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  1. Well this insider also said a new Witcher is in development exclusively for ps5 so it's probably bullshit
  2. Oh definitely EGS if it's one or the other. Sony seems to be in bed with Epic nowadays.
  3. Can't tell much from a heavily compressed Youtube video that is dark as shit.
  4. And out of all these perfectly reasonable options, they pick a 3 year old single player game to port to PC. If their plan is to port old games then why not Uncharted 4? Lost Legacy? Infamous? Ratchet? LBP? TLOU? GT Sport? It's so fucking random, anyone knows what is Sony's strategy here?
  5. You can tell from that short teaser it looks terrible?
  6. Yeah Dreams would make perfect sense. Dreams is in development for a whole generation it's ridiculous. On another note, they should make PSVR and PSVR2 PC compatible. VR is too niche to be exclusive to a console.
  7. Tchbo lmao Seriously, I'm not sure what Sony's strategy is. They should communicate better what their plans are. For MS it's been crystal clear, day and date releases on PC and their fans already know what to expect. Sony is randomly picking certain games to port to PC a few years later, there seems to be no rule here and no one has a clue what their strategy is.
  8. Wow here it is @lil spico XseX Not sure if it’s only for newcomers though.
  9. This isn't 3 months for 1 dollar though. This is a 5 cents a day deal with no stated time period and they just silently switch to a 3 month $45 deal without any email, notification.
  10. Lmao Shenmue. To be fair, people have been begging for a Shenmue sequel since the DC days. They make Shenmue sound like some kind of masterpiece that no gamer should miss.
  11. Still not sure why you hate EGS so much. Luckily most people are starting to warm up to it. Hopefully this forces Steam to react.