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  1. I’ve always wanted to try these games. The only thing I know about this series is giant bombs description of Sherlock Holmes 6.
  2. . I would support a turd in the sun over trump
  3. In an alternate universe I would have liked to have seen Bernie sanders win but I knew it was always a shitty pipe dream. Twinblade, you seem alright but your trump support always baffles me.
  4. Yeah kokujin just forget my spoilers. This shit is nothing like the og ffvii
  5. I often wonder if people from NY knew all along he was a shit stain. I always though he was a smart successful buisness man. Ever since he started opening his mouth about Obama, and him becoming president I realized he’s a moron.
  6. There’s a politics and fake news forum for a reason. Faggot
  7. Any kind of discussion on this is perfectly fine but this forum has shown some people really can’t discuss this in any kind of way that doesent read like 2 teenagers arguing. This has just become awful. I don’t give a shit what one person thinks one way or the other but when every thread is basically Poster 1: hijggyjnc hujnfhk ghihvjhjbb Poster 2: ghuuggihj gjjhgj jigdgjjksdt Poster 1: sfgydsfhv fgucdgh.........hjjgfgj fghhgfh.......... poster 2: gjhxdhkmk fhihcfhjj hhhjkngghjkhggjjhghjhggjsdf That’s literally what it looks like to everyone else. Rinse and repeat for 100s of posts. Nobody gives a shit besides the sane 4 people. Nobody else even reads or follows the thread. Just start direct messaging each other If you care that much to reply to each other 100s of times, daily. Holyax’s latest thread was just utterly pathetic and obvious bait for his e-crush jehurey
  8. I don’t think I ever talked to him, he seems alright with me but sw gonna sw
  9. Delita

    Mafia 2 VG Tech

    Ps4 pro sucks, I hate it
  10. And what does that say about republican voters? Trump himself said he could shoot someone and he wouldn’t lose any support
  11. @kaz Just the way it is. I remember watching trumps press conference where he talks and says dumb shit, I noticed on YouTube it was being live streamed on sky news in the uk, and it brought me down to reality this dumb fuck is being watched not just here but world wide. I sometimes forget how just how powerful the president is. Idk who the president of Nicaragua is but I’m sure everyone knows who trump is
  12. I’m more surprised it’s not 100. He literally embodies every republican voter
  13. When you put em side by side it makes it even more embarrassing Trump, eating tide pods, tekashi 69 existing, discontinuation of the double decker taco. We deserved this virus.
  14. Xbox one is a pretty good one. I’d say it might as well have not even existed. There will be nothing it’ll be remembered for. But the most disappointing has to be wiiu. Not even sheep like it
  15. That’s what I was thinking. When the leaked Obama audio of him saying trumps response to this pandemic had been disastrous and then trump rage tweeting over 100 times on Twitter in response made me realize the dude is a SW poster. Posting 100 times about some guy you hate online is called Tuesday to a sw poster
  16. Shit ain’t right till Quad Damage gives his seal of approval
  17. Realistically the only people who buy a new version on pc or a new console are people who liked the original game enough to buy it again. They know this and it’s why they release the pc version later, like rdr2
  18. “Waiting for a ps5 version” Oh yeah, I’m sure there’s millions. Anyone who’s waiting for a version that doesent exist will wait till they can buy that version on a sale for 20, or probably just not even end up buying it.