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  1. yeah breaking news, third party devs are making mostly cross gen games which is why its important that first party devs make next gen only games slow John strikes again
  2. i thought tom hardy turned in the best performance of those films.
  3. finally saw 1917 and liked it. but it is sorta like gravity and the revenant where its all about the audio-visual spectacle. like those films ill probably never re-watch it on a non-theatre screen. and generally it was not as inspired, memorable, or visually spectacular as the best moments in those films. having said that, its the best 2019 movie i saw. second best war film of recent times for me behind overlord.
  4. also loved the tomb raider reboot series and thinks plague tale is one of the best games of the gen. the same games over and over
  5. bashes death stranding and 3rd person cinematic games champions ""unique"" games and ninja theory games what a mess of contradictions jon is
  6. xsx launch will be fun. the first console in history with NO next gen games or exclusives from day 1
  7. 2 days after launch is too long. youll have had xb1 level games for 7 years ffs
  8. halo infinite is a special case, thats a current gen game ms delayed to sell next gen consoles like zelda twilight princess and botw. its every 1st party game for up to 2 years after that being last gen/cross gen thats a bigger issue.
  9. no it doesnt fly, and cyberpunk is proof - in development for xb1 -> being constrained by xb1 "most games wont be as ambitious" doesnt fly either because some will or be demanding in other ways. why would you want to limit game design on ALL games and make the baseline even LOWER for no reason whatsoever? because ms told you so.
  10. yeah, this argument youve been rolling with that "cross gen games arent impeded/limited if they started development on xb1" doesnt fly. again, cyberpunk has been in development for xb1, and its development is being impeded/limited by xb1. ms actually convinced you that 2020-2022 games arent limited by 2013 hardware.
  11. this isnt about witcher or whats best/better. its about cyberpunk being held back by current consoles in 2019, w/ emphasis on the base xbox one (weakest console). and yet you think being constrained by those consoles for ANOTHER 2 YEARS is all good because ms told you. and as you can see from cyberpunk it doesnt matter that "it started development on xbox one." use that pea brain and think for yourself for once.