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  1. I thought it was known that the smith's are into weird sexual things
  2. What do you think happened faster? Trump hiding in his bunker and turning off the lights in response to protestors near the WH or tranik running away from this thread? Imma go with Trump hittin the bunker.
  3. There is no SW discord. There's DarkXaero's discord and Pat/Infy's discord.
  4. What the fuck does that even mean. You're so fucking stupid lol
  5. Cool another thread where these two retards declare themselves the winner of the autism-off
  6. We don't need confederate statues or flags to remember the United States kicked the shit out of the confederate states and we freed the slaves. Stupid fuck.
  7. Stop derailing the thread with your delusions of grandeur you dumb bitch. No one cares about your inflated views on your intelligence. So anyway, as I mentioned in *the first post itt*, I believe conservatives have held back America since its inception. Furthermore, I believe America has become too large to govern. "We the people" was easier to get behind when "we" were only a handful of states with a handful of people to govern.
  8. I was the first response and it was on topic. Don't believe Jerry. Dude has convinced himself he's intelligent because he's spent the better part of his life arguing with retards like ghostz and come out of them the self-proclaimed winner.
  9. Go cry somewhere else.
  10. Yo either ban the word F A G G O T, or don't. changing it to fgt doesn't do anything. Its less than a halfway measure because it makes it seem like you're trying to be better but you're not. Everyone knows what "fgt" is. Its not code. All you've done is removed 3 letters.
  11. You like that? God, you're such an insufferable fgt.
  12. I saw this last night. lmao can't wait for Tranik, DC and GS4U spin this.
  13. Shut the fuck up. Moron.
  14. Someone needs to build a shower for your stinky ass