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  1. But really if you do, get well soon. I have 2 aunts and 1 uncle (they’re 50-65) who’ve got it, and it didn’t sound pretty. My uncle says that he still feels shortness of breath and his bones ache, weeks after he thought he was over it.
  2. I’ve felt for awhile that you post here while drunk or high on molly or tranny dick or something.
  3. Maybe your experience is different but that really sounds just like Yakuza to me with those ridiculous ending difficulty spikes. Every Yakuza I’ve ever played has bosses in the 2nd half where I die dozens of times until I squeeze by, and you can’t even grind in those since you’re locked on the boss Not a fan of the SMT style main character dies = everyone dies though. That’s always been BS artificial difficulty increaser
  4. Damn Miles Morales is so short. I really wish it was at least 5 hours longer. I was even enjoying it more than Demons Souls since while fantastic, a slight part of the enjoyment is gone since I already know everything and how to beat every level and boss. Amazing game though. It really does feel like more Spider-man which in itself was VERY good but Miles has many new abilities that makes the experience feel fresh and new with a whole new story and cast. I really don’t think Insomniac should work on anything but Spider Man for the foreseeable future as long as they’re dropping bang
  5. Good luck lads. Literally just got off Gods Souls and Miles Morales.
  6. That the one with all those spinning wheels with spikes? That place did own indeed
  7. According to Jim Ryan. He says they’re entire shipments are all gone, no warehouses with pallets ready to ship, and they’re having trouble producing more since many factories can’t even produce many, if any because of the pandemic. Makes sense since people who preordered in places are having their pre orders canceled or given a revised placeholder date of dec 31st. Thank fuck I have mine already but FUCK scalpers https://tass.com/economy/1225233
  8. Great art design as well. Here the ingame graphics look like low budget mana level trash
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