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  1. This link still work? It uses the phone's data?
  2. Played the demo. Kinda fun nothing special. The framerate is crap, though.
  3. So far no one is saying who they are and what their demands are. The hostages look awful calm on that roof. It looks like they barricaded themselves up there. 😮
  4. The quality of their games can only go downhill.
  5. I was thinking the same thing.😅 Let me know.
  6. Steam key. It was in my inbox take it: QHAM5-QAWAA-4A2YF https://playscavengers.com/
  7. Don't touch Watchdogs and you're not learning Japanese from a game 😛
  8. Toothless "protesters" in Montreal who run first sign of cops.
  9. The only good thing about it was Mr. Freeze. They better work on some of that voice acting. :\
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