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  1. Even Square Enix hates FF8. They are treating it like it does not exist. Fuck SE.
  2. Lol TF is not everything dude.
  3. A female main like P3P playing from another perspective would be cool as well.
  4. https://www.resetera.com/threads/lets-discuss-the-possibility-for-a-switch-port-of-persona-5.107183/ Lol Nintendo fans really want this game. The port begging reached a new level. To be fair this game is perfect for Switch.
  5. Ok. Read some advice online that I need to buy a Heater Shield? Is that good?
  6. Not so sure about this since it's live streamed which tends to be a cringe fest. Would be more excited if it's pre-recorded like the Directs. And Zhuge already said "don't expect much" lmao.
  7. Seeing all these reviews and impressions, I'm regretting picking up Anthem over this. Dumbest choice ever.
  8. I've heard Solo players won't be disappointed. Whatever that means.
  9. Wanted to give this one more try. I'm choosing Knight, good choice? What stats do I pump first, any advice?
  10. Why do companies keep making all these 3rd party controllers that are expensive as fuck. Do they even sell that much?
  11. At least Epic is investing their Fortnite money into games, giving developers/publishers a better cut, giving players free games, and offering 100 million to developers with no catch. Yes they pay for games but this is exactly what they need to do for people to start taking it's store seriously. I struggle to think any of this as a negative except for the hassle of having to open up another store on your PC, big deal.
  12. Epic is aggressive as fuck and I love it Even the Lemming king Crapgamer agrees.