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  1. Since they are one now and red and green make brown
  2. All of us dirtbags will be down here on earth continuing to be the slaves that we are while all those blue checkmark people will be up in Elysium livin' it up.
  3. Jehurey's response is literally "ok but look over here" Dude can you actually talk about this ONE particular issue instead of deflecting to something else? It's not that hard.
  4. Pretty damn good, but I kind of like covers to sound a little different than the original. I like new takes on old songs as long as it's tastefully done. Good either way
  5. You can buy 5 xbox's for the price of one of these
  6. And it's totally not worth it.
  7. I think that's what Jordan Peterson is trying to help men with. Their anger issues, he wants incels to listen and figure their shit out and give their lives meaning.
  8. Everyone you have met that listens to Jordan Peterson is an involuntary celebate?
  9. They need both a Switch mini and a Switch pro with more storage and more powerful battery that runs switch games in docked mode while in portable on a 1080@ 7" screen.
  10. It was the year 2009, we decided to go see Mastodon and Dethklok play at the Orpheum theatre in downtown Vancouver. I picked him up in white Rock. He has a full head of hair, was high as fuck and talked about his daddy issues for awhile. We got to the show and waited in line, there were some crazy looking people waiting to get in. I remember I was wearing my Machinehead tshirt which I was proud of. I don't recall what jimbo was wearing but he had a particular unwashed odor. Dethklok comes on stage and literally blew my face off, they were incredible. Jimbo was high as fuck. Mastodon comes on stage and they literally blew my face off, they were incredible. jimbo was high a fuck. After the show I drove him back to White Rock, we went to one of his friend's house. I smoked a joint with high as fuck jimbo and his friend. Played some video games and then drove home. The end.