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  1. Back to MHW to try and catch up my PC character. Haven't played French Rats since I last posted about it, I imagine I'll get back to it eventually but its pretty thin.
  2. Been playing that french rat game and it's pretty OK. The English dialogue and acting is pretty rough at times and I think the kid is super shitty and annoying. Puzzles for these first 6? or so chapters are pretty cookie cutter stuff but w/e. My biggest annoyance is the crafting system, it seems super unnecessary and goes out of its way to gameify a game that seems really hell-bent on telling a "serious" story.
  3. it's weird going back after so long since the game kinda just tosses you into it but it's been pretty fun. game still looks very very good and plays well. seems pretty short too so should be a nice trip back.
  4. xiv and frozen wilds rn
  5. There's this one scene in Days Gone that is a perfect example of what the game is and everything wrong with it.
  6. After beating the game and seeing the post credits stuff I have to say this game is pretty incredible. Not only does it manage to tank in terms of performance as you progress but the story itself managed to constantly get worse and worse. The "big moment" falls flat, the final encounter is nothing short of a fart in the wind and the actual finale just makes everything else that was bad somehow worse. 9/10.
  7. Let's keep this train going. Late game spoilers.
  8. Here you go some more texture fun. Late game spoilers tho - This is a critical path mission.
  9. I'm on a Pro. It's pretty bad, the last area is a mess. The things I've seen on a technical level are more terrifying than the freakers.
  10. One could argue that this thread is in itself "baby mode"
  11. The frame rate is rarely at 30, hovers like 15-25, constant stutters some even lasting like 10+ seconds, and multiple instances of textures not loading preventing me from progressing main story stuff without having to fully close out of the app. This game is pure garbage in terms of optimization and the bike upgrades seem to make it substantially worse. Straight up the worst performing game i’ve played in a long while which is surprising coming from Sony first party. This shit has happened multiple times in the same exact area.
  12. Eh, Days Gone doesn't really change much throughout aside from it becoming more and more unplayable the later you get. The hordes are definitely a highlight tho.
  13. Place has softened up, no one here would wish a Switch upon someone else. If anything he should toss it in the trash.
  14. If you're going to pick up Xenoblade grab Torna instead. It's a prequel, it's shorter, and it's cheaper so however awful that franchise continues to be you'll feel less ripped off.
  15. It just doesn't do anything to separate itself from open world games from 10 years ago. Visuals, audio, and the hordes are great tho the performance kinda sucks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯