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  1. This was so fucking obvious to anyone who’s knows anything about tech hardware, the only people who have pretended otherwise are click bait YouTubers, DoofyCuck And Mala. Just trying to pretend that A company would put out a second iteration of a console that would suddenly cook itself was insulting, let alone sticking to that retarded argument. Good job guys.
  2. Solid show, some big surprises. Quite a bit of filler shit but last 10 minutes pulled it back. 8/10.
  3. I honestly think if Sony thought Microsoft were stealing there thunder they would of put this event on months ago or at least showed up at E3.
  4. I would be happy enough seeing more Horizon and some God of War footage (more or less two guaranteed AAAE’s). If they go one further with GT7 and some other rumoured first party games that would be a big bonus. If they go one further than that with FFXVI or a silent hill, it would be a pretty big mic drop/sweaty balls slapped around Phil Spencer face. If they show FFVII remake part two or one better, an actual MGS remake for me it would be nearing god tier. Infact if they’re actually remaking MGS1 I’ll lose my fucking mind.
  5. Seems to me like PlayStation has been the brand with the buzz around ever since the PS4 (switch too but in Nintendo fashion since the Wii they just carve out there own niche market). I cannot remember exactly when the PlayStation showcase was but it was probably about a year ago at least and they’ve since skipped e3 and gamescom. Let’s be real, MS have had the media to themselves and could have stolen the ‘buzz’, but have they? In the UK nobody gives a fuck about the Xbox other than the typical crowd, seems like it’s the same elsewhere. Halo (predictably) doesn’t have the same pull
  6. @DynamiteCop Where you at bubby? You haven’t been back to this thread since this post.
  7. As usual you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about because you’re missing a very key point. There’s every chance they’ve downsized the heatsink and during operation it gets hotter, couple that with a heat exchanger and you have a stream of hotter air than before. Is this bad? Only if whatever the heatsink/fan is cooling is going above a critical temperature. Both the old design and the new design could theoretically extract the same amount of heat from the cpu but the new design is doing so with a hotter air temp. What makes me so qualified to understand? I have degrees in me
  8. So erm......has Hideo started making exclusive games for Xbox then? Or nah? What about that story a few months ago that stated Sony won't greenlight risky exclusives? No? Lemmings?
  9. Yes but only if they remake it with Okami being a Transgender Black Woman.
  10. I have to be honest twinblade I think it looks pretty fucking terrible.
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