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  1. Your thumb looks abnormally long and skinny 7/10
  2. Well this sucks for Canada. For some reason we can't get HBO max here and all we get is some HBO content through Bell media's Crave app which I fucking despise.
  3. A second memory card slot. Ive filled up my 256gb and when I upgrade to a 512 that 256gb card becomes useless. Would be nice to have multiple slots to expand storage rather than just replace it.
  4. Woman should be offended a man is playing a woman on tv. White male privilege is real and dangerous.
  5. It's ok, it still has a vagina, but now it's a male vagina. Ew you're gay
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliot_Page All hers and she's have been removed. It's amazing how fast one can change physical form.
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