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  1. I see this shit thrown around but I wonder does anyone actually buy into this?
  2. I swear Jerry said he was 'front of house' for a machining shop before which is basically another way of saying he works as a reception lady when all the real men are in the workshop making shit. He's is in no place to lecture.
  3. Jerry I'm leaving because you're fucking retarded and I'm getting off the Jerry go round before I waste any more of my evening.
  4. Are you really trying to say: Reason 1: Russian Planes have more features Reason 2: Ukrainian and Polish Planes have less features You think those are two separate reasons do you? The overall point is that both sets of MIG-29s have less capability than SOME Russian planes, we get it, but I've been pointing out several other benefits to you for hours now. Guess they don't need more Jets if this is true. But wait they keep asking for more jets. Twinblade has posted this multiple times. Theyre
  5. No, you didn't post multiple reason. The article you posted had one reason repeated several times - head to head Russian planes will beat the older MIG's. What I've asked you to do repeatedly is state why: Its better to NOT have them than to have them and use them for other reason. Other reasons might be: Shooting down cruise missiles, Delivering tactical weapons which can only be deployed from Jets, Attacking ground targets Shooting down other aircraft rather than Russian fighter jets SUCH AS: Bombers, military transport, he
  6. No no no, Jerry. No. Point conceded, you never said Ukraine shouldn't have any planes in the sky, and actually I wasn't trying to say you were. We're talking SOLELY about additional planes. I ask again, please make an argument IN FAVOUR of NOT having MORE planes from a third party country. You get additional points if you can also address the the article I posted which discusses how Ukraine is repairing its existing planes in place of the receiving new ones, the same planes you say wouldn't benefit them.
  7. Meanwhile, Jerry: Jerry you're so obtuse it hurts my brain. I've got a challenge for you, prove to me you're not off the autism scale by answering mine and Twinblade's point against you in less than two sentences. While you're doing that, heres a recent article by CNN: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/04/20/politics/ukraine-aircraft-spare-parts/index.html This one talks about spare fighter jet parts being delivered that Ukraine desperately needs. Do you think these are for planes which match Russia's, or, older planes that Ukra
  8. Jerry is on top form in this thread. I find it absolutely baffling how you totally fail to form a nuanced, holistic view of the situation and instead can see absolutely NO benefit to giving FIGHTER JETS to a country which is OUTNUMBERED and technically LOSING. Simply thinking that because they’re outdated compared to Russian planes (debatable in itself due to Russian lies) they’re totally worthless is pretty ridiculous and insanely narrow minded. You would only have a point in a situation where they would only be used to fight other Russian planes, which is completely ignoring everything else
  9. Pretentious? You think I give a fuck about impressing Systemwars with my noble opinions on the Ukraine war? I couldn’t give less of fuck. I am pretty hooked on getting updates on it hourly though through Reddit and telegram and it is absolutely horrifying. I’m still worried about it escalating further with other countries, which is why I have strong opinions on it. As for Russians disagreeing, it’s hard to get a good judge because of all the propaganda, younger Russians do for sure but not all and generally there seems to be a good base of support as well as opposition. Aza cer
  10. Do you disagree with the point though? Aza has (always been a fucking weird but that's irrelevant to the point) been posting here for years with seemingly unrestricted access to the internet. Therefore I can only assume he's seen what the rest of us have seen recently regarding what Russian has been doing in Ukraine. Rape and murder of women and kids, murder and torture of civilians, indiscriminate artillery fire which has basically levelled certain cities, never mind the mass looting. It seems pretty obvious at this point that these tactics are very much about the psychological i
  11. Its amazing the amount of things that Jerry is an expert at, aside from all the other strings to his bow we can add military aviation to the list as well. Whatever the subject, he's ready to debate the topic with quotes and facts.
  12. The Russian's Black Sea Fleet flagship is now confirmed to have sunk by the Russian MOD. Russian's are claiming a fire on board caused the ammunition on board to detonate, and then while it was being towed to port it went down in stormy sea's. The Ukrainians are claiming they hit it with their latest anti-ship cruise missile. Ether way, this is madness. Its a 186m long warship, which had 500 people on board. I bet if they ever release footage of it blowing up after the magazine detonating it will be insane. Big scalp for ukraine, whether they actually hit it with a missile or not.
  13. Cell


    Remij if you think those PS5 numbers are so low for any other reason other than you just can't fucking buy one, you're kidding yourself. https://stockinformer.co.uk/checker-ps5-playstation-5-console This is the UK right now. I just got excited because apparently Argos had them in stock at 16:00, just checked, they're gone already. Seems like the first stock drop in 3 months for them too. This is the situation accross Europe, meanwhile, Series X is in stock everywhere.
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