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  1. They also wouldn't have Howard's usual complimentary teammate dick grabs either that lakers players will surely receive every game. Hmm I think you're right
  2. Lakers really scraping the bottom of the barrel now
  3. Lmfao. I guess. But they all used to be pretty risqué. Even CID in ffvii, the wife beater yelling at his wife none of any of this stuff would fly in the current sjw society
  4. And got damn did someone just mention Vagrabt story? Legit masterpiece. The only place that sucked was the forest maze other than that it was some next level shit.
  5. 7 is way too dated nowadays. Love the game but I couldn't imagine trying to play it today. 8 is a bit more easier to get into nowadays than 7 but I just have never really liked the game. i love the characters, setting, the freakin music, the story was not bad either but the actual game aspect just sucks. Level scaling, draw system. Any rpg that has level scaling is retarded 9 has always been legit dumpster fire
  6. It was alright but im not big on the song choice. I don't know shit about nin or their music I just know I remember hearing Miley Cyrus in black mirror doing a cover of this song a few months ago and that's all I hear now which kills it for me.
  7. Omg Sony gets sunset overdrive too??!?!?! No way!!!! *fart noise* dies anyone on either side give a shit about that turd?
  8. I liked Spider man but for the most part I don't really give a shit about anything else they've made and thought it was all budget trash lol
  9. For s forum that apparently hates resetera so much I notice that more than half the threads on here are literally copy and pasted from there
  10. Gotta agree there. It's been many years since I last saw it but I remember being disappointed by finally seeing Brandos character in the film. Incredible actor but his role was mostly just whatever to me. Although I've realized we don't have directors like that making masterpieces anymore. For awhile I thought Nolan might become that person in modern times but he's been making turds since tdkr.
  11. I don't understand any version, like the current one, that still has that plantation scene. It makes the movie objectively worse of what is an otherwise incredible. When i I heard it was coming to IMAX and it was the version with that garbage I realized to this day they still don't get it.
  12. Jesus this guy sucks complete ass. He's the new derrick rose/ Tracy mcgrady. His nba career his done