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  1. this is probably what nintendo thought people meant when they asked for new games
  2. two games from my childhood, gta and tomb raider gta (along with every rage/euphoria powered rockstar game) are virtually unplayable with the worst third person controls of any aaa game. even the satire/comedy is stale now too. tomb raider reboot is a bastardized version of the quiet, slow paced, heavily puzzle oriented original. it’s just uncharted mixed with ubisoft game now and generally uninspired and unremarkable.
  3. try burying your head in the sand instead; it also achieves this but with more coverage
  4. the price of entry was $100 cheaper, this isnt hard. just google "xbox price cut 2014," and scroll away as everyone in the real world understands this. the only delusional one here is you.
  5. at launch, a consumer had to pay $499 to obtain an xbox one system after 6 months, a consumer had to pay $399 to obtain an xbox one system thats a price cut, any way you want to slice it
  6. the point was neither one is a fire sale, although xbox having its first price cut after only 6 months was def more embarrassing
  7. a "massive" fire sale is like 60% off or more they only took off $100. if thats considered a fire sales than so is xbox one getting slashed $100 when they dumped kinect idiot