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  1. Sony trying their best to lose. They think they are too good for some games now, SMH. The only people who even cared about these games will just go somewhere else, what a dumb move.
  2. I'm taking my time with the sides and gigs. But despite the glitches I'm finding it far more enjoyable than Witcher 3, especially once you acquire the cooler weapons and abilities.
  3. Probably won't change for a long long time if ever. Too many bugs/glitches and performance issues (especially on consoles) for them to focus on first.
  4. Xbox also offering full refund now and Best Buy officially refunding opened Cyberpunk disks. Holy crap..the first time this has ever happened. I hope this sends signal to all not to ship a broken product.
  5. Yeah gunplay is surprisingly good for a CDPR game. Game keeps getting better and better.
  6. Playing as Johnny Silverhand make me realised pistols are cool af. I'm going to be maining pistol from here on out.
  7. It's only taken off temporarily to curb the wave of refunds. Physical copies are also still available if you really want to play this on a playstation lol.
  8. Fair enough. Pro and X are still a big step above the base consoles which are total shit.
  9. Lol One X version is not fine at all man. It actually runs worse than PS4 Pro albeit at a higher resolution. Check out the DF videos.
  10. I can see it. MS have a history of pouncing on companies at their weakest. Nokia and Bethesda come to mind.
  11. Damn Epic is the gift that keeps giving. Feels bad for anyone not having a gaming pc to take advantage of this.
  12. Playing on next gen consoles is fine. But base ps4/xbox one are broken as fuck. I have never seen such an ugly blurry game on ps4/xb1 and with so many bugs and glitches to boot. Pro and One X are a big step up from the base consoles but still nowhere near good enough. Clearly, there is a tsunami of refund requests not seen before. Pulling it from the store temporarily is the right move or you're just going to get more angry customers demanding refunds.
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