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  1. pretty rarely but im fairly picky these days so don't install much in the first place and play anything multiplat on PC for the most part.
  2. fuck yeah, thanks for this. honestly i expected the true ending requirements to be absurd in a game this long with this type of structure, that seems straightforward enough!
  3. even with the detectable ones it seems like devs are already struggling hard to keep up. counter strike has been fucked for some time cod while i don't play, seems to have absolutely rampant issues valorant is the best from what I can tell.
  4. Ah sweet, I'll definitely do that. I remember mementos being pretty annoying. I played the vanilla version but didn't beat it. I lost steam around 40-50 hours I want to say? Had a great time with it though, I think something else just came out and took my attention. I'm terrible when it comes to jumping back into games like that after a long absence and couldn't bring myself to restart knowing we'd probably be getting something like P4G. Honestly don't remember anything of the story though so i'm pretty pumped to get into it again.
  5. dope, gonna check this out then. thanks man!
  6. might just be done with TLOU2 tbh. I'm still on Seattle day 2 (headed to hospital to get Dina some meds, Jesse just showed up) and this shit already feels like it's overstayed it's welcome. And I think I have like half the game left at least? Probably more. I dunno, the first one was a nice tight experience at 10-12 hours. Not many single player action type games that can hold my attention for 25 hours these days I guess. The gameplay isn't good enough for that and I've never been one to care about a story. I've been thinking about finally jumping into P5R, maybe now is the time.
  7. I actually installed it right after the announcement but I was having issues finding servers...are you guys going through custom servers or just the matchmaking? What mode?
  8. shocking that the two dudes with well documented histories of being absolute failures with women don't see the problem here lol
  9. they won't though. this is the move of a franchise that's unfortunately in second place and not gaining ground. it's similar to MS giving games away for free, it would be nice for sony to do the same but they have no reason to.
  10. I mean it was on Windows 10 which is Microsofts main platform. I wouldn't consider it not being on their budget, afterthought console to mean much.
  11. buh buh 13 million people will install it on their 1$/month gamepass account and play it for 14 minutes.
  12. lol yeah, we're not just gonna let you pretend forza street wasn't a thing.
  13. Oh sorry, they literally missed last year for the first time in a decade, guess that resets the clock.
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