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  1. Kinda how i feel about the gameplay. It's fun but i feel like it could be a lot more if they make it more action rather than dynasty warriors-inspired. i say inspired because saying its full DW is selling it short. It does enough to differentiate than being a DW clone but i wish it was more Yakuza style or something rather than 50 enemies at once
  2. Game is surprisingly great. I just beat Alice. I ended up changing from hard to normal since the bosses were too damage spongey on hard
  3. Man this game gets hard quickly. I’m still on the first jail with the difficulty on hard. I was breezing through it but I just met a glowing white strong enemy that raped my whole party
  4. Thanks bro but I usually always do everything in a persona game so i had already planned on doing the side stuff
  5. Damn you guys weren’t kidding about it feeling like a sequel. Just started it and did the prologue and it felt right at home. Interested in getting farther into it tonight
  6. Project triangle demo was good. I see a lot of potential. But god damn was there way too much story for a demo.
  7. tell me about it. geez what a buzzkill. at least theres a demo. im going to download today
  8. Whatever this srpg is it's certainly making me horny
  9. It’s probably better now since I read they are redoing a lot of a realm reborns content, removing pointless quests and streamlining the whole thing. Anyways I’m planning on restarting in the next month or so to finally try and finish shadowbringers before Endwalker
  10. It’s zeldas 35th anniversary year so I would at least expect a BOTW2 trailer and a port of Wind Waker HD for switch
  11. Probably because each play through starts at the halfway point lmao He’s right though. All the side bullshit or the open world should be scrapped and just make a more linear action game. I agree about automata. On my 2nd play through I quit pretty early after I was expected to play it again from the beginning.
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