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  1. 14 students and 1 teacher. CTV News: Texas school shooting: 15 killed; gunman dead. https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/15-killed-in-elementary-school-shooting-gunman-dead-texas-governor-1.5916553
  2. When is the FBI ever going to prevent an attack from happening?. They knew he was crazy, his school knew he was crazy, he literally told his school he wanted to do a murder suicide.
  3. I'm not defending him. I just want honesty and accuracy with how things are reported. He's a disgusting pig that deserves execution.
  4. does it not seem odd that a white supremacist would choose to shoot a white woman in the head as his first victim? soon as he gets out of the car she was walking towards him, pops her in the head, then turns back and shoots her while shes dying. A white supremacist would want to preserve precious white lives right?
  5. Actually that would be the majority of people. They just accept what they hear, regardless of the track record of the institutions. Like really, do you actually trust a multi billion dollar international pharmaceutical company to be upfront with all their data while still trying to drive profits for shareholders? https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/10/us/politics/emergent-fda-vaccine-covid-contaminated.html
  6. By his own words he's a racist left wing authoritarian. But somehow this means right wing? Lol
  7. Did I say something untrue Gouk? He claims he moved from communism to the authoritarian left. Are you disputing this?
  8. Agenda? How about honesty from big pharma and the government. Is that a good enough agenda for you?
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