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  1. The amount of software Nintendo sold is seriously insane. They account for over 80% of all software sales on Switch, literal nuts.
  2. No surprise tbh. No one in their right mind can stand navigating the eshop, the lag/stuttery is just unbearable. I only use the search function to get to the games I already knew existed.
  3. Lol Fall Guys is fucking fun and hilarious. It’s free on PS Plus, don’t sleep on it.
  4. Fucking lame. Just announce the price and open pre-orders already. What big current gen 3rd party games are left that needs a showcase like this?
  5. I’m enjoying the game and will get back to it soon for sure. I just tend to take my time with open world games. At the same time I have a huge backlog, currently playing classic games like DQ7 on 3DS and Parasite Eve on Vita which took up a lot of my time as well.
  6. Yeah GOT probably has the best combat in an open world game. Switching between stances is a really good way to ensure that combat doesn't get old. Didn't really care much for the story although there are some intriguing moments. I think I would prefer it to be a linear game because all I wanted to do is to clear enemies and unlock skills/stances. I just got to Act 2, saw this huge unexplored map and turn it off. There's a reason I tend to play open world games very slowly.
  7. Jeff Grub said it's going away entirely. It makes a lot of sense since Xbox have less to lose compared to ps+ and financially MS can take more of a hit. They also have an appealing replacement in Gamepass. Huge move if true.
  8. I didn't watch it but in this sense hardware would be referring to the Xbox dev kit? Especially since it is known/rumored that Xbox dev kit was having issues so they showed footage with a PC representative of XSX instead. I mean come on, you are focusing on that one line. It's not uncommon to find people unimpressed with Halo Infinite's showing and he did give some high praise to other MS games in his other videos.
  9. Damn this looks so fucking good. Can't believe they are only asking for 500K/1M.
  10. I agree. People who loved the PS1 Suikoden games would know what you mean. The PS2 sequels never come close to capturing the style.
  11. For anyone playing this, don't do stealth. From what I gathered from the reviews, the combat is really good, swordplay is deliberate and responsive, you never get tired of the combat. But for stealth, enemy AI is pretty bad, sucking a lot of tension out of the stealth.
  12. I now think Sony is intentionally making everything look outrageous to fuel more discussions and talking points about PS5.
  13. Should be a great show. The Initiative - Perfect Dark Playground Games - Fable Turn 10 - Forza 8 Rare - Everwild 343i - Halo Infinite Ninja Theory - Hellblade 2 Obsidian - New RPG
  14. Well, you obviously missed how much Joel meant to Ellie. And yes she clearly lost herself and became obsessed on revenge, which is not hard to understand imo. It's all cool though, the story works for some and didn't for others.
  15. The last third has the best parts of the game: the sniper fight, the rat king at the hospital and the battle on the island. I feel the story dragged a little in the middle when it switched to Abby but the last third was awesome. The Ellie part at the end is necessary imo. You feel her inner struggle how she couldn't just let it go. By the end I really wanted her to let it go which she did eventually but it costed her everything. It's a rather sad ending for her.
  16. There was a research saying that removing the disk drive would save Sony only $20. I think the digital version is going to be a loss leader which can be partly justified by the ability to recoup faster with consumers going all digital.
  17. Apparently, Zhuge said his tweet was a fake/photoshop. And Greenberg clarified on this: I still don't believe him though, these accounts are just opened this year.
  18. Yeah I said before that MS is at least going to show Fable and Perfect Dark at the July show so there's no way the July show is not going to be great unless they somehow show zero gameplay for these new reveals. We are almost in July now
  19. Phil is such a great person. I genuinely like him.
  20. Surprised it beats Spidey. I think it's safe to say that Death Stranding flopped since Sony didn't give sales number for it.
  21. Previews are mostly very positive so far. DF said it's the single largest jump from a developer's first game to the second this gen. Major highlights are the detail, level of customisation and options to make decisions that impact the narrative. Some concerns touched on the stealth AI, clunky inventory, UI and pop ins. Gameplay looks smooth and fun to me. I'm kinda glad that they went with first person.
  22. Great news, she's confirmed to be a romance option.
  23. Man, the customisation in this game is absurd. Dick size options and 5 types of pubic hair lmao