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  1. imagine playing mediocre games just because theyre free, in between sessions of madden/fifa
  2. maybe dq12 will have more than just the same 3 shitty tracks over and over again
  3. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-10-07-arkane-lyon-studio-head-leaves-after-16-years Romuald Capron, the head of Arkane Lyon, is stepping down after 16 years at the studio. Capron stepped down last week, shortly after the launch of Deathloop, which received high acclaim across the board, and less than a year after the company became part of Microsoft.
  4. mediocre game, but one of the finest available on pc/gamepass
  5. you know 343 are hacks when the most hype new feature was brought to the table by titanfall 5 years ago. then again it keeps alive the 343 tradition of chasing trends and being a gen behind. halo is dead
  6. with all the constant repetitive cutscenes/skits in tales, its actually appropriate for this thread
  7. bluepoint could stay a remake studio and it wouldn’t matter. the remake craze isn’t going anywhere
  8. what dq9 is considered “main installment.” still a handheld ghetto game compared to its predecessor
  9. and dragon quest 9 is the ninth main installment after dragon quest 8
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