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  1. @-GD-X refer me to this place. Here's my Discord ID: 493561337625182208
  2. Ghostz we know you made this thread not to diss X but because you are secretly looking to cop the sim game on X.
  3. Haven't given two shtz about Nintendo since Super Mario Maker on Wii-U.
  4. you are putting money into it, the wear and tear of your mobile phone. Do not mine on your mobile phone, unless it's a throwaway burner you don't care about. Also if you are going to mine cryptocurrency, at least make it worthwhile, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum are the most tangible alt-cryptocurrencies that will make you money, if you don't mind an increase in your electric bill.
  5. That looks cool, but I have no interest in buying Yazuka to play VF5 Final Showdown, although I did hold VF5 Online a special place in my heart during the 360 hey day. I would like to see SEGA put out the full arcade version of VF1 to PC. I have the Windows 95 PC version of VF1 but it is not like exactly the Arcade version that still holds a special place in my heart.
  6. Since Google decided to celebrate today what would be Luther Vandross' 70th birthday.
  7. Ah-ha, no wonder you been all cocky about Covid-19, yeah I had my eye on you this past year. You carry the same attitude my brother-in-law had about covid-19, and he's also Type-O.
  8. Maybe you got Blood Type-O. I heard those with that blood type-O were not susceptible to coronavirus.
  9. That's my symptom on the 1st Moderna shot. I'm on my 3rd day since getting the vaccination on Wednesday and I feel better like at about 90% as oppose to yesterday's 75% and Thursday's 25%.
  10. I just called the state hotline that had me scheduled for tomorrow and asked them if anything's changed in light of the news today about FDA & CDC ordering it paused. They said instead of the J&J vaccine I will be receiving the Moderna vaccination tomorrow.
  11. Did you hear about today's news on J&J shot. I was scheduled to get my shot tomorrow, but now IDK.
  12. It must be a real drought for sheep to start hyping Microsoft Failbox
  13. Oh there were shared bugs, some were baked into the game that every platform had. Like the nude motorcycle streaking, or NPCs meshed with other objects, clipped, etc. random car explosions, But I'm sure there were many were simply blind to this and paid no attention while playing. Other bugs got patched on the PC in the first couple weeks of the games release. I remember playing the game and accidentally hitting ESC or atilda key and my player would suddenly fall through the ground to his death. Plus there's still was the occasio
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