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  1. Humans are hilarious creatures. We drive around in cars all day which kill millions of people world wide every year, we eat like shit, smoke, drink alcohol,, but omg 6 people got blood clots!! Perspective always seems to be lacking. 3,700 deaths a day. Car crashes have risen to the 8th leading cause of death for people globally. No one bats an eye.
  2. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/04/nintendo_indie_world_showcase_to_air_tomorrow_14th_april Silk song please?
  3. Actually that's what it is. Open world and slim storylines
  4. It seems this genre has taken over completely. I've always found it less immersive than first person. And I'm just tired of over the shoulder cover shooters.. bleh.
  5. God damn that's an ugly looking woman. It's a game staring my old lonely aunt Deborah.
  6. I find this offensive and it should be banned from Sony consoles.
  7. Why did no one tell me about Timber Timbre? Holy amazing Bowie vibes
  8. Lol one is a stationary isometric view with 2d sprites the other is 3d
  9. https://californiaglobe.com/section-2/black-lives-matter-co-founder-buys-home-for-1-4m-in-mostly-white-la-neighborhood/ Interesting the MSM is ignoring this completely, except for fox of course.
  10. Im playing Narita Boy on Xbox MH Rise on Switch AOE 2 definitive edition on PC
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/mar/12/academics-french-republic-macron-islamo-leftism Islamo wokeism.. actually a good name for it.
  12. Yeah ok, it's like this stuff doesn't actually happen now?
  13. I really hope the woke brigade doesn't ruin GTA6.. replaying 5 there's no way they could release a game like this in 2021 😢
  14. https://reason.com/2021/04/07/microaggressions-uva-student-kieran-bhattacharya-threat/ These stories are becoming far too normal. Free speech is dead.
  15. I'm looking forward to the next gen patch
  16. I was about to buy it for Xbox too
  17. Yeah I was beginning to notice they really lack variety. It's all 3rd person action adventure.
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