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  1. Are you unable to read or do any investigating yourself? Must you be spoonfed like a little child?
  2. I would prefer them to just be honest and leave it at that. Don't lie to appease a group.
  3. Watched the first episode of Last of Us.. didn't find it any better than the first episode of Walking Dead. I think it's been overhyped and my expectations were too high. Watched 2 episodes of House of the Dragon and found it more entertaining.
  4. I had friends over last night. We played 4 player, it's really hard to play in 2023. They really should have made an option for a modern control scheme.
  5. https://www.newsweek.com/its-time-scientific-community-admit-we-were-wrong-about-coivd-it-cost-lives-opinion-1776630 Interesting opinion for those that think government can do no wrong.
  6. My gp ultimate expires next month. Not sure if I'm gonna renew. Pretty shitty selection of games.
  7. 9 Celsius here and a windstorm
  8. Oh the "dumbest".. yeah I'm quite certain that's not accurate.
  9. Yup Americans on average are the dumbest people in the western world
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