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  1. My nephew has pretty much only played call of duty and monster hunter with a little bit of resident evil thrown in every once in awhile for the last 13 years. And for hours every day.
  2. The music in both is some of the best music in any video games though, oblivion especially.
  3. Playing the Japanese version of Contra Hard Corps in the Contra Collection. The game is insane. It's the most fun I have had playing a 16 bit game I never played before in years.
  4. My top 5 would probably be Super Mario Brothers 3 Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 Super Mario Kart Super Mario 3D world It is easily the most consistently high quality series and probably the only series that has held my attention every gen for over 30 years. I would say SMB3 is my favourite game of all time with FF7 and the two galaxy games are not far behind.
  5. It's good to see Forza 2 get some love. It's probably my favourite SIM racer too.
  6. Easily the mega drive. It was better in every genre other than JRPGS and maybe fighting games. It might also be the best console of all time for hidden gems. I will admit the SNES had the best games of the gen though.
  7. It was great when everyone used to use random usernames ect. As soon as everyone started to ditch anonymity and start using their own names was when the problems started.
  8. It should have closed when you all created your own resetera four years before even them baby's even had the idea.
  9. 1: Mario 3D World 2: guacamelee Mario 3d world is easily my favorite. My runner up is harder to pick though from Guacamelee, Zelda, Rayman legends, GTA5, xcom and tomb raider
  10. This was probably my most hyped game of all time. I would buy every magazine that had any info about it. It was my least favourite of the three PS1 games that I played though. I never finished it either. I got as far as adel.