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  1. Survival of the fittest plagues are mother natures population control and we are denying her her cull
  2. if he can do it safely then why not? Why must the entire planet shutdown for a virus that has a 98% survival rate? We've gone bonkers. Smoking is legal, kills millions, no one gives a fuck. People drive cars, kills millions, no one gives a fuck. A virus hits that is mild in most cases, and only kills people with weakened immune systems and the entire world stops. Logically it doesnt make any sense.
  3. there should be a dildo stuck to a chair somewhere
  4. Not sure why you're getting all snarky when the least capable candidate is going to win the nomination. Are you happy a man that can't even speak in coherent sentences is going to go against Trump and lose? Is this what you wanted? You wanted 4 more years of Trump? I knew you were a Russian plant.
  5. I still don't understand why people waste time watching other people play games. If you're gonna waste time with games at least play it yourself.
  6. It doesn't fit the narrative. If it were Bernie it would have been all over the media.
  7. 8487-8824-3296 I'm missing some people
  8. Yeah, a vibrant living and conscious candidate would have been nice.
  9. yeah.. 98% rating on Steam after 20 000 ratings. Everyone at sw bought The Messenger instead. KZ is way better