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  1. https://www.bandlab.com/post/b12bd697-3951-ec11-9820-e42aac7a5303 The Arrival fixed the levels and the distorted bass.
  2. I have it downloaded. Play it tomorrow
  3. So you agree people should be judged on their merit, effort, and skills before their immutable surface differences?
  4. He's working on the arrival now ☺️
  5. Lol he hasn't posted the collab yet. It's just my part so far
  6. https://www.bandlab.com/join/u2ieyeh
  7. You really do suck at this. What you said has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONTENT OF THE OP. You deflect because you have no point. You are slime. Is this professor a Nazi? Does he not have a point? Do you want an end to meritocracy and just have communism? What do you even believe? I want a fair and balanced equal society that rewards merit and hard work regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender etc. Those things SHOULD NOT MATTER. What do you want? If thats right wing then so be it. These used to be liberal principals, the foundation of libera
  8. As they should have been. Good. Pieces of shit
  9. National Post: Minority professor denied grants because he hires on merit: 'People are afraid to think'. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/minority-professor-denied-grants-because-he-hires-on-merit-people-are-afraid-to-think It's a race to the bottom, hope you fuckers love it.
  10. @-GD-X some drums would be nice on this 🙂
  11. The Arrival https://www.bandlab.com/revisions/cada272a-ee4c-ec11-9820-e42aac7a5303
  12. You know even the WHO says vaccines are not the way out of this. Its vaccines AND other things. in the west we have become so hyper focused on one thing. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/21/who-warns-a-coronavirus-vaccine-alone-will-not-end-pandemic.html we need vaccines yes, but also we need to work on the route causes of why people actually die when infected with covid. Even with Vaccines, unhealthy people are dying with covid in large numbers. Is obesity a taboo subject with Americans? Yall can get fat as fuck and take a vaccine and think you're good but really you're n
  13. My point still stands. Vaccines are not a panacea for this virus. Unless they can be reformulated to actually sterilize the Delta variant, we need to look at more than just this one thing. Our overall health is crucial. People don't just die from Covid, they have severe health complications already. Obesity being the number 1.
  14. People keep forgetting the reason people actually DIE from covid. Mississippi is the fattest fucking place on earth and obesity is the number 1 comorbidity. If the vaccine was the leading factor in preventing death then New Jersey wouldnt be the 3rd state on the list. Everyone talks about Florida but they are 10th.. behind New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Georgia, and just above Massachusetts. If our governments actually cared about our health they would be talking about ALL ways to prevent covid deaths, instead all eggs are in one fucking basket with vaccines that last barely 6 months, dont s
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