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  1. I have a $600 Dell that plays some games. I had some issues with it restarting by itself but I think it was just shitty windows 10. Whatever the case it hasn't done it in months.
  2. Democraps can't fall over themselves enough paying tribute to a lifelong warmonger who killed untold numbers of vietnamese civilians in bombing runs and never saw a war he didn't like.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/UNILADGaming/videos/235047810686825/
  4. Bought Dead Space on PeeCee for $5 on G2A today and found out you can't bind the wasd movement controls to the arrow buttons. WTF is that shit?
  5. I floated the idea of a ground up remake and people were like what?
  6. You do realize this is the case for every chick you date right? Either that or find one in church.
  7. Stalker-Call of Pripyat Imteresting premise and environments, terrible gameplay.
  8. Resident Evil 3 last night. Damn Easy mode gives you everything up front lol.
  9. Didn't like the difficulty in the first game hurt me plenty felt like hard not normal.
  10. Oh look one of the most respected intellectuals of our time bitchslapping the privileged conspiracy warmongering Russiagate kids.
  11. They could remake Resident Evil-S/T again and RE3 and CV. I would love to see RE4 get the modern treatment if the action was as fun.