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  1. I’ve had Metroid dread since launch but just recently sunk time into it. I think I’m nearing the end. Game is absolutely fantastic. I’m on vacation right now and it’s surprisingly kept me hooked. The only thing I’m not liking too much are those sections with the robots that can only be killed one way, too much trial and error. Other than that it’s a banger
  2. That isn’t saying much because they’ve all been average to complete shit after Until Dawn but I’m interested in trying this
  3. Haters just got fucked long dick style https://www.ign.com/articles/resident-evil-4-vr-review
  4. The 2 cheeseburgers defense
  5. agreed At first I was hoping Kojima was working on something new for PS5, now Im hoping its death stranding 2
  6. Ended up copping Death Stranding Directors Cut for PS5. I wasn't planning on doing anything but just fuck around with the new stuff and replay some boss battles. It helps that it was only 10 bucks for the upgrade. After playing a bit i think I'm going to replay it again from the beginning I already loved the original but damn, after turning it on after almost 2 years, this game is the equivalent of a fine wine. Still making my way through Far Cry 6. Good game. Though its pretty funny how cliche the game is in terms of characters, plot. Like the developer just said Si
  7. This is like the gaming equivalent of cup noodles
  8. You say that like it's a saturday picnic. I think the allegations against R Kelly, Harvey weinstein and Epstein are completely overblown. Totally normal beliefs and definitely not a cause for raised eyebrows or ridicule/insults.
  9. Nah the actual story. I've stopped watching the skits entirely
  10. wow same thing happened to me a few days ago. i played it all day yesterday and my feeling was "did the story and cutscenes get a lot shittier since the last time i played it?" still fun but the cutscenes
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