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  1. The game is super super addictive. The game never feels frustrating no matter how many times you die. I only beat Meg once and it felt extremely rewarding to finally beat her.
  2. I’m 70 stars in Mario galaxy now. It really is timeless. Both galaxy games are my favourite games of the 21st century. I decided to start horizon chase turbo up again. It’s such a fun outrun style racing game with a great striking colourful visual style. The soundtrack is amazing too.
  3. It’s a shame they can’t bring the good games.
  4. I’m 25 stars into Mario Galaxy and I think I might be even more impressed playing it now than I was 13 years ago. I don’t think any 3D game has aged as well. It still feels so new and fresh.
  5. Yea it looks pretty good. I been meaning to get the demo. You should check out monster boy and Aggelos if you like metroidvania games.
  6. Just messing bro. Anyway you played any good puzzle platformers lately on switch or PS4?
  7. Ohh you one of those old people who feel in your 20s so that means you are?
  8. Ain’t you in your late 50s bro?
  9. Classic castlevania >>>>metroidvania The three 16 bit games are my favourite in the series.
  10. My nephew has pretty much only played call of duty and monster hunter with a little bit of resident evil thrown in every once in awhile for the last 13 years. And for hours every day.
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