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  1. This guy is the next Weeknd/Bruno Mars. Fucking incredible singer. He writes and all the instruments too.
  2. Yes. If the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission or infection then the virus just selects for variants that bypass the immunity prolonging the pandemic. For a vaccine to work it needs to be a sterilizing vaccine
  3. What happened to all those deadly variants? What happened to the "pandemic of the unvaccinated"? Lol such bullshit. The virus went away because everyone got infected. Not because of a half assed vaccined.
  4. I never experienced drift. But this thing is 7 years old with thousands of hours on it. It's gone everywhere. It's a mobile device. Imagine still using a phone from 2017. Oh yeah and it was less than half the price of an iPhone.
  5. I was planning on hacking it and boosting the clock speeds for fun.
  6. The USB c port is no longer accepting a charge from the dock or any cable 😔. Fuck do I buy an OLED or just not play switch for the next 10-12 months?
  7. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2024/04/ex-playstation-dev-gio-corsi-joins-nintendo-of-america Gio Corsi Gio Corsi, who is perhaps best known in the industry for his six-year tenure at PlayStation, has announced that he has joined Nintendo of America's 'AAA Third-Party Portfolio Management' team.
  8. He's in it to win. Biden is not going to win He's spoiling it for the real liberal in the race. He should drop out.
  9. I hope they streamline it a bit. I like the first game but it's kind of tedious at times.
  10. He's only a spoiler if you feel America should be a duopoly in perpetuity. And you're a cunt.
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