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  1. its 2022 and people are still confusing remaster with remake. the capcom side should look like this
  2. enemy design somehow looks even more generic than dead space
  3. wow final fantasy 7r HBR. next cult classic, star ocean
  4. i hope everyone buys all of these for $50-60 to fund the real bangers: dq 12, ff 7, ff 16 and yeah forspoken looks bad. i put that in the same category as stranger of paradise - not expecting anything more than a pity 7.
  5. not sure why youre sneakily characterizing tactic ogre as budget junk when that was the one game i specifically said is not budget junk. im guessing "i'll take crisis core remastered over final fantasy 7 rebirth" didnt sound as good
  6. this reminds me of triangle strategy where the only good thing is the character portraits.
  7. all of square's releases this year are budget junk, except for tactics ogre (and even thats a budget remaster)
  8. i was thinking this exact thing, except i guess star ocean has space? lol. also i dont like how the flying move in this, encourages pseudo platforming - what every jrpg doesnt need.
  9. yeah, game pass devs are trash huh
  10. rise of the ronin, the new team ninja game by the director of the nioh games, is a sony first party game. xbox
  11. damn i was looking forward to bangers like hello neighbor 2, goat simulator, and brew master
  12. the black phone was pretty good. ethan hawke was great
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