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  1. It’s going to be another Patriots vs. xxxxxxxx super bowl where the patriots win, isn’t it?
  2. We all might as well be listening to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift since they’re MAKIN BANK. All garbage
  3. Delita

    Road rage

    Pretty much everyone I’ve ever encountered on the road in a lifted pickup truck is a humongous douche bag
  4. lmfao. That’s the trump effect. He’s a criminal mastermind. He somehow gets everyone to do illegal shit for him then when stuff starts going bad he pretends he diesent know you. thats exactly what Michael Cohen said on trial and tried to warn everyone working for him and they don’t learn. hes already started to distance himself from Giuliani in the media’s questions by answering he diesent know of Guliani is still his lawyer hahaha.
  5. There’s nothing that can save this game. It’s literally a turd in the wind. one of the worst games of all time
  6. Delita


    this shit is like gaf on steroids. Fucking trash. Every single one of them One week ban for being transphobic by asking how men can give birth when another user said women and men can give birth. Wtf?
  7. Fair but damn I honestly didn’t realize so many people were kinda meh on botw. I thought it was incredible
  8. Maybe. But Aladdin just made over a billion dollars so I think he still has some pull
  9. Delita

    Who saw Joker?

    Yeah politics played a huge role in this movie. Without a doubt. I was talking to a friend yesterday about the movie and he said he couldn’t enjoy it because he saw it as some left wing antifa movie. I’m like what? How the fuck do people see this shit I didn’t see or was looking for any political message in this damn movie. But dumbasses always get so sensitive
  10. Hmmmm valkryie profile is my jam. I’ll have to look into this
  11. I have a very good Pc. I haven’t turned it on in 6 months. Before then I used it for about a month after not using it in a year. there’s just nothing there to excite me.
  12. Delita

    Who saw Joker?

    Heat is better than joker
  13. Delita

    Who saw Joker?

    Well deserved.