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  1. Yeah pretty much. And it's not like he's in some shithole like Detroit or Cleveland Great city, great fans, great championship caliber teammates. At his level if he wanted to leave to a prestige team like Lakers or celtics i would get it. But I wouldn't understand him leaving everything he built in 1 season for a 2nd fiddle team in a city that no one cares about like the clippers. Makes no sense to me.
  2. Really don't see Kawahi leaving. Watching highlights of the parade they had the mayor and prime minister and millions of fans giving him the key to the city. Why the hell would you leave a championship team with that sort of celebrity status to the freakin clippers. if he does maybe he just wants to known as a mercenary, going to teams winning them championships who've never won..
  3. Good move by the Lakers. Lebron ain't getting any younger it's an all in or nothing move while you still arguably got the top player in the game. Especially since the warriors are going to irrelevant in the west this season with KD and Klay being out with major injuries. The time for the Lakers to do big moves is now. Hopefully they all just stay healthy this season.
  4. Lmfao at this point I see them making maybe one more after this before they just say fuck this and go straight up Xenogears Disc 2 for the rest of the game.
  5. Jesus. How many discs is part 2 going to be once you leave midgar and open up the world map.
  6. Literally the shittiest and ugliest looking game presented at E3.along with panzer dragoon. Id rather play just dance 2020 from ubis conference than this
  7. Like literally who's even played these games before. Seriously. I've played them all. And they're all completely dog shit. But it I would love to hear who if anyone even buys these games (no one) bwahaha post when you do so we can all laugh at you
  8. Ff7 looked good but all they've showed is like the first hour of the game and I read this episode is only Midgar? That's like the first 5 hours of the game. This is never getting done.
  9. It had been so long since I'd played a legit great single player game and this filled the void. Shit was incredible.
  10. Finished up A Way Out. Was pretty much the best coop game of all time. Every set piece is completely unique with fresh gameplay mechanics with a storyline i found really engaging and a conclusion that felt like a gut punch of emotion. It feels like what would happen if you took the concept and structure for one of GTA5's heists and made it into a full fledged, alebit short game. and although certain conversations can seem out of place for that specific moment in the game, most of the the conversations are written in a way that come off as very realistic and genuine.
  11. Wut? PS3 gets a mainline Persona game. The DS game looks pretty rough.they also announced persona 4 arena 2
  12. http://gematsu.com/2013/11/persona-5-announced-for-playstation-3 Fucking GOTG right here
  13. shieeeeetttt Forgot that p4 took place a few years after p3 in the same location. So this could be considered a sequel to both games. Damn. Hope so