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  1. still cant get over this. no forza or even a gears collection, just game pass level junk for an entire year
  2. 3d or not, kirby forgotten lands plays pretty much the same as any other kirby before it, and there's been like 15 kirby games in like 30 years. comparing that to horizon which has 2 games in 5 years, in terms or 'freshness' is absurd. another absurd comparison is comparing pokemon arceus to pretty much any other open world game on the market. take any category - gameplay, controls, graphics, animations, sound, voice acting, storytelling, quest deisgn, art design, world design, etc - and any modern open world blows it out of the water. it doesnt help that elden ring and horizon cam
  3. nintendo is discounting tropical freeze for today only
  4. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2022/06/12/the-all-new-forza-motorsport-is-the-most-technically-advanced-racing-game-ever-made/ Editor’s Note (June 14): We incorrectly stated that the Forza Motorsport demo was captured in-game on Xbox Series X. The demo was captured in-game on PC, and also tested on Xbox Series X for the same visual quality output. We have corrected this in the article.
  5. exoprimal looks like some shitty remnant from the 360 era
  6. xbox fanboys on resetera got heated at schreier for posting this, tried to discredit him, then got dragged + banned
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