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  1. The fact that computers can generate real-life looking people that aren't real
  2. I didn't even realize PS1 launch was also on Sept 9. I was so used to the Dreamcast memorable 9|9|99 launch. Remember playing those old PlayStation kiosks stations at Sears or KB Toys that had Toshiden Battle Arena, Ridge Racer, and Mortal Kombat 3.
  3. The Last Hope was the last and only Star Ocean game I played & beat for the X360. That was over a decade ago.
  4. I can't believe they went all the way to making a SEGA CD add-on mini and the extension for the model 1 Genesis mini. Only reason I bought a SNES mini was because I never bought the SNES. With two Genesis systems, a model 2 and HDG model 1 and 2 SEGA CDs as well as that extension bracket in my possession, I have no interest in a official SEGA mini.
  5. This sounds as bad move as when SONY approached SEGA of America for a console collaboration and SEGA of Japan said no to the idea, and around the same time SONY had approached Nintendo too and got the PlayStation almost there until Nintendo said no and went with Philips. Did you know Michael Jackson attempted to buy Marvel in the 90s when that company was in bankrupt. Fast forward to modern rich celeb potential acquisitions, it looks like Elon Musk is getting cold feet now about his potential Twitter purchase. Any thoughts?
  6. I wasted 5 bucks on this game buying it a few months ago, had I knew it would be given away free. This is why I seldomly buy games nowadays.
  7. Was it this you bought? https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-radeon-rx-6700-xt-gv-r67xteagle-12gd/p/N82E16814932418?Item=N82E16814932418&Description=Radeon RX 6700XT&cm_re=Radeon_RX 6700XT-_-14-932-418-_-Product That's not a bad deal, only $10 over the MSRP of the reference card.
  8. It's a crap game, I had more interactivity and fun playing Far Cry 6 than this Cyberbull and I only play PC.
  9. I probably put the most hours in that game when I bought it on launch at full price. The game is a 4/10 and that $5 price tag is a fitting price, same I spent on Duke Nukem Forever, another 4/10 game.
  10. so Reset Era is talking about it? Cool. I guess the only reason this forum is talking about them talking it because its not a discussion about Ukraine / Putin / Biden/ Trump etc. otherwise the mods here would come out and lock/delete the entire thread. Don't throw stones from a glass house
  11. Don't this thread violates System Wars policies of no Politics on the main forum? That was my initial thought seeing this thread and so I clicked on it and this is what immediately happens. I'm like damn. this site is self-aware.
  12. Hard to believe I spent years not ever really using it outside of benchmarking.
  13. I wish I knew what you guys were arguing about. Seem like over nothing. This place is a shell of its former self now that you can't make topics about anything other than gaming.
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