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  1. Yeah I bought one for the monitor in my truck camper. It's fucking useless. Ordered a firestick instead, apparently they work just fine on hotspots.
  2. Who designed this thing to ONLY work on WiFi? Doesn't work with hotspots unless you have 2 phones. It's completely unuseable.
  3. I just tried that. Went to 8200 on time spy
  4. i bumped the core clock up 60mhz and it went up 200 points lol. This thing has a lot of overclocking room.
  5. thats lame. Gonna have to overclock this thing since its not an OC model.
  6. 7574 with the 3060.. doesnt seem like much of an improvement
  7. It's cool how this transgender movement has really brought back the gender stereotypes that feminists tried so hard to eliminate. If you're a masculine woman then obviously you're not a tomboy, you're a real boy! If you're a feminine man then obviously you're not just effeminate, you're a real woman! It's almost like conversion therapy but to the absolute most extreme conclusion. Iran does it, that's why they have no gay people there according to their president.
  8. yeah and ive already got a bite on my 2060 for $215 lol
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