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  1. I honestly think I might just jump into another playthrough with a different house as soon as im done lol.
  2. Fuck man I had a busy weekend and didn't get to put much time in. But I'm about to marathon some tonight cause lord am i fiendin
  3. Yeah System Wars is a good use case for why teenagers shouldn't have the internet. At least the dumb shit we did is pretty much untraceable, unlike kids today who are doing the same dumb shit but without anonymity and on platforms where the data isn't going anywhere. We thought we were fuckin brilliant too.
  4. Kinda glad the archive doesn't go all the way back lol. it'd probably just make me cringe...
  5. Got to go to the Iron Maiden show Saturday. Fuckin wicked live performance...I'd heard good things but man they kill it considering their age. Then my buddy from work scored some platinum tickets for Summerslam. Not really a wrestling guy but I watched it here and there as a kid, was cool seeing Goldberg and Trish Stratus is still a banger.
  6. Up to about 20 hours in Fire Emblem. Chapter 8 I think now. Recruited Mercedes and I've got Leonie, Felix and Lysithea at B Rank so just waiting for that to happen. Haven't really decided who I'll swap out yet other than Ferdinands bitchass.
  7. https://www.kbzk.com/montana-man-accused-of-assaulting-child-for-not-removing-hat-during-national-anthem lol perfect example of why you’ll never fix this type of shit in the states imagine being this angry that a kid didn’t stand up for a dumbass song lmao
  8. We can say that the problem is the lack of gun control itself. But the real problem is that the great USA has raised generations of weirdos who are absolutely infatuated with their guns. Everyone I've ever seen or heard defending guns ranges from societal misfit to outright pathetic. No other country that was having the same issues would see the same opposition to rectifying them. Hard to say what the cause is. Obviously mouth breathing retards breed mouth breathing retards so a lot of it just stems from that. When you have entire states where the culture can be summed up as redneck it's hard to change those things. The constant promotion of the military and treating them like heroes probably doesn't help either. I don't buy that pop culture has anything to do with it because every country in the developed world is exposed to American pop culture and none of them have the same problems. The difference is those countries aren't full of rednecks. Buh buh my constitutional rights
  9. Probably just seems that way because 75% of the screen is always full of UI elements whenever you're playing XB2.
  10. One of the best games of all time vs. some lame ass weaboo JRPG.
  11. It’s the best game I’ve played this year and it’s really not close. And this is a game that was a hard no for me as recent as like 2 days before release.
  12. The combat isn’t much different you’re right. They did change the Rock Paper Scissors mechanic that they used to have and added a few new mechanics but it’s still SRPG gameplay. That said, I bought awakening and put it down pretty quick. This is the first fire emblem to hook me. The persona elements enhance the combat indirectly for me, you feel like you’re really building a team as a result. I spend so much time planning out who will get a last hit (exp boost) and positioning them in certain ways to get better relationship boosts. Just burned through another 3 hours like it was nothing lol. Would have kept going but I gotta head out for dinner.
  13. yep. and imagine he's still making subscriptions, donations, and other sponsorships on top of that lmao. he's streaming from lollapalooza right now...