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  1. That's some big "little-dick" energy right there.
  2. Well its twinblade....so the latter.
  3. ChupacabraIII


    Well...no one ever accused you of being funny that's for sure.
  4. never been a fan of a PC Case that didn't have some kind of front intake. That said, Lian-Li's are good cases and cable management is going to be a breeze.
  5. Imagine only finding out about Gamers Nexus
  6. so not only does this dumb motherfucker read that trash website he uses microsoft edge to do so
  7. Donald "I would run "out of a press conference when the reporters ask questions that are too hard" into a school shooting to save the kids" Trump
  8. really? digging up 2 minute videos from 5 years ago?
  9. I still remember Puerto and Jerry spamming threads in SW's prime. Can you imagine how much more annoying Jerry is audibly though?
  10. lmfao. fucking Nintendo. IDK how they come up with the best games and the worst practices.
  11. Warriors. Gonna be champs again next year when it actually counts
  12. Twinblade you're dumb as fuck. I'm surprised you put together your PC and turned it on without burning your house down you fucking mental cripple.
  13. Gabe Newell also thinks DOTA2 is the best game ever. Yet he only plays against bots. So...who gives a shit what Gabe Newell thinks.