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  1. They got buffs just now but ye theyre the least desirable of healers rn
  2. 😂 it's really good well unless you're a ninja.
  3. They announced today that they're condensing early game might be worth coming back to it afterwards.
  4. Just stick to one class, branch out later if you're interested in it. Or wait until you reach the expansions/late game where you can just unlock a class at 60.
  5. Unlike other MMOs FFXIVs job system is more like FFVs, you can be any job with a single character. At 30? your class "evolves" Lancer > Dragoon, Gladiator > Paladin, and so on.
  6. It is and that won't change. I love XIV (6K hours) but it had easily the worst on boarding of any MMO. Early gameplay is bad, quests and story are kinda eh (WAKING SANDS AGAIN?!) But if you stick with it there a light at the end of the tunnel. The game has some fantastic end game encounters that are easily a class above current MMO offerings.
  7. GD selling me on a FE game. What has the world come to.
  8. Lol what? PvP I'll give it to you but FF has a great endgame. Have you actually done any of Savage or entered either of the Ultimates? If you're on Aether and need help w/ anything let me know.
  9. Even CM is easy to get through if you use the correct tools to tackle it. Confetti and snap seeds/firecrackers just destroy her. The game gives you such broken tools that it makes most of the encounters manageable in a relatively quick fashion. Hell, on my no bead run I punished the final boss to the point where he couldn't phase shift for so long that the game wouldn't let me DB him. 😂
  10. This game straight up rewards you for being aggressive since it's entire mechanic revolves around breaking posture.
  11. Best class to start with is whatever class you are most interested in. There are obvious benefits to starting as a tank or healer since they have the easiest/fastest queue times for group content (but you can also just use AI partners now) and holding threat as a tank is really simple now. The only real benefit to sticking to 1 character is you can get a cheaper subscription and the way FFs XP bonus works. If you're leveling a class lower than your highest class (say I'm leveling a Lv1 when I already have a Lv80) you'll get +100% XP for the content you do. You also would only be required to do MSQ once which is what they gate most/all content behind. It's a great game but if you quit before IDK that you'd like it any more now. The story stuff has always been good from what people say and the GCDs/early game remain unchanged which results in it feeling pretty slow.
  12. There's a weapon buff you can apply that'll wreck their shit so hard they'll drop the slow. The tools and items they give make the game way less painful if you actually utilize them. Combat Arts too, Ichimonji is straight up broken lol
  13. There was only a handful of bosses that would take a dumb amount of time, no worse than anything in previous FromSoft games. Funnily enough it was the bosses that felt like Souls bosses that were actually the longer encounters