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  1. I can't believe this thread got any replies other than Bodyodor and DynamiteVirgin.
  2. worse than the Karen in the Facebook comment section He's the fucking Ruben in SW threads
  3. I think you mean >>ANYONE<< and Jerry. That bitch Jerry will literally argue with anyone for anything for any amount of time because he's a giant autist.
  4. depends on how many will sign an affidavit claiming they were there because of Trump's rhetoric which the Biden's DoJ could use to slam dunk Trump and his Family. At least, that's what I would do if i were a prosecutor.
  5. The name is ruben is a good icebreaker... The fact that you thinks this lets everyone know you are terrible at talking to people nevermind women.
  6. Ruben is a type of sandwich you sack of shit. shut the fuck up.
  7. Ruben-PC punching Air right now because the farthest he's went with a woman is a date
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