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  1. I actually think it has my fav setting, probably the best soundtrack and I like the characters a lot. But squall was pretty much shit with his “whatever” nonsense and the gameplay just honestly....sucked. Draw system, level scaling, and spamming GFs. That’s all shit that I hope never returns.
  2. Holy shit I thought she was in her 40s. I’m sure if you crack off that makeup she looks even worse
  3. She’ll be fired in less than a year just like everyone else in this administration. Pence would have probably already been fired too if he had the ability to do it. Shit is like a revolving door of the most unqualified staff imaginable
  4. Fox News is like a treasure trove of complete bullshit and flip flopping. The video of every anchor calling it a liberal hoax in February vs what they’re saying today is shameful.
  5. The plot with Genesis in crisis core was complete dog shit. Literally anything outside of the original game is pure fanfiction level crap. Advent children
  6. Unless it’s like RE7 and in VR I don’t care. Every horror game should now be in VR like 7. The RE formula has become so stale and 7 was a breath of fresh air the series needed.
  7. Delita

    Tiger King

    Guy was a straight G. i wish they showed him more in the show.
  8. Delita

    Tiger King

    You mean the one in Tampa Bay Florida Big Cat Reacue? Fuck that bitch Carol Baskin
  9. Yeah well we’ll see how you guys feel about the new story changes when you find out Barrett is clouds boyfriend and Cloud is now a Zoo keeper that houses red xiii as well as Chocobos and several other wild animals.
  10. I kinda feel like they came out at the right time too considering what’s going on. Will give me a lot of free time to really get into ffvii
  11. I don’t wish him death, I also don’t wish him to get better. I just simply don’t care either way. I don’t see why anyone should wish him to get better when his plan for this pandemic has and would have resulted in thousands of deaths all because he wanted to keep the glorious economy running. Fuck human lives it’s all about the economy. itd be nice if he learned his lesson from this but that rarely ever happens with people even after coming back from the brink of death. If he survives he’ll go right back to being an evil racist asshole after he recovers
  12. Indeed. Him being the prime minister, his irresponsible behavior and words involving the coronavirus likely led to the infection and deaths of many people in his own country. Fuck him
  13. How’s that herd immunity working out Boris. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes “Everyone thinks they have a plan till they get punched in the face” - Mike Tyson