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  1. Spending more money on an SSD than a video card. Only Twinkie
  2. Came just to see Twinkie get rekt for building a shit PC.
  3. He splurged on all his PC parts EXCEPT his video card. Literally the most important part of a PC.
  4. Upgraded an old PC and it's better than Twinkie's new PC.
  5. God damn Twinkie getting demolished ITT.
  6. They really don't go in depth with the Cyberware system and I realized you can get double jump, slow-down time, shoot tranquilizer rounds or explosives from your arm and other shit that really effects the way you play. Customization is pretty in depth. I also didn't know there were laser whips in this game
  7. Why is everyone comparing this to GTA? CDPR makes open-world RPGs, why would that be any different? No company can match the polish of a Rockstar game, y'all need to check your hype.
  8. Volumetric Fog, Screen Space Reflections, reduce your FOV, those are good places to start without minimal impact on GFX. ...or not getting a 1660ti in 2020.
  9. I'm impressed that they went all in on world building by having TV shows and radio stations like GTA.
  10. Buying a 1660ti expecting 4k60 is pretty retarded though.
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