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  1. I don’t do anything but with the way it’s picking up this shit will be appropriated by white people like cinco de mayo. Give it 5 years and bars will probably be having Hennessy and Fried Chicken days or something.
  2. i played the shit out of the original. got like every picture/pose possible multiple times.
  3. Snap is the mainline pokemon game. the rest suck.
  4. I don’t think it will tbh. I unno, I don’t care about racing games but MS has really over saturated Forza...you don’t really need multiple racing games from the same series each gen. 343 hasn’t made a good halo. Not sure why we think they’ll start now. It might look good, who knows. But I can’t think of another series that fell harder and faster than Halo.
  5. Oh boy. If lemmings were talking about how the PS5 games all looked like PS4 games I can’t wait to hear the takes on Halo and Forza lmao Halo hasn’t been good since like 2009? When was ODST? So I’m not holding my breath. If it’s good I’ll play on PC though.
  6. Another thing to keep in mind is that, like always people are comparing the most recent PS4 games to the PS5 launch games. PS4 launch games looked bad...considerably worse than the stuff we got later in the gen. PS3 games were no different. Compare Resistance to Shadow of the Colossus.
  7. I feel like that's more a product of other things though...lazy devs, skyrocketing game dev costs, etc. We've been seeing reused assets for a long time now, it's just an unfortunate reality of where game dev is at tbh.
  8. Yep. I still think we get similar jumps, but they're not necessarily in areas that you can see in a 1080p30fps Youtube trailer.
  9. yeah they could be done. if you lowered the res less stable performance longer loading times slightly less bells and whistles. i mean, witcher 3 was done on switch. doesn't mean it's not better on PC. for people that have spent 15 years posting on video game forums some of ya'll haven't really caught on to how this shit works yet lmao.
  10. First 48 is the only cop show that’s enjoyable.
  11. CS remains the king.
  12. This game started off really strong but just lost steam for me after like 10-15. Never finished. Wouldn't expect much more from a game that launches day one on a welfare service.
  13. I hope so. Bloodborne at 60fps?? 120fps????? 144fps???????? Without frame pacing problems?
  14. lmao. Old dude at the top has been getting torched.