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  1. I've never been disappointed with anything I've bought from ASUS. Why don't you just use Cloud or NAS if you have storage concerns? Onedrive is great, although it does seem to fucking insist on automatically syncing with local 'photos' and 'documents' folders, so you know where to not put your bank details and dick pics.
  2. Best way to buy a PC - play a never ending waiting game for the next hardware which is 5-10% better than the stuff out now but for the same price, but once that comes out you know if you wait a year it will be 5% better again so don't bother upgrading. I've been using my shit for 8 years and counting. I actually like the surface stuff, seems about as sleek as 'windows' laptop get. I also quite like Dell, work bought me a firepro to do CAD and simulation stuff and it was pretty beefy for a laptop, played City skylines quite well. The rest of the brands are all about th
  3. I’m probably about a third of a way through and loving it so far, seems like a really good, solid game. Only negative that springs I can think of is how controlling the camera with 10 dudes trying to dice you up is difficult. @jehureymake sure you at least so the tales/myths - normally you stumbled across a musician guy who tells you a story about a legendary archer or sword technique. So far I’ve got a longbow, new armour and a sword technique which kicks ass, I’m sure there’s more. The missions are good too.
  4. I hear M$ are gonna pump 500 million into Halo, everything is going to be OK.
  5. Just seen this, second time hes done Joe Rogan, first time it was brilliant.
  6. I don’t think you could build a PC for a competitive price that would smoke consoles since the PS3 days. I get your point twinblade, PC gaming is an expensive business, I’ve waited to upgrade my PC for years and never been able to justify it. But remij is right, if you’re someone that drops 1000+ on the latest graphics card, you’re very likely to have a big PSU.
  7. Meanwhile, Remij thinking about pissing away another $1000+:
  8. We going deep. As much as Alice in chains fucking kill it, its hard to beat something as raw as this. Kurt doesnt fucking around here.
  9. Hearing this for the first time after a few pints and some doobies. Lawd.
  10. Still on that grunge kick Edit: Fuck it. Eeeeneeemmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. You were definitely thinking about Dick when you made this thread.
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