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  1. Seems to be a lot of that going around especially with people who you share polticial ideologies with
  2. Yet you always interject your dumbass opinions in those threads so... You're dumb.
  3. Stop quoting me fgt. You're wrong, end of discussion.
  4. Can someone ban Jerry's dumbass.
  5. Damn Ghostz derailing his own thread. Mad cuz he exposed himself as a dumbass who doesn't know anything about hdr and is now trying to turn this into phone wars
  6. Gonna replay this on pc
  7. I thought it was known that the smith's are into weird sexual things
  8. There is no SW discord. There's DarkXaero's discord and Pat/Infy's discord.
  9. What the fuck does that even mean. You're so fucking stupid lol
  10. Sheep killa is gs4u not Kenta
  11. Someone needs to build a shower for your stinky ass
  12. I know what 2070 is the best but actually you're a fgt so fuck you