up here that drug test tbh. If a company asked to drug test me id probably decline the offer on the spot lol.
  2. Just ordered a zip from the Ontario Government B). I unno, the site is kinda lame. I was expecting better selection than they seem to have, too much of a monopoly from a few companies too. Hopefully they let more people in on it sooner rather than later. The prices are decent but I'm hoping my dispensary manages to stay open.
  3. Maybe 5-10 hours a week. Probably closer to the 5 than the 10. Average at least. Some weeks I get none, couple times a year I probably get quite a bit more (usually cause something new got me hooked and i neglect other stuff). I don't even have kids and shit yet, not even a pet to take care of. Kinda scary where all the time goes. At the beginning of the week it'll seem like there's a decent amount of free hours upcoming and then they just disappear. I'm pretty lucky too, since I'm able to do most of my time wasting internet shit while I'm stuck at work, so I do my best to stay away from forums/reddit on my own time.
  4. Fell off the Yakuza wagon for a bit but I'm back on it. Trying to get it done before Red Dead is out. Currently on Chapter 11 and still really digging it. The story really goes places and the gameplay stays pretty fresh. I'm mostly just working through the main story right now. The side stuff is great but I'm just time constrained and I don't think I'll be able to finish before RDR if I do too much of it. Still doing a few here and there if it seems particularly interesting (I gotta do the cult one, that seems like it'll go places). Only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the Real Estate/Club Management side stuff. How important is that for me to get into? Can I just skip it altogether or am I missing out?
  5. Yep. Haven't beat it though...meant to go back to that actually. I also wanna get through Sonic Mania but I never really enjoy it when I boot it up. I feel like I play Sonic wrong but also can't figure out how to play it right... @Remij_ yeah the OST is just amazing. I think I'll grab Undertale before Owlboy. Seems like a good bet for me. @Twinblade Messenger is on my list. Tbh I've just played a few too many similar games this year so I'll probably grab it on a sale down the line.
  6. Man, I finally went back and beat Celeste...had originally stopped at the hotel part (Chapter 3). Not really sure why. But god damn, what an incredible game. Especially the second half...perfect difficulty, the mechanics are all amazing and they layer them so well. The art design pretty much gets better every chapter, music too. Had 50 berries and ~800 deaths. Probably gonna take a go at the b-sides and pick up some more of the berries. Might be my favourite of those types of platformers. Really great game. Need something else for my Switch now. Thinking maybe Undertale, or Owlboy. Haven't played either of those.
  7. Seems like the type of c-tier studio that Microsoft would have tried to purchase before this happened.
  8. Stories popping up. They made shit games but apparently some people like em.
  9. Gonna get an XR when they're available. Can't lose dat iMessage.
  10. I fuck with it. They need to trim the roster though. Too many shit characters in there.
  11. Good thing I stopped after about 3 minutes.
  12. Yeah. The early 3D games have aged absolutely terribly. The good ones have mostly received HD remakes by this point.
  13. Eh. PS1 games have aged too poorly for this to be attractive to me. The good ones have HD remasters and stuff.
  14. Guess I won't get anymore Beta time in. Game was great though. Undecided about getting it at launch since I don't want to play anything but the BR, might wait to get it on a discount. We'll see I guess.