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  1. 1 have a girlfriend so I have sex so often sometimes I just want to chill and watch some porn
  2. Shut the fuck up ans stop trying to ride our coattails furball microsoft flopped at e3 with the worst conference. Hands sown the worst exclusives in the industry, cgi after cgi aafter cgi, and every interesting game shown will be far worse on xflop. I'm not riding on anyone's coattails, you jump around from side to side more than anyone else on this site. I've been a fan of Nintendo much longer than Microsoft, I just don't like the direction they took the Wii and Wii U in. I will always love their exclusives though.
  3. that shit gets moldy so fast though
  4. I can agree with this. My problem is mostly with retards who dismiss indies or small budget games on PC or other platforms for that matter that innovate gameplay simply because they are small budget, indy titles. Good games are good games, I don't care where they come from. Exactly
  5. Gameplay will always be more important than graphics - many indie devs get this and its awesome. Nintendo exclusives are a good example of this (even though many do look pretty damn good) but the third party games show that console power can effect gameplay. Having a game with mind blowing graphics and great gameplay is a good thing too though
  6. Nintendo and Microsoft both had pretty great E3 showings. Sony's wasn't very interesting though
  7. I bought an x1 on amazon with kinect for only $350, I was doubting my decision because I had been leaning towards a PS4 for the longest time but after E3 I don't regret it at all. I'll be buying a WiiU when smash comes out.
  8. microsoft stepped up, halo 2's multiplayer returning is enough to pull me back to the lemming side
  9. Probably cause there isn't shit to play on next gen consoles so any game coming out is a big deal, Wolf is definitely a fun ride though.
  10. Tested this game for months at Bethesda. Glad to see its doing alright
  11. it did indeed have great AI, better than CoD and its clones that make up 90% of the FPS market, but it did not have better AI than future halo games. they are all about the same
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