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  1. Then saber interactive would have nothing to do with it
  2. Is it just me or does every mature themed game with guns and cars use the same fucking dubstep sound effect heavy time music? It's annoying as fuck.
  3. Well technically I'm playing it on PC and it's still boring THHBO
  4. Might as well. I have it on Switch. It was good but then I lost interest a few hours in and stopped playing.
  5. Loki looks leagues better than Falcon and Winter Soldier. It's weird like wandavision. Falconband winter solider was just boring as fuck with dull dialogue and dull plotlines.
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/virginia-loudoun-school-board-tanner-cross-backlash Lmao the left has lost its fucking mind. I am a progressive, most of my positions are liberal but I feel totally left behind with this new left. They are disturbed, they are a cult. It's authoritarian fascist racist behavior.
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