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  1. That's too bad. Was hoping for another Ridge Racer reveal.
  2. Like all the heteronormativity and cis relationships just makes me want to vomit in my mouth! And Gunther? Is he supposed to be the LGBTQ2SQI#4 representation? Another CIS white male!?
  3. She's unqualified because everything she says is just completely nonsense. She talks to adults like they are children. She speaks in long run on sentences that have zero meaning. She's disliked by everyone, even black people. She's basically an empty pant suit.
  4. I already made my point dumbass. The point is if Biden dies (which is highly likely given his age) Harris, the first woman, and first woman of color to be president would be a complete embarrassment to women in general. Why didn't he pick Warren? She's a woman of color too right? I know he couldn't pick Tulsi cause she was too anti war.
  5. Just commenting on your overuse of black face emojis. Racist.
  6. I'll wait for it to be on streaming somewhere. I have an 85" tv and Atmos 6.1.2
  7. I thought this was already on PS4. Anyways, it looks stupid and the name is even worse. SQUARE HAS A LOT OF STUPID NAMES FOR GAMES.
  8. Its weird, they bash incels yet when incels become trans they are sacred religious symbols.
  9. Yes that's exactly what they are saying. And how dare you bring a sane point into an emotional argument. So you'd also agree removing aunt Jemima and uncle Ben from packaging was also a stupid thing right?
  10. Comply racist @Goukosan https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/26/us/digital-blackface-social-media-explainer-blake-cec/index.html stop using racist gifs you racist.
  11. My point is she is completely unqualified and is where she is because she's not white and she has a vagina. Biden clearly stated he would pick a VP based on race and gender. He also happened to pick one that wouldn't outshine him lol. If she becomes president she will only be there because of immutable surface qualities and not because she is a skilled well liked politician. She received zero support in the primaries because she's a fucking awful shell of a human being. I'm hoping she becomes president so your stupid affirmative action flops on its face for the whole world to see.
  12. Fyi using digital black face emojis is racist https://indie-mag.com/2021/02/digital-blackface/
  13. Lol Harris wasn't elected. She was appointed by Biden. He could have picked a horse as VP and still beat Trump
  14. Lol the media and politicians use it to further their agendas every damn time jehurey. And yes I hate the transgender religious ideology as much as I hate catholicism, Islam and any other religion that promotes violence against non believers. I hate what the movement is doing to children. Telling a 7 year old tomboy that she's actually a boy because she likes stereotypical boyish things and vice versa for boys. It's disgusting and not based in science AT ALL. It's emotions and feelings above all else regardless of any logic or studies behind it. And yeah, this WOMAN
  15. Didn't know it at the time I made the thread jehurey. I made the thread because it was a horrific event. And the " I saw it on Twitter so has to be true" thing is a fucking obvious joke you dork ass hermit crab.
  16. I guess you gotta do these kinda things if you have no games to play. Social media? Lol fuck off
  17. "the concerns are based on what we should all be concerned about, but the solutions have to be and include what we are doing in terms of going forward in terms of investments." - Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States of America
  18. The first female president. 0% in the primaries, becomes president simply because she's a woman and isn't white. I'd feel bad for all the competent women who have ran for president over the years, but it would also be hilarious. She's so fucking dumb 😂
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