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  1. A toke off a joint is not worse than drinking a beer
  2. just finished the Sinner and Haunting of Hill House, both awesome.
  3. They always look so pouty and grumpy. Is Russia really that depressing of a place?
  4. lol its such a harmless drug. Alcohol is waaaaaay more destructive
  5. Minimum wage was never supposed to be a living wage. Most people on it are kids living at home. I wish the left would stop encouraging mediocrity.
  6. https://www.gamesradar.com/starlink-battle-for-atlas-review/
  7. I'll use what I know better to explain this. Here in Canada more indigenous people are imprisoned per capita than other races yet indigenous people are given all sorts of advantages over whites and other races. They committ more crimes, have higher rates of drug abuse and school dropouts. They don't have to pay taxes, are given free college education etc etc. Do you think maybe government handouts are playing a roll in demoralizing this group of people? If you are given everything why should you try? it goes back to human nature which you continually deny.