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  1. Fuck outta here. Xbox is and always will be the basic bitch console and the people that make it are too busy with woke identity politics and descriptively listing there own clothes to shut the fuck up and make a good and more importantly, original game.
  2. I don’t know why I thought the series X was outperforming the Xbone. If it’s in fact trailing it it really doesn’t bode well for its lifetime sales. PS5, at least in Europe, is still incredibly scarce, I would argue more so than the PS4 from what I remember. Seems like microsoft can try and give away their games for virtually nothing and people still don’t want their console.
  3. Here’s the problem with gamepass, people like me are going to buy for £1 to play AoE4 for virtually free and the cancel the subscription. A few months later Phil is going to be spewing shit like 30 million unique subscribers and I will be one of them.
  4. We’ll see though. I’m going to count this as your sig entry unless you can come up with anything better. @ghostz is making the flop sig, do your worst.
  5. @DynamiteCop @Remij @MalaXmaS @JonbX @Vini Will you boys be taking part?
  6. Nah, fuck that, they’re already getting a free ride by not using Meta since it would be WAY harder to get AAA on there. As far as I’m concerned if half the games score is not AAA then you can’t easily claim the game as a whole is a AAA title and they’ve lost. Don’t worry about it too much because the lemmings are avoiding this thread like the plague.
  7. TLOU2 and GOW both had insane scores on GS and Metacritic and here we are arguing what to if Xbox's flagship Halo game scores 8.5 for multiplayer. Both scores would need to be AAA otherwise fail.
  8. Cell two cent's - Halo has not been a system mover since 2007 and the latest game is going to 'flop' in good old fashion AAA or nothing systemwars terms. My wager: The game will not score above 9 on GS. Team Failo (Sub-AAA on GS) Cell Ghostz Twinlade BodyCount Team Halo (AAA on GS) DynamiteCop MalaXmas Vini Team 10/10 Hot Sauce Terms: Loser has to wear the signature of the winners choice for at least 1 month. Bet is void if no one else takes it. I would mak
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