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  1. Did any of you watch? I did. What did you think?
  2. With those VR units costing near $400+ a pop, how do some of you guys think in another thread that a full blown game console is going be the same price. This is 2020, everything will be expensive for you console plebs. Better save up for $500 - $600. You should have picked up your PC parts in 2019 when the parts had great deals.
  3. A time when girls could dress like boys and it be okay and not have to identify themselves as gender non-binary like they do today.
  4. pure 90s bliss from the GOAT Girl group.
  5. ray-tracing is the only thing making next-gen, Next Gen for consoles.
  6. If we had better candidates it would hurt him. But my country is doomed to fail. They so blind against good candidates like Bernie and Tulsi that they rather push up establishment nobody (Pete Buttigieg) and a little lying injun (Elizabeth Warren) up to face Trump in the general for the Ultimate defeat.
  7. Because the two are mutually exclusive. One has no effect on the other. You could have wrote this thread as "Castrol GTX makes you trans confirmed" and would have reached the same invalid conclusion.
  8. Mines was FREE with my AMD purchase last year. And Ghost Recon Wildlands is miles better.
  9. It was failed plan from the start. and to think they were going with it and trying to push Biden down our throats for President. When it was Biden's corruption that prompted the Trump administration to investigate.
  10. Cartoons don't do jack to you. It is also about time we stop dividing cartoons, Japanese-anime (or anime) discriminates art. We need to back to calling this form of visual entertainment what it is. A cartoon!
  11. I'm not keen on seeing "franchises return" that's the problem with the gaming, and entertainment industry. We go to the well too many times and reboot or add +1 to brands that need to die. I only want to see new IPs. Gaming as a whole should evolve when people stop relying on locked slow console devices and build PC systems.
  12. Wish they didn't carry such a premium price tag.
  13. Your argument flopped. Like I said earlier If RTX is not worth it, AMD wouldn't worked on ray-tracing for next gen RDNA. Your whole next gen console era is dependent upon ray-tracing ... made from a company (AMD) that so far has not shown ray-tracing capabilities. We could potentially be looking at another Intel Xe DG1 in the form of RDNA2.
  14. Because it haven't flopped, you're talking a bunch of non-sense probably you have the weakest RTX which enabled doesn't do much.
  15. So now you Double-Talk. Off the X1X hype-train? Because you cannot hype next gen consoles without referring to ray-tracing. & YOU are not SMART.
  16. Microsoft supposedly paid top dollar buying into AMD's next gen RDNA hardware for it's X1X. The major feature of RDNA2 is it's inclusion of hardware ray-tracing. and here you are saying that RTX in 2020 is not worth it. I get it that you like to fanboy here, but you are shooting yourself in the mouth with this thread.
  17. If Ray tracing in 2020 is not worth it, then Xbox Series X is going to flop.