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  1. Tell me about it. There’s a few more later but nothing like that so far.
  2. you were right, technically. Different dev, same publisher. Every game published by Atlus USA gets translated, and they hire english voice actors and handle voice direction. So the Same people who translated and did all the voice direction for this, also did it for Persona 4-5, Catherine etc. They've always had a fantastic team who work on the localization for all the games they publish in english.
  3. Im sure there is but that part didnt showcase anything close to 20 unique maps.
  4. If you love these type of games I would say def yeah. I’m moderately interested in these kind of games and I’m really enjoying it right now
  5. One issue I was having with 13 sentinels is that since it focused on so many characters, the story felt somewhat disjointed at the start. I’m glad to see it all is coming together nicely and making sense the more you play. Im just floored by the visuals. It’s seriously incredible to just stop and look at.
  6. Yeah I find that while I’m enjoying the battles I really can’t see what’s going on most of the time. Everything just sort of blends together. its interesting how deep the battles actually are though. After the prologue it completely opens up
  7. I know twin blade said he was going to try it. I’m still early but the Game is looking to be a banger for sure. The story is a lot more epic than I thought, I’m honestly pretty confused with where it’s going as I thought it was going to be much more small scale than what it is, even going in knowing it was an end of the world type plot. It has that distinctive Atlus USA/ persona localization which is pure quality. The dialogue and voice acting are all superb.
  8. It’s an impressive list all things considered. It’s even more impressive when you realize each studio has multiple teams. Right now it’s just logos but in 2-3 years when they’re all dropping games back to back, it’s going to be ridiculous. And day 1 game pass? Shiiiieeeet. Makes paying 70 for new games all the more fucking absurd Even if elder scrolls vi and the next fallout Etc come to PS4, they will look and play better on series x, and you won’t be paying way more for a lesser experience. If ms does decide to release on PS4 that will be a level of cucking cows worse than anything I’ve
  9. Besides tango I can’t think of one. He worked with platinum for vanquish but that was contract work. As far as I know he was never a real employee
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