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  1. Anyway. Still not sure if I'd throw down for the remake. It's not even a remake but a "touched up" remaster. Don't waste you money on that if you have the game on PS3 already.
  2. I'm not sure if I want to buy TLOU for PS4. Already played and beat it on PS3 and frankly don't want to throw down the money for a double dip like that. I'll do it for GTA5, but not TLOU. Anyway, grounded mode on PS3 was a pain in the dick. Sneaking through the hotel mode was ruthless. I can't imagine getting to the end of the game with that mode. The city segments later on get fucking ruthless on survivor. Also, I never knew people on here actually played games. Some people do I got to the horse part now on grounded. Slowly but surely do I make my way through the game.
  3. you clearly never have seen a woman's body in person before shots fired
  4. The Last of Us on grounded is so crazy hard. Just made it past the upper levels of the hotel and am now in the basement. Regular human enemies fucked me up more than once with just one punch. Enemies also sneak up and grab you from behind to break your neck. I've never had that happen to me before on survivor or normal difficulty.
  5. Are you gonna share your sobstories there too?
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