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  1. Anyone knows anything about this game?
  2. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/ga...ng-to-LG-s-completely-scientific-new-research
  3. True, MAU and PSN+ subscriber numbers always go down a little after the spike during the holiday season.
  4. Yes finally a high budget JRPG with a good battle system. The fighting game is developed by Arcsystem works too (Dragonball fighter z and Guilty gear Xrd). Is there a deal between Sony and Cygames? Can’t imagine putting out all these high budget games and making them exclusives.
  5. Dat battle system, platimum games That boss reminds me of a FF summon for some reason.
  6. All 3 consoles are really close. Switch will slaughter all in December though.
  7. Is this something like Abzu? If it is, will be a pass for me.
  8. The online is great. I enjoy the daily online races. Most people actually try to to race properly instead of playing bumper cars.
  9. Why pay more when you can get the same thing for less? No harm just asking unless they make you jump through hoops tosave that money then yeah, just take the loss and not waste your time.
  10. The high scores for this game should be docked for the poor online implementation. The online aspect for this type of game is sooo important. It’s where all the fun is at.
  11. Dualshock 3 sucks for FPS games though they are good for most other genres. Dualshock 4 just feels much better in general, and they are also great for FPS games unlike Dualshock 3.