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  1. Yeah at that’s no knock on p5. But after so long of a wait I expected more. 1 and 2 were there own thing, 3 and 4 were there own thing. And that was all fantastic. But after so long of a wait for p5 I played a game that was basically the sane thing as 3 and 4. And I was just kinda over it. This franchise big now when I spent forever hyping 3 when no one even knew wtf it was. its an incredibly well made game but by p5 I just couldn’t care anymore. I thought the novelty was dead. I think they need to start from scratch for p6
  2. Loved 3 and 4, as well as 1 and 2 a long long time ago. But this game let me down tbh
  3. This is why their needs to be a maximum age limit for president. Theirs no way he or trump at their ages should be president of the us.
  4. The centipede spider walking guy with multiple arms. You fight him twice in the game who keeps swinging at you several times. i want to link the video but this forum has always been a pain in the ass if you’re on mobile and won’t ever let me link any thing. It’s on YouTube if you search
  5. There’s a few bosses that you can beat just by looking away from the screen spamming the block button till they’re staggered then do a deathblow. yeah it’s shit. Did anyone even play test this shitty game?
  6. I’ve predicted rockets to win for the past few years and they always choke. And I hate the rockets. cabt imagine what it’s like being a rockets fan.
  7. lmao there hasn’t been this much of an entertaining season in a long time. Now that it’s not another warriors domination, the nba is interesting again.
  8. They need to really work on their first party lineup. I think that’s thier problem. They’re obviously trying but what Sony and Nintendo are releasing reguarly right now really diesent compare. id say what they’ve done with game pass is pretty good, but they need to do a lot more to turn things around. i think competition is always good for the consumer so I’d like to see a real battle next gen, between all 3
  9. I really want to watch this movie. My brother saw it a few days ago and said it was really enjoyable.
  10. I wish I would have liked this game a lot more than I did, considering I really liked all souls games and bloodborne but this really did nothing for me
  11. Deleted. Also heavensward is better than life. stirmblood is the one that sucked but really it’s too bad you felt that way but eh. I thought it was incredible as well as the Alexander raids
  12. iOS is going to beat android next year again, bitch. come at me bro
  13. Obviously it was sarcasm. I think most vets here can agree this forum is Kinda stupid and pointless and is used to just kill some time. Anyone who after 15 years and is now in there 30s and 40s can still fight over all this dumb shit really has some sort of issues tbh
  14. Should have happened years ago. It started off as a body building advice and homosexual forum and has become a forum for incenls and child molesters now. There’s really no more worth to this place