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  1. - Glitchy buggy AF, crashes too many times. - Beaten the game on my GTX 1660 Ti for shitkicks and giggles. -Thought game was way too short -Will replay again in the future though when there's DLC.
  2. I did try to go back and resume playing Zelda Ocarina of Time after having it on the backlog for over 20+ years, and I did have little bit more clarity this time around and YES the saves where still present. But I still haven't beaten the game, the game also kept freezing on me, which I think might be the N64 hardware showing its age.
  3. Good luck. I was thinking about getting a 7900XT or XTX. Even scheduled a vacation day of on the launch date. But I don't think I'm going to pursue it. I do not need anymore GPUs. But they are so tempting this time of the season. I almost bought a RTX 3060 Ti FE card tonight on Best Buy, I saw it available at $399 and my brain went back into 2021 launch thought back when those cards were impossible to get. Then I see Amazon has the RX 6750XT MSI Gaming X card for $409, that card looks so beautiful. I want. I think, maybe I can replace my TV rig that's o
  4. lol, at first I thought that was Doggy wear.
  5. You still doing lip service to this trash game. It's Mediocre at best. Cyberpunk 2077 makes Blue Dragon look like AAA game.
  6. This is true, everyone of my PlayStation PC games I bought has a release on both PS4/PS5. The best thing is I can run these games on a old GTX 1660 Ti and get better than PS4 experience
  7. Only game I'm looking forward to next is Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West. Playing Miles Morales now Playing Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection Beaten Spider-Man Remastered Played Final Fantasy VII reboot (DNF) Beaten Horizon Zero Dawn
  8. Is it: A. I'm too old now to click with younger generation music, B. is it a case of modern Rock music just being awful compared to the later shown performance that is more Pop music oriented, or C. is it just Paris's band is just drowning out her vocals. I watched this live performance of Paris Jackson, for those that don't know that's the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, and I could not connect with her music at all. I tried to be objective with an open ear, but what she was singing was just missing my brain.
  9. Pass. to me RTX 4090 is a 4K gamer's GPU, with this card you finally can get frame rates that 1080p/1440p users have had for years. It's a port of the PS5 remaster.
  10. Hear that music. It's kind of stuck in my head this week. Here's the full theme.
  11. The fact that computers can generate real-life looking people that aren't real
  12. I didn't even realize PS1 launch was also on Sept 9. I was so used to the Dreamcast memorable 9|9|99 launch. Remember playing those old PlayStation kiosks stations at Sears or KB Toys that had Toshiden Battle Arena, Ridge Racer, and Mortal Kombat 3.
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