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  1. You didn't list anything though
  2. It was a simple question bud.
  3. Did you list the ones saucer follows?
  4. I can actually tell you follow literal communist groups.
  5. I think I'll try before I buy. Anyone played it yet? Has an 8 at gs
  6. Calls Trump supporters "basket of deplorables" and his popularity surges Calls Tulsi Gabbard a Russian and Republican asset and her popularity surgers Says "no on likes Bernie Sanders"... you get the idea. Why does she keep doing this?
  7. think of all the extra xbox exclusives you could buy every month with an extra 1000 dollars!
  8. lol as if they would sign a contract for 10 years for 1 single chip.. a 10 year lifespan?
  9. sorry but how does this mean it will be a dud? Because something jerry thought was happening isnt? I would much rather an upgraded switch unit not just a dock.