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  1. Delita


    I’m starting to like this forum more than the main one. Reminds me of the old sw only this time with politics and only 2 factions
  2. I agree to a certain degree. My memory of revnant and gravity is kinda hazy now but what I thought 1917 did much better than either of those films is make me care about the main leads. I remember not caring about Bullock or Clooney. and I thought Leo and hardy were decent. I mean Leo is Leo. He’s never bad, he’s always bankable in any role in a movie, but he’s always just decent-good for the most part. While in 1942 I thought both characters did a superb acting job in giving the film an emotional weight that can carry a movie with a thin plot and light dialogue more so than the other 2 did.
  3. Delita

    Antonio Brown

    Antonio still hasn’t killed 3 people yet and leaving one blind in 1 eye after getting a 40 mil contract. Give it time and he’ll get there. His trajectory is eeriely similar to Aaron Hernandez so far
  4. Man I can’t stand this obnoxious bitches voice and attitude
  5. Sad part is you know this shit will comeback eventually. Skinny jeans were being rocked by dudes in the 80s and then came back in style this century. Just watch any old 80s movies and how damn tight their jeans were like back to the future or something. i
  6. Yeah it’s good. very easy to get Into, but it’s not all that special once you really get into the genre. I’m kind of a snob Of this genre though. My name and avatar is from FFT. i know you’re into action games and it’s like someone recommending someone idk something like darksiders as the best the genre has to offer
  7. Nah I’m just giving you crap. Disgaea and fire emblem are pretty good. But these are honestly entry level low tier srpgs in terms of depth. Disgaea is fun. I’ve beaten the first 3. But I would not call it the best of the genre. It’s like calling killer instinct the best fighting game of the gen or something
  8. And it fucking dlsgaea is giving you trouble good fucking luck with this other games. *tips hat*
  9. Mentions heavyweights, plays disgea 5. Really? Those are garbo play final fantasy tactics. Or tactics ogre
  10. Gotta agree with Shenpoo 3. Played once, then uninstalled. Dumbster fire and a waste of money
  11. Man he’s pretty lame. While I more or less agree with his message he’s way too damn old now for this. His rapping and attitude takes me back to the 90s.. shit is like if that blues clues guy was still making episodes. At a point you just gotta call it quits
  12. Only problem with seafood is you really got to eat it then and there or else shit is not good later and dangerous to eat. No to go plate.It’s not like left over pizza where you can Put it in the oven next day and it Tastes great. That’s why they don’t cook and kill crabs till you order them
  13. Blasphemy. Salmon is not only amazing, it’s healthy af. And sushi? Shiiiiet.