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  1. even if he was innocent of her death which I highly doubt, him committing suicide will send himself straight to hell.
  2. They should rename this game to Saints Row Junior. Why does that clip look like this ought to run just fine on Xbox 360.
  3. Narcissist aren't impervious to the guilt of killing someone. Black Hand was a pretty narcissistic poster. I bet if he killed someone close and immediately had the world's eyes on him, he probably off himself.
  4. The fact that PS4 and XB1 is still around and getting ports is remarkable. I thought those systems would be dead now.
  5. despite the L3 cache hit to Ryzen CPUs, my 2990WX Ryzen Threadripper has actually gain a considerable amount performance uplift going from Windows 10 to Windows 11. In Windows 10 this was the best I could get in Geekbench 5. Below that is what I get in Fedora 33 (Linux)
  6. Ghostz and his race baiting threads ain't gangster they were just racist. and ZivZulander is me.
  7. Is it because of online cheating? otherwise I think cheating, game enhancers are fair game for solo play. You bought the game, you should be able to do whatever you want with it.
  8. What I don't get is why does jehurey still hang with the sheep. He has the best PC hardware here. He should go full hermit.
  9. At 37 I don't feel I wasted my life. Time has flown by. I remember when I used to think of my grad year 2002 as just being yesterday, it's almost 20 years now. Yikes! Then I look at the folks older than us have gotten even older. The snot snoze Gen-Z tweens who think Baby Boomers are the oldest generation. Having no idea of the Silent Generation that is passing before our very eyes. So I guess you as I get older I get more concerned about the folks who are leaving us. Back in 2002 everyone I liked in the music biz were alive and k
  10. Did they add a new camera to the 13? What's special about this one versus 12 vs 11 vs XR vs X?
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