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  1. Yeah agree. Definitely the most anticipated Series X game this fall. The world/atmosphere and the music is god tier.
  2. PSN Store completely built into the system and not being a separate app is nice! And voice dictation will come in really handy.
  3. Yea the Series X in horizontal with the stand at the side just looks like it's toppled lol.
  4. Yea and couple that with liquid metal cooling, Sony really went all out to keep the heat and noise down.
  5. Pureis

    Genshin Impact

    I've been playing this. It's surprisingly good for a free game. The instant character switching and elemental combos are really fun. I've been experimenting with different characters to set up my best team. The upgrade/leveling mechanics could feel overwhelming at first but you will eventually get the gist of it. I have no problem getting through the game without paying and you can play it like a normal single player game. If you like playing looters/open world games with friends, you will get hooked. Do play on PC though, the performance on PC is much smoother than on PS4. This is
  6. You're right. I don't expect reloading to be much different though.
  7. No surprise, Sony put a 200mm-240mm fan in it. No wonder the PS5 is so huge lol.
  8. Is this good? This probably is going to be heavily front loaded judging from Steam Store sales chart.
  9. The Spiderman Remastered bullshit is pissing me off. How could Sony still live in a bubble? I can partly understand needing to charge for it if the upgrade is significant. But having no upgrade path for PS4 owners and locking it behind Miles Morales is just fucking tone deaf.
  10. Pureis

    Series S $299

    Lol this tweet a little funny to me for some reason.
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