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  1. Yeah Switch is on fire worldwide no doubt about that. But I'm referring to MK11 specifically and it's really not impressive. That split in your OP's image is misleading as this is Switch version's launch week while PS4 and XB1 versions are in their second week. That's because the Switch version launch later. Apparently this is comparing Mortal Kombat 11's first week sales in UK(retail): PS4 - 28.500 XBX - 11.500 NSW - 2.500 So..not good for the Switch version.
  2. Isn't this the first week for MK Switch as compared to the PS4/XB1 version's second week? Not that impressive imo.
  3. Awesome. As usual, Steam is too arrogant to think that they need to respond. I hope they take the game off Steam.
  4. The protagonist is too straight 5/10 Gamespot
  5. Who cares. All we know for sure is Wii slaughtered both of them.
  6. So FY 2018 17.8m PS4 vs 16.95m Switch sold. I'm surprised cos Switch is totally outselling PS4 by a huge margin in the 2 largest markets NA and Japan. The rest of world market must be a lot bigger than we thought hmm..
  7. Don't worry. They will cave soon. Millions of Nintendo fans are asking them for it all over Twitter, Youtube and even Resetera.
  8. Nintendo Switch will outsell PS4 LTD in NA and Japan, the 2 biggest console gaming market.
  9. Nobody cares. I doubt many sheep actually care about another fighting game in MK11 when they have GOTG-tier games like Zelda, Mario and Smash. Nintendo gamers are never big on fighters except Smash.
  10. Yes sadly $20 sounds about right for the market value of Sony's first party games. And for current MS first party games, the market value is at the most $10 gamepass. Only Nintendo games can sell for $60 throughout the entire gen and still top the charts for years. Nintendo
  11. Sounds like a disaster if true. Who’s going to buy a half assed next gen console to play games on XCloud. Especially when there will be Stadia where you can play games on your browser.
  12. MS needs to put Halo MCC on Epic Store too. What could be stopping them?
  13. Lmao there is no way RDR2 is not coming to the PC unless Take 2 hates money