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  1. Pureis

    LoL GameSpot

    Sounds like Stadia is perfect for you. The ability to just log in on a browser without needing to download and install is a gamechanger.
  2. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-12-03-xbox-one-was-the-uk-no-1-games-console-over-black-friday Will we see this in the US as well? Or was there a crazy good deal for the UK.
  3. PlayStation beginnings from a failed collaboration with Nintendo and later on the Playstation/Saturn rivalry are fascinating to read. People who weren’t part of that era in games could never understand the impact of PlayStation and the shift from 2D to 3D. It was a true gamechanger.
  4. Not denying that PS4 had great Japanese support with the help of strong performance in the ROTW. But still with a 95% marketshare in Japan along with strong performance in the West, I'd not be surprise to see publishers bet on the safer Switch, especially if next gen game dev budget continue to increase.
  5. For publishers that do not sell huge in the West like Falcom/Atlus, it makes more sense to jump to Nintendo. Even if you look to the West, the Switch sold faster than PS4 in NA and is gaining momentum in Europe and other parts of Asia. For e.g. the top 5 software sales in Korea last week are all Nintendo titles. I still think Switch can surpass PS4's LTD when all is said and done. Not that it matters much though since next gen is well underway by then.
  6. Nintendo's market share in Japan is now more than 95%, it's crazy!
  7. 7K PS4 vs 180K Switch sales in a week, same for last week 8K PS4 vs 180K Switch, PS4 is not even 5% of Switch sales. Things are looking grimmer by the minute for PlayStation in Japan. Nintendo has been the single dominant force there with no change in sight. Do you think this will start affecting Japanese support for PS5?
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/11/18/google-stadia-launch-review-a-technical-conceptual-disaster/ Sounds like streaming is nowhere near viable for games yet.
  9. As bad as Stadia sounds, it is still the best game streaming service in terms of graphical fidelity and input lag.
  10. I think this game is for me. I just love taking the time to explore taking in the scenery with some nice music in the background and get lost in the world, while running some errands, build stuff etc and knowing I contributed to the world. Similarly many people didn't understand Minecraft when it first launched but I instantly love it.
  11. Great additions, both games I didn't have. I'll never finish my games at this rate.
  12. Nintendo makes making AA/AAA games look so easy. Almost everything they make get great reviews. You can't find another dev/publisher that is more consistent.
  13. Great news. Strange to announce it right before the ps4 version's launch though. Thought they'd want people to double dip.