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  1. Hot damn. I don't know why the new FLOTUS is raging on this teaser. [hide] She know she loves it. [/hide]
  2. In news for controversy because it depicts a stripping Melania Trump lookalike. I thought I'd fine this video on Youtube, but nope. How is the news story out ahead of the video?
  3. I'll buy one if it has Fighter's Destiny, Super Smash Bros, Pilot Wings 64, and Zelda Majora's Mask (Not Ocarina of time, I already have that game).
  4. It was established after Blackhand, Dayo, and Ghost (BDG) ran this place down to the ground. It died when Trump took office.
  5. Cooke you should make the nominees do little campaigns. Make them work for those moderating positions to get our votes.
  6. Aza how does it feel to have the same President over and over again? Isn't that getting tired now? I remember when Putin was done over a decade ago and your country had got a new President, then after we got a new President (Obama), you guys went back and got the same old President again.
  7. This is the episode I was chatting about. It's called the "Last Barbecue" , it IMO is the best episode of the series. Theo hires a stripper for Martin's post-marriage Bachelor party and it literately drives a rift amongst the entire family along the gender lines. It's flipping hilarious. The creepiness of it today with Bill's criminal charges only adds to the lore.
  8. After discovering I had $8.83 in ebay bucks waiting for me to use exp on 11/1, I knew exactly what I wanted. I bought this old Genesis game for $2.97 Could have got one cheaper but, they were either in poor quality or repros
  9. Now if the video depicted those aggressor dudes kissing, locking lips and sucking the defending dudes. Would you even care? Let alone make a thread about it.
  10. Oppression? Get out of debbie downers mode Cooke and think like a Business!