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  1. 1. Why VGCharz? Why not? I don't remember VGChartz being a problem in the past, it along with NexGenWars were the main ones we always followed, along with NPD which those sites, particularly VGChartz pooled its data from. IIRC NexGenWars was less accurate. 2. Why are you only using NA? Because that is the territory we live in.
  2. IGN surpassed Gamespot a decade ago for video game info. and there Vestibule board on their forums puts this forum to rest. As far as Netflix reviews, and show discussion. I miss fucking imdb, there's absolutely no place legitimate to turn to discuss anything on CATV/Broadcast or Netflix, except besides Reddit (deep sighs). Dumbest decision ever to kill their message boards.
  3. We been over this before now. But what is equally sad is you guys denial of losing the 7th generation.
  4. I'm not judging you, I'm rebuking you for judging an entire Catholic church. You're not God who is the only one who can pass judgement on us. Now settle down Jon Boy.
  5. Ok troll, I'm not Catholic so maybe you should try starting with a source who's Catholic. Also you need to read John 8:7 of the bible. I saw you refer to me as disgusting earlier, you must be guilty of the crimes you ridicule hypocrite.
  6. So is Jonny proposing the ban of the Catholic Church?