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  1. yo this direct is fuckin banging lets go boys
  2. Casual

    It's D2 day

    Well, tomorrow is. 11AM EST. The GOAT returns.
  3. i spent all my air miles on a bbq. i guess ill just buy this with canadian tire money
  4. eh it's not a linear scale. 4.0 on gamespot is like literal trash so probably 10x better or so.
  5. he'll probably win tbh. but hopefully ndp gains some ground.
  6. Dark Souls 1 is an absolute classic. I haven't forgotten. Arguably the best game of that generation and maybe since.
  7. ugh, the aesthetic/theme of this (from the parts I've seen) is so unappealing to me, but i do love a good platformer..
  8. find me one person who hyped this who isn't a known troll or dumbass.
  9. trash franchise. no one hyped this. maybe cooke
  10. i mean you have a series x so sure, you've lost already. ill be playing elden ring on PC anyway 🙂
  11. don't worry it's not coming to ditch
  12. https://www.ign.com/articles/elden-ring-the-first-preview Bunch more stuff here but twitter is being lame right now: https://www.resetera.com/threads/elden-ring-previews-closed-door-no-new-footage.477834/
  13. the fact the game is called no more heroes wasn't a good sign. don't need to know much beyond that.
  14. hell yeah. even fzero. though i played fzero the other day and felt sick for about 3 hours after
  15. the goat. DKC1/2 Chrono Trigger FF6 Super Metroid Super Mario World Castlevania IV Link to the Past Secret of Mana Earthbound Yoshi's Island Contra III Super Ghouls N Ghosts just a bunch of bangers also the games that, imo, have collectively aged more gracefully than any other console.
  16. seems high for an incomplete game with a formula straight out of 2007.
  17. D3 was such a shame. Going through the main story on D2 is actually tough solo, especially when resists really come into play in hell.
  18. imagine being a, presumably 30-40yo man arguing on gamefaqs about transgender bathrooms. the life of a lemming.
  19. yeah, the combat felt a little off but im hoping that's because they just throw you in with a bunch of level 25s and tons of artes. I hope it makes a bit more sense and seems more tactical in the release where you (presumably) get drip fed abilities.
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