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  1. they only give out revenue and not profit for a reason
  2. more combat with re7/8 janky ass first person sounds like a bad time
  3. ill just play the broken version instead. joke’s on you guys!
  4. and if theyre going to be that long, at least have time stamps. otherwise fuck that
  5. you mean that site that just does podcasts all day long? theyve been dead for a while
  6. meanwhile on hobo pass, dumpster diving for 6’s https://www.resetera.com/threads/game-pass-has-redeemed-the-6-10-game.418194/
  7. funding a storefront that takes a bite out of steam's marketshare, rips day 1 new releases from steam through exclusivity deals, and promotes developer backlash of steams scummy practices? all while giving sony a 30% cut of the biggest game in the world's revenue stream? anytime, pal ffs even xbox is killing pc
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