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  1. Remember puertorock_papi , he's a Youtuber nowadays. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCektMAX9UGtJhnqla7VDaXQ
  2. OP the best time to hop on this was Black Friday - Cyber Monday when there was a lot of good discounts on parts. The good deals pickings are slim now but you can still easily build a PC today that will last for 5 years to a decade. I know this from sitting on 4 PC builds that I did in the span over a year. First you need a budget of how much you are willing to spend. Are you planning to mount those 3 displays on a wall for your PC build
  3. I'm amazed Nintendo was able to trick people into buying a repackaged Wii-U.
  4. I'm playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare on my RTX and this shit looks real life.
  5. If it weren't for Nintendo and SEGA fucking up. SONY would not be getting acknowledge for this Guinness record. Think about it. 1. Had Nintendo or SEGA said Yes to SONY when they came to them to work on CD add-on or joint console. Then poof. None of this would be here. SONY fanbase would likely be carved between Nintendo and SEGA. 2. Had SEGA not fuck up the 5th generation system launch so bad. Not launch Saturn 4 months ahead at $399, but waited to September 1995, added both Genesis-32X and SEGA CD backward compatibility and said the console would be $299. This would stop the mass exodus of SEGA to SONY (that I myself was apart) , I remember shaking my head at those who stayed on with Saturn and then watching them react to SEGA's notorious early discontinues. 3. Nintendo should have just bled a little monetary wise during the N64 era and should have just put out massive storage size cartridges, you thought Resident Evil 2 was something, imagine them being able to go 1 to 1 with SEGA and SONY's disc based systems with providing redbook audio, full motion video on N64 carts. This would have certainly kept 3rd party developers coming to Nintendo 64. Heck Squaresoft might have kept Final Fantasy VII for Nintendo. 4. SEGA should have kept Dreamcast going in the US. This move would have considerably kept PS2 numbers from growing, it would have also locked out XBOX as Microsoft would had few titles, few employers (they poached from SEGA).
  6. Was those the seasons you could see Daenerys nude? I never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones, I only gathered that from bits and pieces I heard on Howard Stern Show. Show didn't sound too appealing, perhaps a bit too fiction for me. I did enjoy the show Spartacus, especially the early season.
  7. I was hoping to read something...something you wrote at least, not see someone's propagated video lead a thread.
  8. You rate consoles way too highly man. They are cheap locked down boxes for the masses. I predict a RTX 2060 Super Build will go toe to toe with whatever console come out for next gen.
  9. Wait, I thought Hot Sauce was black and you were white.
  10. you like it like that. truthfully my persona expands the 1950s to the 2050s
  11. Isn't that tweet talking about PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 combined totaling 450 million. PS3 certainly didn't sell 450 million by itself, let's not get ridiculous here.
  12. well since cows have certified VGChartz. Xbox 360 DID beat PS3 and Wii last gen in the place that mattered:
  13. Why are people still buying 7 year old consoles again? This would be like buying a SEGA Genesis in 1996, a Super Nintendo in 1998. a PlayStation (1) in 2002. WAKE UP PEOPLE, you're being HAD!!!!!!!
  14. This all that whole victors get to rewrite history. Reminds me of WWE being viewed as the beacon of pro-wrestling, and everyone forgets WCW.
  15. How did PlayStation change gaming. SEGA was way more crucial in consoles adapting disc formats in the early-to-mid 90s. Their SEGA CD platform helped pave the way and SONY was apart of it as a publisher.