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  1. That's not a RX 6800 XT or RTX 3080 0/10
  2. That's the fastest CPU in existence right now.
  3. Y'all tripping. GTX 1660 Ti can play Control with Ray-tracing. It's a decent midrange GPU.
  4. I enabled: ray traced reflections ray traced Transparent reflections ray traced Indirect Defused lighting ray traced Contract shadows
  5. I already got elite dangerous on Steam when it was discounted, and Horizon is now free. I put a lot of hours in the game, it's sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, and sometimes I wish it was more of a space simulator because the NPCs in the game can be annoying.
  6. I never forget when I bought the Xbox 360 SE controller, and that damn charge kit only lasted 1 year.
  7. There biggest failure was getting rid of Peter Moore. The Xbox brand began collapsing while the Xbox 360 was the main console. 2010-2012, Xbox was free falling.
  8. AMD has shown some benchmarks of Big Navi GPUs with Smart Memory access Enabled. The raping of NVIDIA continues. Yikes!
  9. I'm glad I dropped Netflix already They became worthless in 2020. Their biggest F up was canceling the Marvel shows.
  10. The RX 6800 is decisively faster than the RTX 2080 Ti, the 3070 is not. The RX 6800 has 16GB of VRAM, the 3070 has just 8GB. AMD has the better card, it doesn't have to be priced matched to the slow 3070. Gigabyte is going to sell a reference RX 6800 at $549, so peeps can buy that.
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