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  1. remember how excited you got when you THOUGHT the re2make demo was an xbox exclusive except it wasnt
  2. substatic- fake hermit that still thinks it’s 2004 yet dismisses exclusives and graphical showpieces in favor of hobo pass and Adrian wiener submarine sims; and of course, thought cyberpunk would save pc gaming before it became the laughing stock of the industry
  3. it’s fighting dark fate for the worst 3 was the best ‘conventional’ sequel with some decent practical action genisys was the best batshit crazy sequel that took some big swings salvation and dark fate were just bland forgettable nothings.
  4. TLDR: 3 playstation exclusives 1 pc exclusive rest are multiplats also predictably the latest sony studio game looks better than all pc/xbox exclusives
  5. its down to 86, which means not only is cyberpunk not 2020 goty, it ranks below the following 2020 rpg releases: Demon's Souls Dragon Quest XI S Final Fantasy 7 Remake Monster Hunter World Iceborne Persona 4 Golden Persona 5 Royal Xenoblade Chronicles DE Yakuza Like a Dragon
  6. https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2020-12-20-gog-advises-cyberpunk-2077-players-to-keep-a-lower-amount-of-items-to-avoid-corrupting-save-files imagine thinking its just the console versions that are busted, and that the pc version is okay
  7. losing to a game that runs on switch
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