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  1. Lol you think this is moneyhatted? Who else would make a tv series based on final fantasy? Sounds like a guaranteed flop.
  2. Spotted by us, the patent titled ‘Charging device for removable input modules’ was filed by Redmond-based Microsoft in 2017 and published by USPTO on July 9, 2019. The patent applications and drawings detail a removable controller for mobile/handheld devices (such as smartphones, tablet computers, portable games consoles). https://www.windowslatest.com/2019/07/09/microsoft-patent-shows-off-detachable-and-chargeable-game-controllers/
  3. Didn’t you sell your PS4 and got a Switch?
  4. At least the huge bezels are gone now
  5. Pureis

    Mario Royale

    This game is hilarious. Try it here.
  6. Not only Stadia though. No platform has crossplay for Destiny 2 so far.
  7. Props to Phil for being so transparent and straightforward with this.
  8. I think we shouldn't judge Halo Infinite based on Halo 5's sales. While Halo is not as popular as it once was, it's one of those franchises that can quickly return to the top with a really good sequel. I don't it's wise to underestimate Halo Infinite's potential.
  9. I still think MS will hold the power advantage. They don’t want a repeat of the start of this generation. If necessary, they will either delay the launch or just eat the cost to keep the power advantage.
  10. How long till the series is ported to Xbox/Switch?
  11. Saw this somewhere and literally laughed out loud. Xbox first party sucks this gen no doubt.
  12. People said Witcher 3 wouldn't be possible on Switch too I think good sales on PC convinced them that there is an audience for their games outside of Playstation so there's a high chance now that they want to expand the series to other platforms.
  13. No doubt their hardware sales going to get a major boost with 2 new Switch models launching this holiday. I wonder how high they can go when there is no signs of slowing down even for the current model. Really impressive stuff.
  14. This looks really fun. I think this is one of the battle royale games I can enjoy.
  15. This looks like pure fun lol.
  16. These games (trials of mana/ff8 remaster) are tempting me to buy it on Switch though. I'm seriously torn on which version to buy.