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  1. She always asks the dumbest questions that are so fucking cringe and obvious to just empower Trumps ego and continue to get the network on his good side. But she is pretty hot though.
  2. Best 3D Mario after 64 https://gamerant.com/super-mario-sunshine-tweet-nintendo-switch/
  3. He’s straight up lost it https://www.neogaf.com/threads/halo-infinite-delayed-to-2021-series-x-still-launching-november.1560641/page-7#post-259675063 https://www.neogaf.com/threads/halo-infinite-delayed-to-2021-series-x-still-launching-november.1560641/page-7#post-259674969
  4. Infinite crafting Fuck permadeath mode though lol
  5. GSSW -> SW.com NeoGaf/ Resetera > Opa-Ages.com I used to post there like 15 years ago? I can’t believe it’s still around. I just remember That forum has there own legit jimbo level autistic retard that makes unintelligible threads and posts.
  6. As if we needed more evidence that Shapiro is a beta cuck I guess him being 5 foot 6 with a voice equivalent to nails on a chalkboard isn’t working out too well for him.
  7. I never played Shadowbringers even though I own it. Was just thinking of resubbing after seeing the new patch just dropped today
  8. Between this and the Spider-Man exclusivity this game is certainly off to a good start.
  9. He’s hiding at opa-ages.com. What a worthless fagot