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  1. Oh yes because lets just forget everything that happened in the last decade and pretend MS have a track record of releasing exclusive bangers.
  2. I’m currently on chapter 3 running around the sector 7 slums, I’ve barely seen anything yet but I can confirm, it’s good fella’s. Looking more like gamespots 10 than IGN’s 8.
  3. Wow, I seen this pop up on Facebook and I thought lol nah that’s fake. Then I checked IGN. It will be easy enough to get one all the same colour, I’m not sure on this white/black thing they’ve got going. It’s a nice enough controller though, can only be good if it’s better than the DS4, which was solid. If you just look at the white, it’s the PS3 boomerang controller. Somewhere in the world Ken Kutagari is raffing to himself.
  4. I’m playing the game right now, it came in the post. Will post impressions when I’m a few hours in. edit: god if I have to fight this fucking scorpion one more time. Played the demo too much.
  5. Be under no illusions the Daily Mail is media garbage of the highest order. Although I'm not saying 20 years of bring a slob won't do that to you.
  6. Looks like it contains a lot of cloud/Zack flashback stuff which all happened outside of Midgar originally. And yeah it’s obvious they’re fucking with the original story, they’ve turned a 4-5 Midgar section into a whole game and put entirely new characters in it. This better be fucking good.
  7. Normally I would roll my eyes at gamers who exclusively look for the Japanese audio/text versions of stuff but I can actually see the appeal with this, the dialogue was the weakest part of the demo and I hope it gets better throughout the game. I know what you mean about Barrett.
  8. I have a confession, I completed the first game for the first time only two weeks ago. I thought it was genuinely fantastic, hard to give less than a 10/10 even seven years after release.
  9. If you spend hours and hours looking maybe you’ll find a better price but if I was you I would just get it, that’s a solid deal. Not sure on the Japan edition thing, have you checked to see if you can just switch the American version of FFVII to Japanese audio?
  10. Based on the thread title I thought it was going to be a AAAE game or something.
  11. I sort of lost my job today because of some bat-soup eating motherfuckers. Me and the rest of R&D in my company have been put on temporary leave for two months with 92.5% pay, I can't do any work for my current employer (not allowed because my pay is now government subsidized) or anyone else. Its either going to be brilliant (two months off, banned from work, near full pay) or a very gentle start to employment if my company is still in a bad place in two months.
  12. Lets be real Gamespot have always had a stick up there ass, they're nearly as pretentious as kotaku. IGN gave it a 9, but they tend to overscore, 8/10 is probably a safe bet. The demo was solid enough, I'm not sure have GS have 6'd it unless the game takes a nosedive after the first hour. I'll probably pick it up half price in 6 months.
  13. I can sleep easy tonight now I have this information.