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  1. This was probably my most hyped game of all time. I would buy every magazine that had any info about it. It was my least favourite of the three PS1 games that I played though. I never finished it either. I got as far as adel.
  2. It looks exactly like a shenmue game should be. They really captured the spirits of the series. I hope this isn’t gonna be another yooka laylee incident where people complain because they got what they asked for.
  3. Easily John carpenters most underappreciated film
  4. Sega still showing Nintendo how it’s done 30 years later.
  5. And this years release is brought to you by the geniuses behind call of duty ghosts and and infinite warfare
  6. It’s pretty much why I stopped playing. Everything in the game including the most simple things feel like they take an age to do. Like even something as simple as searching the house at the beginning of the game felt like a chore. I loved the first one so I really do wanna get back into it eventually. A few people told me it really picks up after chapter 2 that you ignore it’s faults.
  7. SegaGod


    I’m sure I read somewhere that the devs are Anita sarkeesian fanboys too. That will add a couple of points to the review scores lol