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  1. Yes same band. They make 6 albums in a year so their stuff is quite varied lol
  2. I'm sorry to hear that I implore you to try another Epic video
  3. And you don't think cows didn't put any money into this? 😂
  4. How's astral chain on Xbox? it's ok at least you got scalebound
  5. unemployment doesn't mean more productive. It could easily mean more people working more shit minimum wage jobs.
  6. I think the point he's making is why is valve catering to such a miniscule user base and not releasing a regular version of this game for the hundreds of millions of others. Seems like a poor business decision.
  7. So who you gonna rent from if no one buys rental units?
  8. Tell me, is she psychotic? Or just a humane compassionate person?
  9. He outlasted Kamala and Booker at least. God damn whiney flops
  10. Again. There was only 2 choices. Now there's 8. Also gabbard and yang take from Bernie as well.
  11. Not everyone views it like that. Many just vote for who they like, their personality, integrity, "who they know" ,actual politics takes a back seat. The fact he's winning with the entire news media and DNC working against him is impressive. Also Biden
  12. The australian people do have a say who the leader is. You can join the party and vote in leadership races.
  13. Wasn't it just Sanders vs Clinton in 2016? Theres like 8 other people running this time