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  1. damn, malakaka got destroyed here. ran back to pooru. i think im gonna take another break from here so i can come back in 5 years and laugh at him when hes 50+ and making up elaborate lies involving javier and openly thirsting for xelle
  2. i paid like 70 bucks for the first game due to taxes and when i saw that intro i knew itd be worth every penny still GOTG heard the sequel is gonna involve time travel....
  3. he wants more people to creep on/stalk/project on
  4. it didn't happen your just a bitter 40 year old over a forum girl
  5. well, you gotta lie and make shit up about people over girls from 10 years ago so yea. mala the sex pest got owned itt the only illegal here is you
  6. LMAO owned so hard you gotta claim its bait then go back to denial about alts. the thirst is real and if i leave you'll probly stop posting again
  7. this is the same shit you did last time. you denied the accusation you came in with, got outed as a creepy rapey fuck and then started slandering dumb fuck watch him claim by clones he meant some other bullshit. all because of some girl from 10 years ago thirsty simp
  8. if i had done that javier woulda thrown me out LMAO. same with the alts which you claim i had but cant proove any of it.
  9. mondongo is what i imagine all of peru to smell like
  10. i keep my pm's turned off cause you would bitch me out everytime i talked to her lmao
  11. you been claiming i have alts since 2011 cause xelle liked me more than you. LMAO.
  12. by helping me film commercials for a local dealer out in ft lauderdale.
  13. its not as good as the first one or 3 give you that
  14. nope i gotta set up the corner again and puut gamedrunk to whore himself out
  15. it had some gems at least. and most have been ported to switch
  16. new colossus is the worst fps ive played all gen. its like halo 2 bad