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  1. 10 - Final Fantasy VII Remake 10 - Persona 5 Royal 9 - Dreams 8 - MLB The Show 20 8 - Nioh 2 7 - Granblue Fantasy Versus 7 - Sakura Wars - - Street Fighter V Champion Edition 9 - Forza Horizon 4 8 - Forza Motorsport 7 8 - Ori Will of the Wisps 7 - Gears 5 6 - Bleeding Edge 6 - Sea of Thieves 5 - State of Decay 2 5 - Crackdown 3
  2. as you can see, pretty much only jon thinks that. he'll pretend he never said that in a few years though sorta like how x owners all pretend they never said x would deliver real 4k, before it became a mistake
  3. they forgot "it looks fun. its different. its gamey" -@therealjonb "bleeding edge gonna surprise folks" -Johnny Blaze1 "its good if you like overwatch" -JBPCGAMING
  4. sword of mana, secret of mana remake, now this. this series doesnt have a good track record with remakes. or maybe the series is just b-tier
  5. cookes joycons still work because he only plays it on flights to ireland
  6. probably still a few one x warriors that think its worth a shit
  7. Final Fantasy VII: 3.5M Spider-Man: 3.3M God of War: 3.1M Uncharted 4: 2.7M
  8. yeah im sure. funny this should come up now, i recently re-organized some of my old pc games how many of these have you played breh? and these are just the ones that came w proper cases, i have lots more that came in cheapo paper sleeves from this era - you know, when pc gaming was fresh and exciting
  9. the classic games? almost all of them the modern games? 1 of each series to confirm they were downgraded trash
  10. ninja gaiden has too much action adventure bloat (key hunting, platforming, swimming, etc) thats a slog. same with metroid prime.
  11. curious what hotsauce thinks of witchers combat and wrpgs of the last 20 years "Diablo, Deus Ex, System Shock, Fallout, Planescape Torment, etc" as well as baldurs gate, fallout, gothic, icewind dale, vampire, etc. remind me what years these series put out their best/only good installment(s)