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  1. Joe Rogan I think musk comes off as pretty weird. Sometimes he'd pause for so long before answering I almost checked if the website had crashed. He's obviously a smart dude but I comparing him to Tesla or Einstein is laughable. Whats also laughable is how he said 'why would you think deleting a tweet would make it go away' while constantly calling some guy a pedo on twitter with no evidence and then deleting the tweets. Really wanted Rogan to ask him about that but he'd clearly been told not to.
  2. Only thing lemkids run is the bargain bin of trash games nobody wants
  3. They've had this on the backburner for years, pretty sure its been around since PS Move on the PS3 (was a concept back then), easy 10 years. Hopefully after that long it won't be a pile of shit.
  4. Only been exposed to resetera from links on this forum, but god damn it looks fucking toxic. Seems like if you took this place and put it in reverse, you'd get that shit. Sometimes I look at systemwars and think to myself 'what the fuck are we all doing' but at least I can call you all fucking faggots without being permanently banned.
  5. You don't need to fit the stereotype now you have a decent PeeC jon (although with that fugly blue neon case you're half way there). Just buy a nice office chair. No need to have a razor mouse, keyboard that lights up like its a christmas tree and a half eaten bag of cheeto's on your desk.
  6. I'd like a Maine Coon, they're supposed to be huge relative to normal cats. I hear people keep them in the house, at least in the UK.
  7. As awesome as that was, it was also fucking bait because it's not being released.
  8. Seems about the right level of complexity for you.
  9. Remij, the ending is cool, but I think this may be the best intro to a game ever. Onimusha 3 gets an Honorable mention.
  10. Xbone versus the Wii. We all know the Wii sucked balls and the sheep got pretty slapped around by Nintnedo. After a few failed gens of trying to compete with Sony, Nintendo pulled a ridiculous bait and switched and started trying to appeal to sheep's parents instead of the actual sheep. Sure, it sold like drugs in a ghetto, but we all know it was a hardcore gamers, the Wii was just....No. Fast forward 10 years, we're in the twilight years of this gen, and its no longer the Sheep who are in full scale damage limitation, desperately plugging the holes of the the sinking ship. This time its the lemmings. From the very start, the Xbox has been a laughing stock. Don Mattrick went full retard, stole Ken Kutugari's PS3 launch notebook and dropped the ball so hard before the console even launched he got fired soon after. The Xroff currently second in sales and has no hope of even matching the PS4 let alone selling the most, contrary to Microsofts bold claims at the start of the gen. All the games suck. In fact the exclusives suck so bad I think they never actually intended to release killer first party exclusives to begin with, they just peddled the same GEARSHALOFORZA formula and counted on third party shit like CoD doing the business for them again. There is clear evidence for this if you just look at there last E3, with them dedicating several minutes to them annoucing they've bought studios. Anyway, the question is, lemmings are the laughing stock of this gen, sheep were the laughing stock of last gen, but who has been fucked harder by there respective companies?