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  1. is anyone still invested enough in the current garbage trilogy to even muster up a riot?
  2. this is even worse than i thought its not just the lack of expressiveness in the animals faces and lack of vibrancy in the bg/color palette, its the filmmaking on the whole thats downgraded. the vocal performance, camera work, and storyboarding of this sequence are just flat and lifeless, with zero visual gags like the original to keep it lively - just one long boring take walking in a straight line.
  3. damn, westbrook and harden reunited could be epic or a disaster. still a great trade for houston, paul is done and has one of the worst contracts in the league.
  4. no one knew it would be this awful (again, except me). and again, there have been other realistic looking disney remakes that didnt flop this hard. wrongmij
  5. this was directed by someone that previously directed another disney remake that was basically universally praised (jungle book). other mediocre disney remakes like beauty and the beast and cinderella managed scores in the 70's/80's. and your incredulous ass was not having even one lone dissenting opinion (mine) itt that this looked awful from the jump. yeah, no, im gonna say, no one including you was ever expecting the praise for this to be near the bottom of disney remakes alongside aladdin and dumbo - except me of course, as usual.
  6. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_lion_king_2019 57% also looks like i was spot on about the very deliberate style of editing in the trailers that mostly shied away from direct shots of characters speaing, trying to mask the lack of expression, as its cited as a real issue by most critics.
  7. dark city directors cut - drama/mystery/thriller make sure to only watch the directors cut as the standard version basically spoils the plot
  8. julius randle to the knicks
  9. https://www.gamesradar.com/bloodstained-switch-version/
  10. jon is right. technically, no games is an identity. cant think of any other console that has no exclusives.
  11. "ive noticed sony and nintendo are churning out gotys left and right while xbox is sucking ass. whats up with that phil?" savage
  12. death stranding has 3 skus, one of which is SOLD OUT gears 5 standard edition at $50 is #219 death stranding special edition at $70 is #229 comparing cyberpunk to gears 5
  13. RIP you thinking all three platforms of cyberpunk are combined, RIP gears 5 sales