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  1. After the first day of the month, sure. It’s still bad and most of the support character interactions are pretty boring. It’s like the game tries to meet Persona halfway but doesn’t do any of the stuff that makes the off days fun. It doesn’t really help that outside of side missions there’s really no benefit to doing anything other than exploring.
  2. Got to the time skip in Three Houses and I think i’m good. Combat is solid enough despite being a pretty easy game but the chore portions are so bad.
  3. Good flight game? Need something to keep me occupied for like 12hrs
  4. Why? They're all really bad lol. By the time I got to the last chapter I skipped every one of them. They pad out the game in a way that's just a detriment to the overall product.
  5. So idk if it's still the case but GTAVs online currency was/is bundleded with the purchase and it a lot of the time ended up being a better value proposition to buy a new copy/bundle of the game on sale.
  6. I mean Apex knocked Fortnite out of the #1 spot on Twitch now look...
  7. Ye, ShB also is really high on people's list I just have a hard time actually paying attention to MMO story 😔
  8. You've gotten through the worst part if you're done with ARR, that 100+ quest chain is rough.
  9. Ye, I started with 2 friends (lol at this being advertised as 3 player co-op) expecting more Gears and ended Act 1 thinking is time they stop making more Gears.
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