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  1. “its not possible to make a modern vampire video game without political themes”
  2. https://gotypicks.blogspot.com/2018/10/2018-game-of-year.html 196 gotys with rdr2 competition
  3. now that weve settled the best version, whats the best steelbook 🤔
  4. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-sekiro-shadows-die-twice-performance-analysis But what about the resolution basics? Sekiro is the first From Software game to aim for higher resolutions on the enhanced consoles. Both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X deliver an 1800p presentation, with the evidence suggesting that the Pro is using an image reconstruction technique to get to its target pixel count, but whatever approach From has chosen pays off massively - it's really difficult to tell one version from the other, even when zooming in tightly on captured screenshots, though the X does deliver marginally sharper shadows and a slight boost to overall clarity. Performance is a mixed bag, with results that may disappoint. Both of the enhanced consoles run with an uncapped frame-rate - just like the PS4 Pro-only patch for Dark Souls 3. Unfortunately, despite all the media leading up to release showcasing the game running at 60fps, I can assure you that this is not the case on consoles. It's very much an unstable frame-rate usually in the upper 30s to upper 40s, but it's when you compare the two that eyebrows will raise. In most cases, the PS4 Pro version delivers a higher average frame-rate. Neither comes close to 60fps, but you can clearly see that Sony's machine has taken the lead here. The potential use of reconstruction on Pro might explain the difference here along with the slight difference in detail levels, but the results aren't great either way.
  5. why does deeno keep doing this to himself?
  6. long video but well worth it, as he breaks down not only the flaws with rdr2’s design but also how rockstars games have continually moved further away from the freedom of their ps2 classics in favor of being tightly scripted and predictable.
  7. its easy to have this attitude if you dont partake/dont have access to the true gems of the medium like sony 1st party titles and various Japanese xcluded titles. if the only games i played were those on ea/hobo pass, i wouldnt collect games either, because i cant become attached to games that are literally disposable junk.
  8. better than the original is crazy. the og is a visionary piece of work. nothing like it had ever been put to screen before while 2049 just iterates on the past. it doesnt help that we had just seen 2 years prior a star wars movie where harrison ford was an absentee father again - its the most bog standard plot hollywood has. on that topic of fan service, trotting out cg recreations of old characters, and literal video/audio clips from the old movie is perhaps the most inelegant way to do so, putting it firmly in the category of disney star wars sequel-boot. also i hated the visuals - thought it looked like any other future scifi movie. the noir vibe, omnipresent night, and multicultural (specifically asian) component of the original made for a far more unique setting.