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  1. I love how their dog keeps rolling with the guys filming like “please take me with you and get me away from these inbred trash” Plus wtf is that guy doing walking barefoot in a forest?
  2. The fact that both the suspect and victim are named cooper confused me the first time I read the story. Only coopers I know are Anderson Cooper and hangin with Mr cooper
  3. Court date Oct 14, faces 1 year in prison for filing false report https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/06/us/amy-cooper-central-park-birdwatcher-charges/index.html
  4. I had an debate with someone a few years ago who tried to say Hans Zimmer is up there with John Williams and Morricone I liked his Gladiator and Pirates of the Caribbean scores but other than that he’s just decent
  5. Great Now I’m sure even more commercials will use his good bad and ugly theme than already do.
  6. This all leads back to Trump. He politicized the masks and continues to do so today, and he poured gasoline on this protest issue. Tear gasing people, shooting peoples eyes out with rubber bullets, and cracking and old mans head open so he can get a photo in front of a church holding the Bible upside down. This country should do what they did to mousolini
  7. Hope you enjoying giving him a golden shower and him shifting on your chest
  8. I’ve seen Unflushed toilets at gas stations look more photogenic than this mutant
  9. This was from the other nights Klan rally at Mt. Rushmore. We’re seeing cognitive decline encapsulated in a single photo, the upside down American flag pin is the icing.
  10. Jimbo putting a tv on a fireplace mantel really grinds my gears. Reminds me of when that SW poster who bought a surround sound system and subwoofer setup for his PC put all 4 speakers in front of him on his desk
  11. He’s a complete dumbass and It’s just another one of his attention whoring schemes. Him and any Kardashian just love to stir the pot once they haven’t been in the public eye enough in awhile. They thrive on this kind of fuckery.
  12. I guess Sean hannity will be having them on his show next and offer sympathy to these protestors and what an awful act this was. Sean hannity is such a nice guy after all
  13. 1 has life threatening injuries, 1 in critical condition
  14. Damn those are some hardcore incels in those tweets. Laura Bailey is actually pretty damn good too and does a shitload of games. Kaine in Nier was probably my favorite role of hers