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  1. sell out to who? He got his money from the lawsuit of NFL black balling him, he won. You are desperately trying to spin this.
  2. I just read the article here https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-02-16-evo-japan-pulls-plug-on-dead-or-alive-6-stream-issues-apology-for-sexual-content We turned into total snobs. What was Evo expecting from Dead or Alive showing that's always been titillating.
  3. trailer? pssfh, it's a Class A Winnebago.
  4. Only games worth getting this year is Mortal Kombat 11 and Cyberpunk 2077. The rest are all garbage.
  5. The only good racing games were Arcade Racers and sadly the Japanese don't make those games any more.
  6. it could have been acewar.com or something, that was a long time ago.
  7. I remember when I use to spam my old forum on the old systemwars site and mods added script to covert it to like "cookass" or something.
  8. The movie industry is mirroring the music industry. Both have been circling the drain as they are out of ideas .
  9. On this day in Black History month SystemWars honors John Parrish, a pioneer for Blacks in the video game industry. Some of you might recognize who that face is, your intuition is right he is from the popular fighting franchise Mortal Kombat. Parrish played the character Jax, or Major Jackson Briggs in Mortal Kombat II (1993). He was the first real Black person to not only appear in a video game but be a selectable character for gamers to play as in the video game. Below is interview with John, where he details how got that role.
  10. Will it ever happen in our lifetime? 1. Vega 2. Mike Bison aka M. Bison 3. Balrog
  11. I remember that, but that didn't happen in one night though.