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  1. Meh. Just gotta be selective tbh. There's probably only three games there that are must play for me. RE2 , Metro and Sekiro. If Anthem turns out I'll get that. But it will need to be fucking superb for me to spend time with it, not trying to get Destiny'd. I might grab Vesperia on the Switch...it's a game I could see myself chipping through in short bursts while watching sports. Really enjoyed it on 360. DMC is something I might get on a sale down the line...seems a bit too redundant with Sekiro. 5 years ago I'd probably have bought all those games though.
  2. lmao. shoutout to you though dynamite. you're the one dipshit lemming who i actually believe still invests time in these terrible games.
  3. you tell me bro, your best exclusives have been og xbox bc support
  4. Got some pretty solid Smash games in online last night. I've been able to find some good, mostly lagless games through the battle arena. It takes a bit longer since I queue 1v1 and usually join an arena with 5-6 people (so you're in a queue for the match, winner gets to keep playing and the loser goes to the back of the line...im cool with that though since i just watch some sports while I'm not in the game) but it seems to be the most reliable way to get both a good connection and the ruleset you want. Had a 6-7 game winstreak going as Young Link.
  5. Also, we clearly don't need him. Blowouts against the Clippers and GS, back to back, west coast trip. We eatin. GS shot like shit last night though, but I do credit at least some of that to the raps defense. Sucks to lose JV but doesn't sound to serious and this is why we got the moose in the first place.
  6. Meaningless games and his health is the top priority. Both because they need him healthy in the playoffs and the raps showing his health matters to them is necessary to resign him. So yeah, don’t care too much.
  7. lemmings are definitely disgusting fat fucks. short too i bet.
  8. yeah,. shame really, i could have seen myself spending so much time playing this if the online was good. now it'll come out a couple times when friends are around and probably not much otherwise.
  9. hahahaha, nah man smash is boring af by yourself. we had a good crew and most of us just had some bs classes in the afternoon anyway. i think i had religion in the afternoon the semester it was big. i unno, it was high school over a decade ago so we were probably smoking chinabud anyway.
  10. Hahaha, it's crazy how many there are. They just keep coming. If you happen to lose any of the challenger fights you can go fight them again by going to the Game and More section (I think that's what it's called...whatever the top right option is on the main menu) and there will be a door looking icon in the bottom right where you can cycle through all the matches you've lost and get the unlocks . Another thing I like is being able to choose the music for each stage. Going from some Brinstar Depths music to the FF battle music in a stagemorph match is pretty dope.
  11. Yeah. Melee was probably the best couch mp game I've ever played. Used to head home at lunch during high school, get high and play Melee and just not go back to class. Won't get anywhere near as much playtime out of Ultimate at this point in my life, but still gonna try and get the boys together for a few sessions for sure.