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  1. Seriously these guys know how to cover a song like no other. Fuck they are good
  2. Lol what are you even talking about? That was a guitar solo to the core!
  3. I wonder what it will also uncover about Biden
  4. They support impeachment or impeachment inquiry?
  5. Yeah it's a pointless endeavor. The democrats have been trying to remove Trump since the day he set foot in office. Nothing seems to stick to the orange man. He's a Teflon orange.
  6. This is such a waste of time and effort. What is the point if the senate is majority Republican? Also when this gets to be senate it's going to basically take the Democratic senators running for president out of the race as they need to be in the senate 6 days a week. So bye Warren, Sanders, Booker, Harris, Klobachar..
  7. Lmao jehurey just can't help himself