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  1. I see where it's going, change the snare sound and make it hit harder :)
  2. I haven't even seen any assets in Dreams yet capable of that, but I guess it's possible. I barely got through some of the first few tutorials. There's a lot to learn.
  3. The hardest part is trying to convince them that most of those dance moves existed before the game. lol!
  4. Let's see, been home with the fam. Didn't get much game time going except my kids harassed me into installing Fortnite on my PC so that I could play with them.
  5. Just watched the first 2 of S3 last night...on to the third tonight. :)
  6. Pshhh. I had to do groceries today anyway. Saw a bunch of clowns lining up to get into the grocery parking lots, drove down the street 5 mins to a less busy store. Walked out within 15 mins. like a boss.
  7. Took my kids to see it. One of them is mad obsessed with Sonic games. Seemed a little short but we all enjoyed it.
  8. Yup, I don't think they should have showed it off so soon. I can't get much of a vibe off of how the game play or the story is anything different. Too soon.
  9. Wearing parachutes for pants vs. skinny chicken leg jeans of today. No winner.
  10. What is your "business" and why is it so shitty? Serious question.