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  1. Don't touch Watchdogs and you're not learning Japanese from a game 😛
  2. The only good thing about it was Mr. Freeze. They better work on some of that voice acting. :\
  3. I wasn't expecting much but I'm impressed.
  4. Yeah. I didn't even get a chance to pick up the game yet. lemms what are you playing these days?
  5. Looks like he rubbed the game in Vaseline. :\
  6. 80s-90s as an adult. I feel sorry for children who don't have caring and responsible parents to navigate the bullshit of today. It's dangerous out there
  7. It looks like trash! Game companies need to stop hiring tumblr writers & artists.
  8. lemmz But I got a Switch Lite for the kids to get off my PS4 to play Fornite, so TSHBO.
  9. Who are they trying to sell this to? It's still a bland tech-demo from yester years.
  10. The name changes got me confused as hell
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