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  1. i have the gamecube version. Who wants to buy it?
  2. If the new movies went in this direction I would have liked them a lot more. There's just too much goofyness and jokes. Yes theres room for some but stop trying to be guardians of the galaxy.
  3. Dp you actually think someone is going to read that novel you posted? It's going me a headache just looking at it
  4. Yeah it's awesome. New episode tomorrow
  5. Booker getting more time than Yang? Wth, his campaign is over.
  6. So there won't be a non VR version? VR makes me barf
  7. Hes openly gay but a closet conservative
  8. please MSNBC never host another debate. wtf is with those softball questions? ASK TOUGH SHIT! thats what the debates are for! and lol at Kamala going after Tulsi with the same lines Clinton used cause that really worked. Its funny how a centrist democrat is accusing a liberal democrat of being a republican plant. Tulsi is for M4A, legal pot, and anti war. These are left wing ideas. Kamala is the fucking republitard. Locks up parents of kids who skip school, locks of pot smokers, keeps someone on death row when there is evidence hes not guilty. What a fucking cunt.