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  1. The biggest sticking point, however, is the camera system. Pioneering as it was in 1996, the camera--which is charmingly personified as a Lakitu reporter filming Mario live as he investigates Princess Peach's disappearance--is often an impediment, restrictive at the best of times and combative at the worst. You can only shift the camera angle around in increments, but even then it has a tendency to drift back behind Mario, making it difficult to frame jumps and other actions that require tightrope precision. This can get particularly frustrating in some of the game's later stages, where death-
  2. IGN - 10 Edge - 9 Eurogamer - Essential Game Informer - 9 USgamer - 9 https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/spelunky-2/critic-reviews
  3. no one there except players families and russ still getting heated
  4. this was farmed out to ubi’s customer service center in india
  5. A technical producer at Remedy Infinity Ward dev chimes in Lead Programmer at iD Another Remedy dev Smaller dev perspective glad sony went with one sku at launch and isnt holding back next gen. hopefully we see a repeat of current gen where playstation got all the priority.
  6. animal crossing xenoblade remastered paper mario super mario remastered pikmin 3 remastered hyrule warriors 2 well its better than xbox's 2020
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