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  1. About as much as needing to play Persona 4 to appreciate persona 5 Jrpgs NEVER require you to play game x to enjoy a sequel with one or two exceptions
  2. I thought almost all of them in the last 3/4 were badly paced. That one that looks chinese with the conveyers was also trash lmfao I know i said I vastly prefer dungeons that focus on combat, but this is way too much. It's just non stop room after room with multiple waves of hard damage sponge enemies. Enemy variety sucked too which made it feel even more shitty. How many times was that other with the valve that makes that squeeking sound and shoots rain used? good grief just finished. Huge MEH. I thought the 2nd half was going to be better with the revelations but it just gets so
  3. Not gonna lie, Forza horizon 4 was pretty dope and I don’t even care for racing games
  4. God Scarlet Nexus becomes so fucking bad. This shit is some straight up ass doo doo. It’s like eating some late night Taco Bell, decent at first but now I’m at the part where it’s 4am with heartburn and explosive diarrhea. I’m on Dominion Circus boss? Complete dookuan. I’d say the last 3/4 of this game has been some of the most lazy and poorly designed shit I’ve played in a long time. That dungeon on chapter 10 wtf even was that shite or that horizontal running section. This the gaming equivalent of popov vodka or some bottom shelf shit that comes in like a big jug for like 10 bucks
  5. Pretty sweet to see skateboarding in the olympics
  6. The fact that you think this was ever even a debate is baffling The impressions I’ve read have been absolutely glowing. I think we may be looking at an 85+ metacritic
  7. I think i'd believe this story more if was against any other developer. Not Bobby Kotick's Activision though, who I felt have always maintained the integrity of game development and have always stood out as sort of a shinning beacon for the gaming industry as a whole.
  8. I'm sure twinblade felt the exact same way with similar passion when Andrew Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment and believed it's all just virtue signaling so I'm not sure what the big deal is.
  9. How similar is it to the Yakuza games? I've played and beat almost all of them. I even own Fist of the north star: Lost paradise which is literally Yakuza reskinned. Does it do enough to differentiate? It just went on sale the PS5 version and I'm thinking on giving it a whirl
  10. The type of shit people get hyped and excited for these days on "MS Family" platforms is some seriously sad shit. They're so far apart from PS5/Switch's 2021 lineup it's not even funny, like the quality of life of USA vs Mogadishu or some shit.
  11. I thought this was about the movie
  12. I never bought the first but now I feel compelled to buy the first and this one after seeing they’re against Plan C versions. looks amazing
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