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  1. I initially viewed page three of this thread with the expectation that someone might have posted more news on Sony actually buying MGS, Silent Hill and Castlevania. In reality it was Just these two talking shit to each other.
  2. Lol I forgot that. I used to lurk here every couple months and saw for myself. I thought then it was basically schizophrenic level behaviour.
  3. Before Jimbo gets banned for however long, can we please get an answer to the question, Jimbo are you: A ) Trolling B ) Mental I’ve genuinely wondered for a long time.
  4. Lemmings scting like the Xblock Series nogames is some sort of artistic marvel
  5. Cell


    Talking about the OP, not your reply. Weak.
  6. Cell


    Low quality bait.
  7. It’s hard to rank because it’s hard to separate so many great films. I really did like the prestige though, the reveal at the really caught me off guard. “Are you watching closely?”
  8. Jehurey is there anything you don't argue about? Asking for a friend.
  9. Most effective for lemmings to experience AAA quality - stream from anyone but MS
  10. Is this the kind of talk you use on bitches in the club?
  11. Probably not a million miles away from reality. I expect it to be smaller than the next Xblock