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  1. Yes they have mostly dominated Japan except for the PS1 and PS2 era . Nintendo dominated Japan so hard for the last 15 years. DS, Wiii, 3DS and now Switch are all very very dominant in Japan. I mean just look at this week 200K vs 17K lol. Back in the day the DS was putting up even more absurb numbers, every week looks like a Nintendo Top 20 software chart, no joke.
  2. NPD Top 10 best selling exclusives since tracking began. Nintendo
  3. Ubisoft's Q2 2018-19 sales % by platform
  4. 100% agreed. Squaresoft was unbeatable during that era. FF7 and FF8 are fucking great, FF9 didn't grab me as much but still a good rpg. Not to mention Parasite Eve, Chrono Chross, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, FF Tactics, etc etc, all fucking epic. I recently bought some of the PS classics for my PS3 and Vita and were surprised how well the Squaresoft games held up compared to Capcom games like RE and Dino Crisis. Just started replaying FF8 and I'm already hooked again. The overworld map, the music, the battle system, R1 to trigger gunblade Edit: This just made me realise again how much better the PS Classic's line up could have been..
  5. All those VR patents making sense now
  6. That was just a prediction from a random user. See RuthenicCookie 's replies below, he is the leaker.
  7. Source is from the Reddit user who correctly predicted Sony not appearing in E3 2019.
  8. Hard to disagree with this. Has Sony even commented on this yet?
  9. Lol I wonder what is Sony's rationale behind this move. They want to do their own conferences without the middleman? I get that. But skipping E3 altogether and no off site event either seem too big a gamble. This could either be a smart move to draw attention to their own events such as PSX or it could backfire giving all the spotlight to MS at E3.
  10. https://kotaku.com/nintendo-s-reggie-fils-aime-on-hopes-for-an-n64-classic-1830465672 Were anyone here looking forward to this?
  11. Even if true, it doesn't make any sense for them to announce this now. Lmao.