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  1. on a side note im fucking pissed off at the native bands here in BC, they are blocking a natural gas pipeline to a LNG facility that will be used to replace Coal burning plants in China. Natural Gas has 60% less carbon emissions. THey think the pipeline will hurt the environment.. well burning coal is 10x worse. And has there ever been an issue with a natural gas pipeline? its a gas not oil. Stupid people will be stupid though.
  2. do you think we should increase or decrease carbon emissions?
  3. That was a very bizarre statement by Matthews. It's like he was invoking a Trump stroke.
  4. Between Switch and WiiU it sold 1.5 million
  5. W101 sold like shit. Nintendo doesn't care. Bayo sold a million
  6. I never thought I'd hear something like this. It rocks!
  7. Lets just let this plague play out
  8. Does anyone not believe 2016 was rigged in Hillary's favor?
  9. You were blocked for spamming your stupid site
  10. It was an acquittal not complete exoneration
  11. Lol those suck. But hi, hello, how are you
  12. So can we all admit Tulsi was right all along?