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  1. I get the hate on some level but I also think there’s no way they could have made VII in its original form. The size of the game wouldn’t have worked logistically, among other things, and with that in mind they reimagined it rather than remade it, with a plot that lets them get around sticking points of a full original remake. I enjoyed it for taking it for what it was rather than holding it up against source material which it never had a chance of ever being on par with. Really hope the next game is as good as the first.
  2. He may be a cow but jesus christ FIREPOWER you just got ruined.
  3. Jesus christ the retarded communist was right.
  4. Ghostz, plenty of games for you and Jetucky to co-op on on your PSVR2's here?
  5. Yeah, I think that can only be a good thing. Origins was the last decent game they made and it had that vibe to it too.
  6. Lmao, showing Alan Wake probably just to fuck with MS
  7. I'm tempted to rewind and watch Phantom Blade again, seemed to have the sword combat I always dreamed of 20 years ago when I was playing shit like Tenchu and Onimusha
  8. Could be cool on VR? Phantom blade looked cool.
  9. Disclaimer, I'm not catching up on this shit......but, he's lost two bets? I hope you're not talking about that thread I made where all you had to do was post your phone, because Ghostz did post his phone in that one. I haven't forgotten.
  10. I think the funniest/most insane part is not only did they want to put it on rival platforms but wasn’t it part of their ‘concessions’ that they would do so while keeping 100% of the profit? Imagine if I tried to enter someone’s land to set up a lemonade stand but I told them I’m keeping 100% of the profit, if this was in Murica I would be lucky not to get shot.
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