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  1. He looks like he could be Linus Sebastian's little brother.
  2. Wait, are people buying Xbox One X confusing it with Xbox Series X? LMAO
  3. Xbox One and PS4 support held the game back. Looks like MS Flight Simulator 2020 is the only game that will be next gen-like for this year.
  4. got to post links from my twitter since @Alphonse is only allowing https links. @Remij
  5. AMD's Big NAVI needs to beat the RTX 2080 Ti's peformance, so beating a RTX 3070 should definitely matter. Otherwise, they will be a joke. Not having a GPU that beat the 2080 Ti. As of now they currently don't have a GPU that can beat the 1080 Ti.
  6. Although I have not played the new Far Cry, Shadow of the Tomb Raider definitely supports DLSS a Turing now Ampere feature as well as ray-tracing.
  7. Did someone break NDA and leak actual performance benchmarks?
  8. I knew this stuff is a pretty niche market. Only reason I bought a RTX 2080 last year was to see Call of Duty and Minecraft in Ray-Tracing. I'm back to messing with my other GPUs. I'm not surprised to see that 1080p is still the large majority of gamers. Lessening the need further of the new RTX 30 cards that clearly targeting the 4K niche crowd. Big NAVI too. The whole point of Big Navi is suppose to be AMD's high-end GPUs (i.e. 4K) as oppose to the RX 5700XT which is a pretty decent mid-range GPU (1080p / 1440p).
  9. They need to seriously get on the ball of adding DX12 to the game. This game needs MGPU support .
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