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  1. @DynamiteCop! instead of bitching at everyone, why not try participating in/answering the topic? which was better, xbox 2017 or xbox 2018? wait, lemme guess "Loaded question. Not happening."
  2. i bumped 27,000 posts? jons daily routine : -make 30 posts -rep you your daily routine: -make 30 posts -buy 30 laserdiscs -rep jon weird fucks
  3. so weird that someone would remember posts by literally the 2 most prolific posters on this board. shut the fuck up,
  4. yeah especially when your ass gets blasted, thats when it just gets downright eerie
  5. im not sure how necro bumping is an insult. its not even exclusive to sw, but a FORUM tradition since forever. you and jons post per day ratio tho is just obsessive and weird as fuck. yall literally working here. jon literally said "everyone posts about me i cant stop"
  6. you make the same post 1000 times a month and then act like its weird that people remember
  7. 13k posts in 14 months 14k posts in 14 months all straight astroturfing without a paycheck cant debate the topic cant dc past dumbo behavior cant take any heat whatsoever all you 2 dumbos have left is this new "youre weird" personal attack and repping each other every day
  8. its amazing how you have 14k postsin 14 months all being an astroturfing dumbo praising hd dvd an shit
  9. its amazing how you have 14k posts in 14 months and think others are sad
  10. the purpose of this thread is to get snapshot of the two years' exclusive experiences, so it being/not being "primary review platform" for multiplatform games doesnt factor in this at all. youre trying to kill the messenger here, and dont even know why.
  11. why would i change it from the default? to make xbox look better? this is an objective look.
  12. you call out the 20 review prerequsite, so your issue is squarely with the site. im just the messenger, taking it up with me isnt going to enact change.