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  1. Wait till you get to the 3rd don’t let any success in the first 2 biomes give you too much confidence just yet. I just realized Am I the only one who ever beat the game here? It seems most people either didn’t play it or gave up pretty quickly like GD. Either way enjoy. I think it’s the best 3rd person shooter I ever played.
  2. Watched Everything Everywhere All at once. Movie was fucking fantastic. If it wasn’t for The Batman this would be my movie of the year so far. I’m honestly surprised this movie is hollywood. It felt like a high quality, quirky Korean film.
  3. You’re not missing anything. When it was over I found it to be a complete waste of time. Great visuals but my god the story is as generic and predictable as possible
  4. Started it up not knowing what to expect and ended up watching all the current episodes. Damn good show. That line and the delivery from the French guy about Florida was hilarious
  5. They made a sequel to that boring Level-5 RPG?
  6. I think you’re thinking of weather to give him up or defend him, I’m later when
  7. I’m really suppose to believe Is dead in Triangle strategy? After so many other points where he was facing death in the story, him just being discovered randomly dead is what the game is expects me to accept. edit: well my dumbass should have waited for the start of the next chapter
  8. I was hoping when they introduced side stories at the start, that not all of them would be just skits like I’ve been seeing so far. Seems that’s the case which is disappointing.
  9. How long did you say the game was? I’m planning on doing all the side content and not just a main quest play through
  10. Just copped Triangle Strategy off Twinblades review. I was always going to get it but I decided to get it early. if there’s one genre I can say I’m a snob in, it’s strategy rpgs. I’m going to compare this very closely tactics ogre, final fantasy tactics which I consider the holy grail of strategy rpgs.
  11. Watched the first episode of Tokyo Vice. Surprisingly pretty damn great. It’s about a white guy who moves to Japan to be a crime journalist and gets wrapped into Yakuza underworld, while also facing prejudice from his coworkers. @Twinblade I think you should check out the first episode. The similarities to Judgement/Yakuza is pretty big I felt.
  12. Yeah I couldn’t think of anything more pointless than a remaster of the PSP game. This needs to be a full 3D remake otherwise it’s a waste of time.
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