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  1. Nice, if name changing is any indication this'll happen in no time.
  2. It should come as no surprise that a game about mental health issues resonates so much with him.
  3. Except that literally every player rejoiced. "PS3 Limitations" was a meme around the community for as long as it was for a reason lol.
  4. Yeah, but their pipeline is shit. It could just be management but that seems unlikely considering YoshiP. These new in-between fights are a godsend though. Plus, their NA infrastructure is shit. Their servers are only located in CA like wat. If it's not going to be centralized maybe have more than 1? Game feels bad without a VPN if you're on the east coast
  5. IDK XIV looks good considering it's legacy. But I've never seen the PS4 version because I'm not scum. Also like 90% of the "good looking" Korean MMO's all play and run like dog shit. If anything Square needs to properly fund the XIV team.