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  1. Will the game ever be properly fixed? I was pretty interested in it.
  2. I did once, however it was mostly from the physical strain of vomiting rather than some sort of internal bleeding issue. Scared the crap out of me though.
  3. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a CGI acid trip like that film "Red Tails"
  4. I only watched the first 45 seconds, best laugh I've had all day.
  5. I'm halfway through a bachelors in civil engineering and I think it'd be cool to travel like you. Do you have a masters degree or how long have you been working?
  6. I finished it this summer. I'm a pretty big Zelda fan and I think it was probably my least favorite. You just keep replaying through the same areas and everything else just feels empy as fuck.
  7. I guess I'm just gonna be hopping from party to party getting wasted on cheap champagne.
  8. The fashion just seems to be an indistinguishable mish-mash of previous decades
  9. Not in the Christmas spirit this year. Not depressed or irate over it, just not feeling it.
  10. Damn this shit is depressing. Guess I shouldn't complain though. More for me
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