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  1. Looking at benchmarks for a 3070 but probably didn't even look at benchmarks for his 1660ti.
  2. Price doesn't matter when you splurged on parts you don't even need. Hot Sauce went through this. You went overboard on the NvME, PSU, and RAM when that money could've went towards a better video card. Literally the most important part of a PC build.
  3. Better than Twinkie's build.
  4. You bought a 1660ti and thought you can max out games? Breh, I hope you're trolling
  5. My processor is bottlenecking my system though. i7 6700k
  6. Got that 3070, I'm ready for Cyberpunk BAYBEEEE. @nitriccame in the clutch
  7. The BLOPS Cold War campaign is actually pretty damn good. A lot more quieter moments then full on shooting which is a nice change of pace. I also got my Joystick finally so I tried MSFS2020 and it's
  8. I remember being on here when I was 19. 16 when I joined GS SW.
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