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  1. Yeah I seen that. 3 of my 4 custom built PCs are in the top 5 . My 2990wx Threadripper, could be configured to work like a Ryzen 2700X CPU and then it would be #3.
  2. Only MC Hammer did that, and the kids of the 2010s following Psy.
  3. everyone was doing it. I do remember the style for girls changed to bell bottoms by the late 90s and eventually to skin tight jeans for them. Guys kept rocking baggy jeans throughout that decade.
  4. What did they originally show? I wasn't a follower of Witcher until the Netflix series, and then I bought Witcher 3, that is a 5 year old game now.
  5. Is that what you said? I say the trailer they showed off in 2019, looked like an absolute downgrade from the trailer shown in 2018. Which is why I said then, and I'll say it again, current (dinosaur) game systems are holding the game back. From 2018 to 2019 they clearly dialed back the graphic detail of the game, perhaps to ensure it's current gen game system compatibility. Perhaps the delay announcement is acknowledgement that CD Project Red, has now realized their dilemma they are in. They should just fork the PS4 and XB1, and focus on PC, and the next generation game systems.
  6. you watched it late at night didn't you? I did that too. Had to rewatch at a appropriate time to get a better understanding.
  7. This came out for PS3 and Xbox 360 years ago, and for some reason it was not a transferable game to the Xbox One. Now we know.
  8. I'm pretty sure my GTX 670 FTW which packed 4GB of VRAM could run Witcher 3 at HIGH. PC hardware for the past 8 years rape consoles.
  9. It can't be that bad with a 970. I was able to run GTX 670 FTW 4GB okay last year, in MGPU setup before I gave them away. Med res at best 60fps 1080p. I'd imagine a 970 could do High quality pretty well 1080p.
  10. Can you imagine. Twice the performance of 5700XT. NVIDIA would be in the same boat as INTEL. SOL