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  1. Fuck sake was looking forward to this.
  2. Jesus Christ Twinkie getting lit the fuck up out of nowhere ITT
  3. Watched a few seconds but I stopped, clearly in alpha right now. Looks like vice city, although I bet this will actually have multiple locations you can fly between.
  4. Maybe, but, unless there is a huge shift in consumer buying habits (people suddenly want Xbox’s over PlayStations), I’ve never quite believed MS want to keep CoD off PlayStation, I think they just want to control the money it makes on PlayStation. I can see them loading it on gamepass (if this goes through) and then trying to force Sony’s hand by trying to have them put Gamepass, at least in some form, on PlayStation, they’ve already been trying that for years anyway.
  5. https://www.ign.com/articles/sony-pleased-with-xbox-activision-buyout-investigation-major-negative-implications-for-gamers ‘Major negative implications’ - because of a monopoly or because Phil Spencer ruins everything he touches by putting purple hairs in jobs instead of qualified people?
  6. I doubt we’ll see any FFVII Part 2, it’s been too soon since they last showed it off, but FF16 is more likely especially since it releases sooner. I wouldn’t mind seeing Resi 4 remake as well.
  7. One or two games worth a second glance (Rise of Ronin maybe?). And then God of War. Lawd Jesus.
  8. I hate to break it to you Mala but nobody really gives a fuck about your brum brum videos.
  9. God they really are a fucking train wreck. I guarantee you this is going to follow the Xbox exclusive game blueprint to obscurity. Microsoft will sink way to much money into it. It will be released to 8/10 scores with reviewers sayings it good but not great. People will move from it after a month max. MS will lose money and never released sales numbers. Bookmark it.
  10. Ass Creed Mirage. https://www.ign.com/articles/assassins-creed-mirage-officially-announced-reveal-next-week Looks like Constantinople or somewhere similar.
  11. @jehurey Jesus. Remi got you good here bro. Will you be playing Demon Souls anytime soon?
  12. Recently bought a PS5 and I've been playing Valhalla. The main story is just about bearable but the writing work on the side quests, and in fact the side quests in general, suck so bad that it's borderline insulting. I also remember the graphics of Odyssey having much more visual impact, which I think is probably because the Mediterranean allowed for much more colour than the drab/grey mountains of Norway. I think I'm on chapter 2/3 and I can't see me getting too much further unless it really takes off soon.
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