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  1. Check it out More complex shit to come https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/98701014/ It's hard as hell to log in/register here or at sidescrollers btw. I got in this account after trying 10 random passwords. Can't a man shamelessly advertise his shit in peace?
  2. admins wont had a block feature and I cant keep reading these crazy threads/comments anymore, makes me feel like im willingly in an insane asylum. Moving to sw's competitive forums
  3. ^he didnt change it to 5 minutes, still see the colorless bar when i make a quick edit the same second I post a comment for example
  4. fuck Kimmel, Fallon is funnier How'd you get tickets?
  5. lol That was pretty funny. lol remember that time you were afraid to meet me in nyc to fight lol that was funny lol you mean the time you set of a scavenger trip with multiple locations for him to go to and you would always leave just before he got there? rofl nigga u scared
  6. Was it too close to home for you? Are all your methhead loser friends dead while you're still alive? holy shit the self loathing is too much Im sure you cant handle it
  7. zwarrior


    you said its confusing
  8. i never cared for mario kart
  9. zwarrior


    you saw it twice and still didn't get it? When he fell in that black hole, he was in some sort of dimension made by people from the future. The reason it looked like a bookshelf is because it needed to look like something comprehensible for him or else it would have been beyond his understanding. Once he was done with his task (communicating with his daughter) the place dissolved because its purpose had been fulfilled.
  10. he doesnt look scary at all, he looks like a hero. The only way you could find this picture scary is if you are a TERRORIST