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  1. Already pre-ordered. A must if you want Shao-Kahn.
  2. I really like this comparison here. https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/19112199/fs/18629028# It puts my Ryzen 2990wx Threadripper in Half-Off Legacy stock speed (3,000MHz) vs this user's 2950X Threadripper stock speed (3,500MHz) My VEGA 56 Crossfire stock vs his Radeon VII which looks close to stock Only big difference is my 64GB of RAM to his 32GB , but mine is 3000 DDR4 to his 3200 DDR4. I think this shows best the power of two RX VEGA 56 up against a single Radeon VII. On my struggle to get CrossFire to work I came across a lot suggestions for me to just sell them CF is no good and to just get the Radeon VII.
  3. 2990wx Threadripper in Half-Off Legacy Compatibility Mode (1/2 dies running) 16cores / 32 threads. i.e. running like a 2950X on VEGA 56 Crossfire and 64GB of DDR4 3000 https://www.3dmark.com/spy/6971112 Threadripper in full force 4-dies 2990wx , 32 cores 64 threads on VEGA 56 Crossfire and 64GB of DDR4 3000 . Performance Regression rears its ugly head again. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/6971216 Isn't that Extreme for 4K setups? I'll probably try all that later. I spent too much time on this benchmark stuff. If you want to see poor performances just go down to my oldest Benchmarks on my profile. It will be results back before I reinstalled Windows to fix up a lot of issues that was causing my PC to run slow, and I was not using Ryzen Master due to Hyper-V incompatibility, so there is no Precision Boost Overdrive either in that early old stuff which resulted in some pretty poor performance in what I would consider a very poor use of the CPU. You will also see that I was doing a lot of overclocking back then too, mainly to try and improve mys score going up as high as 3.6GHz, but I later learned this is not how the 2990wx Threadripper works. This CPU is so suppose have range from 3.0GHz to a 4.2GHz, so the PBO is a very vital piece of Threadripper. It will not boost if you start overclocking the CPU like I did earlier. I learned a lot from these benchmarks.
  4. The Definitive TimeSpy benchmark of the 2990wx Threadripper in GAME MODE (1/4 die running like if it was a Ryzen 2700X) https://www.3dmark.com/spy/6970977
  5. alright, here is the definitive Firestrike Benchmark for the 2990wx Ryzen Threadripper in GAME MODE i.e. 1/4 dies running. i.e. running like a Ryzen 7 2700X with VEGA 56 in Crossfire on 64GB DDR4 3000 memory. Details in Link: https://www.3dmark.com/fs/19118942
  6. Looking at that Game mode benchmark I think I might have to rerun that test again. Notice the RAM is not clocked at 2999 Mhz like the other benchmarks. I must have forgot to set that as it keeps defaulting to a rate lower than what the RAM is. I'm going to rule that Game Mode benchmark inconclusive until I retest it.
  7. You ever thought maybe Calebhart 42 secretly wishes he was Black which is why he says it all the time?
  8. Looking forward to comparing a Timespy score I pulled early this morning right after I did my first Fire Strike with half Threadripper, to my workstation's current state. I think I stumbled upon some mining hardware I have that inadvertently provides a boost to gaming.
  9. When I get home tomorrow morning, I'll do post a new TimeSpy score. got a 11 hour shift tonight atm.
  10. that's essentially it. I wouldn't recommend 2990WX for anyone looking to game. My benchmarks shown here is the reason. AMD markets this CPU for creators and innovators, which I plan on to eventually doing once I get Sony Vegas and Photo Editing apps migrated over to it. The best AMD CPU bang for your buck without a doubt is the 2950X Threadripper. 16c/ 32 threads. Only goes for $839 now. My other benchmark shown here is the reason.
  11. I built this system purely as an ultimate build project that I was going to test around cryptomining with. I have 3 other PCs, two of them are primary and have been undergoing upgrades, one of my primary system at the moment uses a Ryzen 5 2600, 32GB DDR4 with two 980Tis. It replaced a Phenom II X4 that used the GTX 560. The other soon to be built will be a FX 8300, 32GB DDR3 with two GTX 670s or single GTX 770. It will replace my aging Opteron 185 2.6GHz, 4GB DDR1 PC The 4th PC waiting on me to build will use a Ryzen 5 2400G, 32GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance, and depending on how well the APU fair, I might add my GTX 1660 Ti to it. The 4th PC was excessive and likely the result of me watching too much PC hardware Youtubers and getting influenced to build.
  12. I guess what I was trying to say is that if I were to disable dies on my 2990wx Threadripper it would improve it's 3DMark performance. Ryzen Master's "Game Mode" is a preset mode that disables 3 of the 4 dies of the 2990wx which is not what I want. If you looked at the die diagram shown in the link I posted earlier, I'll post it here now: I knew from that disabling half the dies of my Threadripper would present better performance. As 2 of the dies have direct access to the local RAM. Clearly dropping the 2990wx to just a single die would be reduced performance. As the results I just posted earlier show.
  13. Results summary of Fire Strike benchmark with the 32-core / 64 thread AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX. 1 die - 2700X 2 dies - 2950X 4 dies - 2990wx
  14. Okay, guys, I said when I got back home (from work) I would play around with more profiles in Ryzen Master. First course was to try to get my 2990wx TR to run like a 2950x TR with just 16 cores and 32 threads. Mind you this is not even the "Game Mode' feature yet of Ryzen Master, which will disable all 3 cores, leaving just 1/4. Which is like a Ryzen 7 2700x. Here are my new Fire Strike score. Only difference here is me disabling half the CPU dies of the 32-core Threadripper.