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  1. Fucking gave Trini a falcon punch to the face
  2. Seems like he was a genuinely nice guy according to fans who met him too
  3. https://news.yahoo.com/cdc-sees-significant-increase-obese-203500937.html Part of me wants to say that shit can’t be right but then all I have to do is go outside and look at the amount of slobs I see on a daily basis. I remember reading a number a while back that said the average woman today weighs around the same as the average man in the 50s These people all need to get off their fat asses and hire GD or someone as their fitness trainer
  4. Game is a fucking BANGER. I said got damn. I’ve played a fuckton of games this year and I’d say this looking to sit comfortably at the top. My only issues is the menus are literally fucking atrocious. When I first started it I felt it’s good but kinda more of the same within the first hour, I’m now 5hours in and loving everything about it. Combat, level design, puzzles, characters and cutscenes, visuals *chef kiss*
  5. Sounds about right and anything other than a full 3D remake should get nothing more than an 8. I mean I consider one of my top 10 all time games but I just can’t replay it again with relatively basic changes. It’s like FFIV or RE4, GOAT games but there’s only so many times you can just re release it with minimal additions and get a free pass.
  6. It’s way past it’s expiration date. It’s now become one of those games with a big following but don’t know anyone personally who plays it Sad because I really liked Overwatch in the first 6 months
  7. What you said sounds a lot like exactly what I was expecting from watching the trailers and gameplay footage 10 years ago I saw it on steam earlier today and was thinking giving it a cop because I’m interested in a new rpg on my steam deck Let me know how it holds up bruh
  8. You ever play a Trails game? How does it compare to trails in the sky, you played it? at the time trails of zero was in Japan and had no hope of coming here but it seems like it has. I remember Trails in the Sky was a huge hit here in the rpg thread mostly between me and smoothhands. I recorded a bunch of videos on my old YouTube account haha
  9. I think I’m the only one who bought this game on switch here DONT BUY THIS GAME. its fucking horrible cash grab. And this is from someone who liked the first 2
  10. Star ocean 1 was great, after that though I really don’t know
  11. I played 5 mins and shut it off. For any other game you can say that’s not enough to give a fair assessment, but I’ve played every single star ocean and I can already tell it is the exact same shit. Somehow or another I’ve managed to buy every single star ocean either at release or at a discount but this one I can say I won’t ever touch. Its disappointing because I always look at a new SO at what it can be and the potential but it never tries to be anything more or different than just being a wal-Mart brand Tales game
  12. Also am I the only one who thinks her “Naruto run” animation looks absolutely ridiculous?
  13. Bruh, I actually stopped and looked at the character model and the environment back at the hub and it’s just incredible.
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