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  1. What skills? They made one decent Deus Ex and everything after including the sequel has been SHIT
  2. Hopefully something from their Japanese division and not more Eidos crud.
  3. https://www.pcgamer.com/netflix-casts-lance-reddick-as-wesker-in-its-resident-evil-series/
  4. I know nothing about anyone besides Lance, but i'm going to guess the rest are all British/European. For some reason, Europeans always have laughably bad fashion
  5. Not only that, but Lance Reddick is suppose to be Wesker. Like, how do they drop the ball this bad
  6. The likely answer is it’ll just be an extra chapter with missions that takes influence from MGS games with several nods to MGS but nothing actually involving or referencing MGS.
  7. Why do I always watch these? They're always a complete waste of time
  8. Geoff's canadian? That answers so much
  9. This new Metal Slug seriously looks dope
  10. Every game Remedy has made outside of Max Payne is generic SHIT. This game was so fucking boring. Alan wake, Control, Quantum Break all putrid shit.
  11. And when it does, it'll run like shit, have game breaking bugs, that requires another year of patches like every Beshitsda game
  12. It is free. I upgraded last night and playing right now. I don’t know how I’m going to have time for this and Ratchet. PS5s biggest problem is it has too many games. Dropping 3 AAA+ bangers in 1 day? SMH
  13. Theres an entire new expansion with new story character Yuffie from the original.
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