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  1. ok it done unveil it
  2. I have a 4k nvidia shield. I would never use the built in smart tv crap.
  3. Metal!!! https://www.bandlab.com/posts/7ed45cbe-ae6f-ea11-a94c-0003ffd19c0f Lol these samples are fucking sick
  4. I work in an essential service area and business is booming. Also retailers are gonna be dropping their prices soon. Maybe I'll wait a week and see if it comes down
  5. Asians are quite accustomed to authoritarian governments and tight control. The white man can't be held down.
  6. I play switch on my pc monitor. Thank you for your input
  7. This was just a "mini" direct. The big one will be in June
  8. Those are also tiny countries with much much smaller populations, it's not apples to apples comparisons.
  9. I wonder if we could do it all over again would it has made more sense to just isolate the elderly and those with compromised immune systems instead of everyone on the planet and have the world come to a halt
  10. O.o finally a good arcade racer on Switch. Burnout Paradise.
  11. That medieval strategy game looks like a game for me
  12. He's a local. I'm gonna egg his mansion.
  13. I would hope not. It's disgusting.
  14. Happens way too often