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  1. So white supremacists in virginia negate what's happening in Seattle and Portland?
  2. They should at least pkay it at drive ins if they still exist
  3. . Nothing new on the radio will ever be as epic as this. Music like this used to be popular, it was interesting, it pushed boundaries, it was unique.
  4. he was a big no moon landing conspiracy theorist but has since come around.
  5. It's depressing that good quality music is no longer mainstream.
  6. Anyone notice it usually sounds like 84 singers singing whoa whoa oh oh?
  7. Guitars are gone, so are lyrics and interesting chord progressions. Fuck I hate mainstream music so much. The 70's and 80s were cool. Unique interesting music sold millions. The Police, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Cars, David Bowie etc. Now we are stuck with The Lumineers and 80 million clones.