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  1. You were bold to make this thread and prove that sheep don't know their hardware. I got another graph for you since @Twinblade thinks Control is a last gen anomaly even though PS4/XB1 were the equivalent of the RX 460 and 470 playing the game.
  2. I'm sorry, when did the PS4 Pro could suddenly do ray-tracing?
  3. Where do you think PS5/XSX hardware would fall on this graph?
  4. I sold my VEGA 56 GPUs a piece for that price last Fall, now they go for $600+ a piece.
  5. you and I quote "this is the greatest game of all time" - kaz now "it isn't holy grail..." - kaz Flip-flopper. Oof now you getting all defensive 😀 . Why don't you just fess up and admit you were in the wrong. now "the open world (which is amazing" - kaz for you to put this flop on such a high pedestal shows me that you have terrible taste in gaming.
  6. you still in denial about everything and how did you not finish the main story yet? You must got depressed over the massive backlash the game got / deserved for everything I pointed out that you denied and never bothered to finish it?
  7. I just want to say @kazpunk you were a real bitch last year over Cyberpunk 2077, not wanting to admit the game had issues, or that the developers so ashamed of their product that they marketed it out as a Action-Adventure. Are you still in denial?
  8. How are you missing this? It doesn't much effort for a PC to match a console, it just involves lowering your quality.
  9. Yes. Because here's the kicker that you overlook. If a RTX 2060 or GTX 1060 user wants to imitate a PlayStation 5 game, you just select the lowest quality setting and BAM you reached console quality. Oh and cap your FPS at 120fps.
  10. You want ray-tracing, replace the GTX 1060 with a RTX 2060. and I'm completely serious.
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