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  1. new xbox studio acquisitions - "more studios than playstation" edition Compulsion Games Double Fine inXile Entertainment Ninja Theory Undead Labs
  2. these are the 3 highest scores on metacritic
  3. DumboCop is the only one that still gets hyped for outside xbox this is how i imagine him watching the corny hosts/jokes:
  4. not sure why lems are laughing, your rectums will be blasted into the stratosphere if ps5 literally launches with the biggest launch game in playstation history we havent even seen playstation peak launch power
  5. so where was the fake news shit in my post about xbox tweeting their controller, again? oh, moving on i guess... and im pretty sure youre the only one that still expects bombs on outside xbox. how do much did you enjoy yesterdays sea of theives season 8 update, fag
  6. where is the fake news shit? never said the xbox pic was a reveal. the story here is the absolute desperate and pathetic look and timing of the xbox tweet. and if you got banned from a neogaf thats 10x more lax in moderation since the resetera exodus, that definitely suggests a 'you' problem, idiot
  7. microsofts response to the persona + ff7 double team this week? "Phil Spencer Reiterates Importance of Japanese Market and Promises a Lot More News in 2020" “The gaming market in Japan, fans in Japan, gamers in Japan, are incredibly important to me and team Xbox. Some of the most amazing experiences we’ve all played on games have come from Japan and we work really hard to make Xbox a part of the experience for customers in Japan.”
  8. ms tweeted a desperate look-at-me pic of the xbox controller hours after the reveal, 45.6k likes