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  1. Happy New Years, Cowtre
  2. lmao you have peeps talking about how To me it seems like the hate crowd got out in front and created the narrative that it's all sloppy writing cuz it didn't end the way they wanted it to. Should they have fleshed more things out, most definitely, but it feels like reaching hard. It's actually kinda funny to see all these peeps just completely melt
  3. Man, Dexter's subreddit and IMDB are in full meltdown mode about the finale. Seems like many are reaching so hard to not like it. Personally, like y'all, I enjoyed it thoroughly. It wasn't a perfect season and was bumpy at times, especially the writing and condensing it all to 10 episodes. Ironically i feel 12 episodes would've helped this season a bit more, even though in the OG, 12, at times, was too much. But it is what it is and loved that we were able to get this season of Dexter, it was a fitting end
  4. Yeah, New Blood definitely still has some of the flaws the OG show had, but goddamn I didn't even care too much. I accepted a long time ago, this show has that fantasy element about it where you have to suspend your disbelief and the writing won't be as tight as say Better Call Saul or something like that. Harrison surprised me, I had my doubts, but the kid who plays him does a pretty amazing job, he really is like Dexter Jr at times. And same, I've also enjoyed Deb this season too, showed you how much Dex has lost his mind compared to OG series. Even if the finale is a
  5. DEXTER EPISODE 9 IS GOATED! That was peak Dexter, absolute chills. Sounds like several here still need to catch up, so I won't say anything else, but when y'all do, goddamn y'all in for a treat...
  6. Whales are crazy, I'm in a few discord channels for Genshin and you have peeps that have spent $60k+ on Genshin , alone
  7. Hey, at least, R2 had a really great co-op mode, that shit was fun.
  8. Last episode of Dexter was so goooooood! It really is back Seeing the cogs in Dexter's brain spin immediately after I was skeptical of Harrison and how they'd fit him into this season, but that's pretty much pasted, the kid who plays him is solid. And love Deb as the Dark Passenger, you really get the feel for how much Dex hates himself and how crazy he is
  9. Ahhh, I c, I c. Well since Falcons have been ass, y'all been one of my Bandwagon teams cuz it'd be nice to see Stafford (ex UGA) finally win something. My other is the Titans cuz Julio, but poor Julio hasn't been healthy and their whole offense is now on IR
  10. Completely off topic but I remember you being a Rams fan, are you still one since they left for LA?
  11. We're in a "just wait" period, but it still beats pretending to enjoy a shitty Halo or the same Forza
  12. Yeah, last year they took it off and shortly after HBO Max released, its on there. kk01.net is the site I use to stream it and basically everything else lol. And yeah, I wanted to see him as Batman too, wasn't an amazing actor or anything but I very much enjoyed him as Reese in POI. It really is sad to see so many fall into that rabbit hole. Shame he was one of them, wanted to see more of Jim in either shows or movies
  13. Apparently the main actor that plays Reese is a QAnon retard and was very hard to work with. Which is most likely why a certain character/actor left. Apparently in the later seasons they limited him on so much, they took away blanks in the guns and replaced them with special effects, and anytime he has a weapon on him, he would be switched out with a double because he would take it too far. They also restricted him for going near the dog, Bear. Luckily, you can separate the art from the artist, and I have no problem doing such, and watching some of these later scenes, I get a good
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