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  1. http://www.joystiq.com/2006/11/28/the-big-lebowsk-wii-mii-theater-in-action/ hahahaha :D :D
  2. yeah we got our shipment last week.. havent had any since :mad: i want to buy one from work!!
  3. this would be me drunk as fuck me drinking again cooke without his makeup
  4. i think im gonna wait.. ive never bought a console at launch, i dont think i should start now. I have my dslite to keep me happy :| i just bought FF3 and Clubhouse games :P
  5. im waiting for the monster ones :| . i get them at cost at work so they will only be 10 bucks
  6. make a new account on tgz :happysad: you promised you would write agaiN!
  7. yeah i want MP3 so fucking bad. im glad they delayed it though, i want it to be perfection Same here, I know Retro will make this game as great as MP was :o ive always wanted a massive online game in the metroid universe.. think about it bounty hunters travelling the galaxy in their ships hundreds of planets to explore, endless possibilities. :glad:
  8. we accidently sold out units when they arrived.. saw the note on the shipment after all the units were sold hahah. we kept one :|
  9. they are a bunch of elitist shitfucks where only tony hawk and madden games get good reviews. they complain about zelda being the same thing as oot but there are no complaints when it comes to a sports game hahah
  10. well.. i kind of prefer a realistic look to a sims game :|
  11. yeah i want MP3 so fucking bad. im glad they delayed it though, i want it to be perfection
  12. :| crazy shit Hardcore Gamer Magazine 100% Gamepro 4.5/5 IGN 8.3/10 1up 8/10 could it be worth it?
  13. Now? when the black model comes out? the dvd/black model comes out? im so conflicted :|
  14. what a fucking mess!! clean up your systems!