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  1. sony should get out of gaming they already hit perfection with warhawk why bother any more?
  2. PS4 phoned it in and acted like 360 1.5 with the stupid movie games Xbone was ok at first then turned like the gamecube 2004-2006 was the only machine that kept it good was PC by having almost everything of every genre...even fighters thrives there i mean wtf? the only game tho that truly pulled me in this gen was zelda BOTW.
  3. you shail posted? you told minority posters to fuck off then get arrested for threatning to kill some white girl?
  4. i saw a scene where you are dodging falling bodies. that was pretty cool
  5. its just what i gathered from watching streams looks fun tho
  6. was reading how red wedding was GRRM wanting to "subvert expectations" with this series. the same people arguing that earlier are now mad that something that was in their face the entire time happened
  7. he can never not own or carver will eat the earth
  8. my homeboy chucky told me. he might have gotten it off reset but take it with a grain of salt.
  9. the only glory to go to is warhawk on ps3. fuck outta here with that beyond 2 guevos bs