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  1. Do any of you remember when Sidescrollers announced its soon shutdown at the end of 2016 and there was a discussion on where to go next, and some members wanted to move the community over to Discord? Having used Discord for over 2 months now, I regret now that I was not in favor of the discord plan. I see it now as a far better platform for communication than this archaic message board. Your thoughts?
  2. Never heard that old song on any radio station during Christmas time to begin with. If it wasn't for South Park poking fun about it a few years ago, I doubt many would care about it today.
  3. Are you all talking about Kevin Hart getting pulled from hosting the Oscars?
  4. Beyond 2 Souls was the better PS3 game.
  5. With cryptocurrency alt coins falling at their lowest earning values, the RTX Titan is going to be easy to grab for eager gamers. Still a big waste of money just like the RTX 2080
  6. The game 3DRealms released back in 2006?
  7. Obama was the proclaimed Reagan 2.0, political party has nothing to do with it. Trump is biggest liberal Republicans ever elected. Dude was for abortion before he was against it, and etc. @Aza I see myself as a Millennial because I fall under the birth range for it 1980-1994. I don't expect anyone born after 1985 to have any recollection of the first Bush. Most properly only remember Clinton as the earliest President of their life.
  8. Was just talking about him at work last night and how me and my co-worker agreed that he was the earliest President we could remember. #OlderMillennials
  9. If that's the case modding it to add a NTSC version Tekken iso seems like a simple solution.
  10. If you want Bluetooth controllers to play PS1 games, just play PS1 games on your PS3.
  11. Why? It is suppose to retain the original console look. PSX didn't have bluetooth. I'm glad they didn't include the analog controller, because that wasn't standard until very late in the console's life. I found a lot people online bitching about it's games not being their personal favorite to be down right stupid. None of these classics consoles released have had everyone's personal favorite which is why those of us who are smart won't waste our time bitch and whining and simply just soft mod our device and add our own roms/isos. I did it to my SNES classic, made it 100% better than it already was. PS: Only thing I would change about PS Classic interface used would be that I would have based it on the interactive sampler demos they used to include with the console back then.