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  1. One thing no one is talking about, isn't the Series X supposed to have a big graphical advantage over the PS5? Did they forget to tell there developers?
  2. We're up to 480 replies now, don't you want to see how many spins we can get? We're starting to push perpetual motion.
  3. This has last gen written all over it so far.
  4. Would love to see VII part 2 but not optimistic based on reading rumours a few days ago. XVI will still be cool.
  5. Jerry as if you get chance to even play games, every spare moment you get you’re on here jerry-go-rounding.
  6. We got @MalaXmaS in here now, carrying the torch on your own brother.
  7. Forgot about this until now what did I miss?
  8. Series X? Dude that was the Xbox One, Don Mattrick announced it as a media hub in the now infamous XONE reveal and they've never recovered from it.
  9. No wonder he never lets anything go and constantly tries to tangle you up with words you said.
  10. Its not surprising you two have like 70K between you on a relatively dead forum.
  11. At this point I feel like they can show as much Halo, Gears and even some exclusive Bethesda games as they want and the industry would just shrug and carrying on the same. I think the only thing that turn really disrupt the current state of the industry is if they did some crazy shit like made GTA6 exclusive but we all know that's not likely to happen.
  12. I had to google avalanche to remind myself what games they make. Just Cause. AAA’s incoming boys.
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