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  1. Moscow is not sparsely populated. In Canada we have cases in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, both have like 50k total population and millions of square kms. Anywhere a plane has gone this shit has spread to. Russia lies.
  2. Why is Russia lying about the infection and death rates?
  3. its actually a lot better with windows 10, they suggest using a card or stick that is equal to your ram or 3x as much. The stick im using is 150mbs 32gb, the laptop has 12gb ddr3 i5 something something.. was struggling to do basic tasks. Its MUCH smoother now.
  4. what? laptop harddrives suck, this really helps programs load faster.
  5. what are they supposed to discount them to? in any retail 50% off is huge.. 80% off is unheard of.
  6. i hope they leave RE4 alone. Maybe just a HD remaster, not a remake cause capcom sucks shit.
  7. Does everyone make noise?
  8. I dunno.. I jerk off at least twice a day but pure volume its gotta be the poo
  9. https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/samsung-70-4k-uhd-hdr-led-tizen-smart-tv-un70nu6070fxzc-only-at-best-buy/13893614 It's like 600 USD
  10. Katana Zero for 10. BUY IT!!!!! I paid 20 and I would pay 3x that.