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  1. http://ds.advancedmn.com/article.php?artid=5394 9.2 what is wrong with gamespot??
  2. Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) Disaster Day of Crisis (Nintendo) Metroid Prime Corruption (Nintendo) Project Rygar (Tecmo) No More Heroes (Grasshopper) Resident Evil 4 (Capcom) Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Capcom) Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Nintendo) NiGHTS (Sega) Soul Calibur Legends (Namco) Battalion Wars 2 (Nintendo) Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn (Nintendo) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Square Enix) Dragon Quest Swords (Square Enix) Forever Blue (Nintendo) Dewy's Adventure (Konami) Treasure Island Z (Capcom) Animal Crossing (Nintendo) Manhunt 2 (Rockstar) Karous (O3) Geometry Wars (Kuju) Opoona (Marvelous Interactive) King Story (Marvelous Interactive) Mushroom Men (Red Fly Studio) yeah my list is quite big and E3 hasnt even arrived yet. What on here are you guys hyped for?
  3. how do you know? and list the TERRIBLE games for me. oh and dont bother being a news guy for tgz but your info that you give in the forums is nice
  4. no. takes up too much time. i have a life to attend to
  5. you should come too its not that bad SK just joined and NOC, Xelle, Lolitsme, jpzero, danoru, hot asian, azazela, madmaltese, amethyst rush, twinblade etc. everyone visits there
  6. because i never played the original BAN they dont give board mods that kind of power
  7. there is no cooke curse.. people misunderstood my other list as a "hype" list. no, i clearly stated "it looks like wii might have a 'pretty good' couple of months" no where did i say what the games would get, i didnt even say i was hyped for the games. People really tend to over react
  8. heres my review for it http://www.totalgamerzone.com/articlenav-156-page-1.html hmm why is the text black ok gotta fix that
  9. yes this list is much better . now im not saying every game is gonna get AA or above. im saying all of these will be good games.. good to me is 7.5 and above
  10. ds flopped it 7.5 but every other site has given it 8.5 or above gs fuckin stinks
  11. its LCD's in general. they are too high a resolution for 480p videogames.
  12. Thats the impression I was under as well. Meaning whenever you have a Gamecube game, you first have to check on its box to see if it supports 480p, and then you have to MANUALLY trigger the option to start the game in Progressive Scan by holding the B button on the GC controller after the bootup splash screen. Remember, Nintendo removed the Digital A/V port from the GC back in May 2004, so the earliest models of the GC had the ability to display in 480p, not the later models, and I don't believe there was any "Auto" switching option to 480p, you had to do it manually. And on the Wii, it specifically emulates the Gamecube and all its original settings, so you would have to do the same exact thing. But if you do it one time, it SHOULD remember this setting afterwards. many games supported 480p but didnt say it on the box. it was weird. I REALLY wish Wii games said what it supported. I want it to fucking say 16:9 480p on the back of the damn box!
  13. probably because you havent seen it on projo or plasma. oh well, too late for you guys.
  14. although it upscales some of the vc titles.. like mario 64
  15. its good? its not out yet? i dont get whats going on haha
  16. godfather? mk? manhunt? scarface? re4(best version) they are coming. E3 E3!
  17. what is that? ds screens arent that big. ;)
  18. IGN put up a preview.. they basically say it could be a big hit.. its GOOD.
  19. there sure is a lot going on in the video. suprised its possible on DS