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  1. Yeah, with certain weapons it's unbearable, but with a better weapon it's not that bad at all, especially when I found out you can press L1 and your character will hit on that side. My weapon early on was the TwinBlade and I hated using it on the horse, I eventually stopped even trying to fight with it while riding
  2. Pretty sure Ranni's quest is one of the few that can be completed even at the end. So as long as you don't chose an ending or start NG+, you should be able to go back and finish it up, then by the grace and in-between the statue, there should be a blue summon sign and as soon as you summon her, it starts her ending cutscene.
  3. Thats pretty much how I believe it works as well, but even without them, if you go to the Main and Quit it manually saves you right where you are
  4. But you also get weapon dupes from NG+, and since I'm at NG+3 or 4, I have dupes to spare anyone that needs something!
  5. Yeah you can you dupe weapons as well as Runes. A Lord's Rune gives 50k Runes, you hold 600 of them. Saw my friend dupe so I know the general gist and it has to do with PS+ Cloud save, but I'd have to watch a video on it. But basically I'd summon you to my world, drop you whatever, you pick it up and then I would Quit Game, then redownload the save file that's from my PS Cloud.
  6. Yeah, it's a fucking massive game. My first playthrough was a slow burn and mostly blind exploration where every couple days I would revisit a place on my map I hadn't been at in while. After I beat the last boss and before I started NG+ I roamed the newer areas once over and then looked up the interactive map. Excluding co-op and PvP, I probably had 150 hours first go round and my map had to be ~95% complete. I'm on NG+3 or 4, but I recently found a cave I had never been to.
  7. Ahhh word. I was going say we can drop Talisman and Weapons, so if you had needed I could've given ya whichever ones you had missed. But spells, Ashes, ashes if war, and stones can't be traded
  8. Didn't really play the last week and a half, took a lil breather and caught up with TV/movies, but hopped back on last night and had a fun sesh. Helped my homie with Castle Sol, Malenia, and Dragonlord Phalanx. I was pretty rusty at times lol. I also had to use an old save cuz in my current playthrough I didn't have the areas unlocked for co-op. On my PS+ Cloud is my first playthrough (lvl 150 mage), backed it up for the endings, so I put my current file on a USB and then used the Cloud file. I actually had to do the same thing when GD and I try to co-op Elden Beast las
  9. Oh you probably missed the weapon Bolt of Granthax or whatever it's called before the
  10. Hell yeah! Besides the 2 endings, which other 2 trophies you missing?
  11. Comet Azur, Meteorite, and Meteorite of Astel aren't all that good unless you have Cerulean Hidden Tear (eliminates all FP usage for a small amount of time), allows you to continue charging the spells up for quite some time. You either need that Tear or your FP to be pretty high for those 3 spells to be really worth using.
  12. Yeah, that Erdtree was a beast compared to all the others in the surrounding areas. I had to chip away at his health when I faced him too, but one slip up on my part and he'd one shot me. I was probably in the low 40s when I beat him, but he took me many many tries just cuz it was one shot. Congrats though!! Next you should try that Gargoyle in Caelid or start doing the dragons
  13. Will work on some of the remaining questlines I have later today, then I'll go ahead and finish up my first playthrough
  14. Made hella good progress tonight. Beat 4 bosses, judging by trophies, besides the 3 endings, it's just 2 main bosses left
  15. Welcome to the club I have 158 hours
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