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  1. How many do you think actually died. Of course they weren't going to give the real number. They said 173 people died.
  2. outdoor spaces is good for everyone's mental health. Try it, you might cheer up a bit you depressing slob.
  3. What? I thought that was the last story and Pandora's tower or whatever it was called
  4. Again, it's much harder to spread it outside and you are not 85 years old. Probably best if you do get it and recover from it so you have antibodies. The adverse effect of social distancing is preventing herd immunity which will prolong the pandemic.
  5. Sorry. https://www.thestar.com/politics/federal/2020/05/07/82-of-canadas-covid-19-deaths-have-been-in-long-term-care.html 82%.. 97 is the percent of Covid deaths beyond the average life expectancies.
  6. I'm not saying it was ALL pointless. Im saying some of the measures went too far and do no good for anyone. Closing parks? Why? We know it's much harder to spread the virus outside. Inside is where people are getting infected. Sun exposure also kills the virus, so again, why close parks, campgrounds, and beaches? It's not hard to keep your distance outside. But Wal-Mart is ok? I guess if you're a hermit and love being inside it was just dandy for you. Being stuck inside is shit for my mental health. The fact I couldnt drive to a provincial Park because the parking lot was closed to prevent spread of a disease that wouldn't be spread in a place like that is fucking retarded
  7. What I'm saying is.. It was fucking pointless to go through the measures that were taken. Logically they make little to no sense you just go along with it because you like being told what to do cause you're a good little bitch bottom boy.
  8. And 97% of the deaths comes from long term care facilities. So how does me staying at home help them? What should have been done is constant testing of nursing home employees and making sure they only work at one facility rather than multiple. Me not going camping because a park is closed is not helping helping those at risk for complications from COVID19.
  9. Its interesting people care more about the numbers than how it actually looks in real life.
  10. And you'd choose the left wing one.. We're so surprised.
  11. Michael Bloomberg spent a billion dollars to defeat Bernie Sanders
  12. George Bush Jr was responsible for the deaths of over 1 million people.
  13. No "anyone" is not better than Trump. Have some standards.
  14. I'd prefer Biden but it's not happening. Somehow he makes Trump sound coherent.
  15. Shelter in place lacks common sense when you actually look at the totality of the epidemic and who it affects most. It's a reactionary policy made on the fly, we now know the virus is far less deadly than anticipated and we should be focusing on how to enhance our immune systems so when we do get the virus it does as little damage as possible while also getting the benefit of immunity from antibodies through exposure.
  16. Perhaps if you stop responding to ghostz he will stop posting your racist comment.