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  1. got to post links from my twitter since @Alphonse is only allowing https links. @Remij
  2. AMD's Big NAVI needs to beat the RTX 2080 Ti's peformance, so beating a RTX 3070 should definitely matter. Otherwise, they will be a joke. Not having a GPU that beat the 2080 Ti. As of now they currently don't have a GPU that can beat the 1080 Ti.
  3. Although I have not played the new Far Cry, Shadow of the Tomb Raider definitely supports DLSS a Turing now Ampere feature as well as ray-tracing.
  4. It will be a fake civil war. I personally don't think any one would be shocked that Biden loses. He was never anyone's top choice.
  5. Did someone break NDA and leak actual performance benchmarks?
  6. I knew this stuff is a pretty niche market. Only reason I bought a RTX 2080 last year was to see Call of Duty and Minecraft in Ray-Tracing. I'm back to messing with my other GPUs. I'm not surprised to see that 1080p is still the large majority of gamers. Lessening the need further of the new RTX 30 cards that clearly targeting the 4K niche crowd. Big NAVI too. The whole point of Big Navi is suppose to be AMD's high-end GPUs (i.e. 4K) as oppose to the RX 5700XT which is a pretty decent mid-range GPU (1080p / 1440p).
  7. They need to seriously get on the ball of adding DX12 to the game. This game needs MGPU support .
  8. Seems like a lot of hype. I'll believe it when I see the real game benchmarks roll in from reviewers. I want someone to put that 3080 under the gun of MS Flight Simulator 2020 at 4K resolution . The 3070 at 1440p resolution, and the 3060 at 1080p ultimate quality.
  9. Us sure, but the average PC user is going to have to buy a whole lot of components.
  10. You forget, to go with that 3070 you need a $200 CPU, $150 PSU, $150 motherboard, $70 16GB RAM CL16 3200, $100 1TB SSD NVME, and $70-100 mATX-ATX case. $740 right there, and the $499 GPU and you are at about $1240. Spent versus the $600 Xbox Series X / PS5.
  11. This should surprise none of you. Put your early 2010s, late 2000s nostalgia price launch goggles away and welcome to 2020.
  12. no they stay on the warm side because AMD keeps very low fan profile for them at default. Perhaps so they don't spin fast and get really loud.
  13. Why did NVIDIA start crippling the Titans after the Titan V. RTX 3090 looked promising, but it's FP64 compute specs appear crippled as it's predecessor RTX Titan. Why does NVIDIA keep doing this?
  14. yeah a lot of the graphs say tested on i9 CPU so that would be PCIe 3.0 .
  15. There's some Tomfoolery going on here with these graphs. This is not 3X performance of 2080. and I wonder if DLSS was left OFF on the 2080 and turned ON for the 3080. Can't wait to when tech reviews come in and get to comparing.
  16. I think 2070 Supers will be at like $250 on used market soon. 2080 / 2080 Supers $300-350. 2080 Ti $400 used value at best, with RTX 3070 being 1x faster than it, at $499.
  17. Unless the delay meant they killed off PS4 and XBONE support, I don't think CP2077 is a next gen title to begin with so you will be fine.
  18. I'm still disappointed PS3 Super Slim can't straight play PS2 games without modding it to play PS2 ISOs. You still have to convert it to something to play. Now if this can be done on the fly good, but if this mean you have to stick a PS2 disc in a PC and convert the disc to an ISO then transfer it back to a modded PS3 Super Slim, then it's not worth the time.
  19. Tulsi was the left to the MSM establishment right. You're not proving anything he said wrong.
  20. Bootlooker is being referred to OTLs / Obey the Law types who rather have someone in power, a dominatrix, a police officer, your overbearing boyfriend who boss you around and make you do whatever they command or face the consequences at their discretion. You are essentially a slave and they are your master. What I highlighted in yellow doesn't even make sense in reality, except only in your head. Do you think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the two current leaders of the Democrat party are anti-authoritarian? Do you think the author of the 1994 Crime Bill, and h
  21. Not only that. Dildo head Cooke just shifted to an entire different topic. @Cooke how would you like if I excuse one crime by bringing up an arrest and supposed crime of someone else to justify.
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