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  1. He said the league of legends community
  2. So how come it's ok for white people to design black characters in videogames? Why is this not an issue?
  3. I said I'm against regime change wars. Do you ever stop to think these enemies exist because we create them?
  4. Yes because being team america world police has worked out so well right? How many died in Iraq? A million? Nice job guys. *clap clap clap* How many died in Afghanistan? Nowhere have I said we should abandon Syria. Its too late for that, damage done. Now fucking fix it.
  5. Who said no questioned asked? Stop making shit up. Im against starting regime change wars, but if we are already involved in one and people will die because we leave then we must stay until we fix it.
  6. Go to old town. It's literally Europe in North America. Definitely go to Quebec City too if you can. It's nicer
  7. Not saying it doesn't matter but the level of obsession these major networks have over Trump is crazy.