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  1. They said they plan for six seasons. WestWorld is only getting started
  2. Overall I loved the episode and thought it was the best of the season..well I’ll let it cool down and rewatch it, but it’s at the very least 2nd best imo.. it set a lot of things in place. Though It’s a shame there’s only 2 episodes left, it still feels like mid season. Thankfully there are more seasons to come so I have faith in Nolan’s team.
  3. I did start Outlander earlier this week, and yeah TB, I see whatcha mean about the romantic drama aspect getting a lil too much in S1. Think I’m on episode 8 or 9 but it’s pretty dope other than that. Dunno if I would’ve watched it had it not been for the quarantine but it’s got my interest at the moment
  4. I watched thru S3 last year and while it was overall a good show, i just couldn’t vibe with the actor that plays Bosch. I’ve been meaning to revisit it because I’ve heard great things about S4 and S5, and maybe my thoughts about him will change given the long break..but I can’t seem to find the interest in doing so lol.
  5. There are some strong ass curveballs on this bitch, but it’s a pretty solid list overall Sabo. What’s yo PSN by the way?
  6. By the way, if anyone else enjoys Tony Dalton who plays Lalo in BCS, check out Sr. Ávila on HBO. He plays a hitman leading a double life, it’s basically Dexter meets Sopranos for the Latino community. Well worth the watch
  7. Lalo is one of the best villains I’ve ever seen. That damn smile and his stare are so intimidating it’s terrifying. That and he’s oozes charisma, yet you know underneath is a sociopathic killer. Tony Dalton absolutely nails that character
  8. Well worth the watch and hype. Depends on your taste on how much you enjoy S1 and S2 but from S3 on you won’t be disappointed at all. For me it has surpassed BB as the better show, but it’s hard to compare them because they go about their objectives differently. Either way it expands on the BB universe beautifully and it’s well crafted
  9. I think BCS is the more refined show than BB. But I agree with your assessment of it going from good to great to amazing to holy fuck. I loved S1 and S2 but you can tell the show doesn’t fully hit its stride until S3. Ever since S3 it’s been nothing but amazing Also think the writing, character development, and cinematography are better in BCS, with the acting not far behind BB at all now. The range of acting we see in Saul, Kim, Mike, Nacho, Lalo, and Chuck is up there with the best of BB.
  10. Jesus fuck at BCS, what an episode, what a fucking season
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