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  1. This would be The only actually satisfying conclusion to this “fight”
  2. Wtf is this WWE shit Floyd needs to drop the hair plugs. Fuck he looks ridiculous
  3. Everyone knows every console is maxed in the first 6 months.
  4. You don't get permanently stronger. This is a rouglelike without any rpg elements what so ever. No XP, no LVL bars to fill, no crafting new weapons. Each run starts you off with just a pistol. The only thing permanent is any new ability (which are super rare) the game gives you through story progression . It's more reliant on you simply getting good and taking the time to find good loot in the 10-15 areas before the boss that you think will help you take down the boss when you get there in that run. If you defeat the area boss in that run, he stays dead permanently. Die and its com
  5. You've either only played arcade games all your life or started gaming on 360. Almost all the best console japanese franchises pre 360 had extremely sparse saving. Final Fantasy and the majority of jrpgs, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden. Even souls is praised for being unforgiving when it's doing the same thing Japanese developers have done since the beginning. It wasn't till western PC crud invaded consoles where people started getting adjusted to quick and auto saves.
  6. You probably think Soulsborne games are badly designed since they don't have quicksave you actually do since you rage quit from Demons Souls and called it badly designed as well
  7. I've read this about every single Resident Evil after 4 and this literally never happens. Half of the people end up hating it/find it disappointing, or with RE6, EVERYONE. Plus, this is basically RE7 without VR in typical Capcom fashion of rehashing a solid game, but worse
  8. skill based twitch gameplay with fantastic use of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, No forced turtorials designed for retards, challenging difficulty and save system. Sony delivering straight BANGERS for core gamers. Easily the funnest game this year so far and current front runner for GOTY buh buh da leaked spoilerz people who've never played a housemarque game Bayonetta 3 sucks, it's true, i read the leaked spoilers
  10. All shit anyone who had interest already bought and played. I have higher expectations from Sony than releasing shit that’s already flooded in bargain bins everywhere
  11. Bruh Sony should be paying me to play this garbagio https://blog.playstation.com/2021/04/28/playstation-plus-games-for-may-battlefield-v-stranded-deep-wreckfest-drive-hard-die-last/
  12. One things for sure Logan Paul will definitely make way more money from this 1 fight than any UFC fighter ever has
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