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  1. You ain't Black, so I don't expect you to know.
  2. You all falling for the trap. My next big HDTV purchase will be a front projector, and therefore have the real theater experience, not just the 16:9 aspect that HDTV forded us, but the projected image onto a large screen for the real deal.
  3. I think everyone would be cheering it on had it been known Jada cheated with someone that her fans long since shipped her with. Like if it had been revealed she had a IRL with her former TV costar Bumper Robinson. I wish IRL, it would been Jada and Bumper and not Jada and Will
  4. While I don't care what style a website chooses to write there website in but isn't the notion of writing "black" and "white" lower case could be interpreted as you just referring to the primary colors "black", "white. I always wrote Black or White when referring to race.
  5. I can hear Charlamange tha God now sending another Donkey of the Day out to the people in Florida.
  6. wccftech need apply the same rules. OP 1984 is fiction.
  7. Fury X VEGA NAVI (RDNA) & now Big NAVI (RDNA2) ...
  8. If nobody runs for 3rd party this election we will be doomed with Trump another 4 years.
  9. Mortal Kombat 11 - I can't even get into the classic 2D Arcade fighters anymore, and I used to hold them to high regard over any 3D MK. Red Dead Redemption 2 Call of Duty Modern Warfare - this game looks like real life with RTX. Ghost Recon Wildlands The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The Division 2
  10. you can't be serious. I can't even touch games from 2007. Heck there wasn't even Lost Odyssey in 2007.