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  1. in all seriousness, posting on sw on thanksgiving wasnt the worst thing. you could have free time waiting for dinner or something and post - i personally didnt, but its theoretically possible for someone else. the real rape was that jon even THOUGHT - even for 1 second - about jerry on a major holiday and had to make a thread about it. like imagine someone living that rent-free in someone's head
  2. jon has 50k posts between 2 accounts, dont worry he puts more energy than anyone here on his e-grudges
  3. so i went through these lists and after taking out all the old flops/multiplats/mistakes, heres the xbox games left and their metacritic info: Bright Memory 1.0 | Score: 56 The Falconeer | Score: 65 Enlisted | Score: N/A
  4. FIFA 21 again, these lists dont even have the biggest multiplats in the fucking world right
  5. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4008-PPSA01364_00-WRC9SIEA00000000 this is just the letter w
  6. yeah it does. when you cant even get all the major multiplats down, why would anyone think the rest of the no-name shovelware is reliable?
  7. whose ass did you pull these sloppy lists out of ? watch dogs is on ps5 dipshit
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