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  1. I don't understand why Jerry won't just post the parts. Super sus.
  2. mans really has a 2500 dollar PC and is taking "screenshots" with his phone camera
  3. mans spent 1200 bucks on a racing setup, but is looking into buying a gaming...laptop bruh
  4. lol. listen to Remij. Get the PC version. The kb/m will make it better than the Series S version by default.
  5. It was my post about carlos voting democrat
  6. I don't understand why my post was hidden?
  7. as it stands, if he had 200 bucks he couldn't turn what he has into anything close to what i just posted in performance. He built stupid, because he is stupid and that's why he feels like PC gaming is stupid.
  8. anyway, Twinblade could have spent 200 dollars more and got this https://pcpartpicker.com/user/ChupacabraIII/saved/#view=GGfQ6h
  9. good 3200mhz ram > average 3600mhz ram. that video is stupid without explaining methodology or brand or anything.
  10. oh no baby what is you doin?
  11. Oh no, not trashy AMD drivers. Who saw this coming?
  12. lmao consoles. Choose between Ray Tracing or 60fps for 8 years. Enjoy the bottom of the barrel, twinblade; it'll match your intellect
  13. Maybe you guys should ease up on cockujin. Nigga sound like he finna kill himself over being unpopular on this board.
  14. Why are you so obsessed? Did you get locked into a lease with it or what?
  15. A banger? First of all, no hack and slash game has ever been considered a banger. The fucking genre sucks. 2ndly, the scores everywhere confirm GS's score. The game is trash
  16. Hack and Slash games. who even plays that trash
  17. edit: for those who are unaware, Port Royal is basically a Ray Tracing Benchmark
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