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  1. I'll type it later and send it, but first I gotta do my dallies and whatnot on Genshin Sad to admit, but because I didn't game much at all last gen, I think Genshin is my most played game on PS4.. Well, Bloodborne is / or was it, think I had 1,100 - 1,300 hours on it, but I know Genshin is either knocking on that door or passed it now. I blame it on Covid and boredom Edit: before y'all start roasting me, I'd like to say I've stayed essentially F2P (spent $10), i ain't no Gacha sucka or some weeb Waifu hunter
  2. I've also been playing Genshin Impact since it came out last September and I'll admit, at its core, it's an incredibly fun game. I mean, besides the fact that it's a Gacha game, which I'll get to, but ignoring that for just a second, there's a pretty great game underneath it the terrible Gacha aspects. I doubt many care and have dropped this game looooooong ago, which I completely understand lmao..but I'm one of the few on my PS4/5 friendlist that kept up with it, even my irl friends dropped it, and I haven't posted on here in years really, so I figure I'll share my experience with it. It
  3. Modern day wook Snow..well, it's a couple years old now, but tis close enough
  4. Yung raver Snow, I think 2011 and when I used to post here
  5. Definitely I haven't yet played RE2make, but how is it both as a remake but also how is it from a survival horror aspect?
  6. As for Alien Isolation, god damn, the fucking atmosphere and the amount of detail they put into that game was un-fucking-real. Like you felt you were on the fucking Nostromo from the original Alien movie. I read the developers were given 3 terabytes of data / files from the first movie by Fox and it showed. I was a scared lil bitch my first playthrough, not to mention how great and advanced the Alien AI was, it all made it just terrifying. Obviously you learn that you just gotta always be moving and that makes it easier, but still no matter how confident you think you are, when you hear that A
  7. PS4 generation I didn't really get to game much, just the way life was going, but I've been catching up on that gen's games lately and damn I've missed some great games. Most recent ones I beat were God of War and Alien: Isolation...wow, honestly no words, I don't like throwing around the word masterpiece around, but in their respective genres, I'd say they're damn near close. I didn't pay attention to GoW when it released, thought it was a soft reboot but Norse mythology instead of Greek, had no idea it's a sequel to GoW 3 and was absolutely blown away by it all. Durin
  8. Yeah, my PS crew has been playing it the past 2 weeks, and while I haven't yet had the chance to hop on it yet, I've seen gameplay from my homie's twitch and yeah, it's 100% a Halo rip off and I'm all for it! Can't wait to give it a go
  9. Well since Lems and Herms are excited and claiming TCHBR when PC gets gen old PlayStation exclusives, TLHHBR cuz Alan Wake coming over to GodStation
  10. They said they plan for six seasons. WestWorld is only getting started
  11. Overall I loved the episode and thought it was the best of the season..well I’ll let it cool down and rewatch it, but it’s at the very least 2nd best imo.. it set a lot of things in place. Though It’s a shame there’s only 2 episodes left, it still feels like mid season. Thankfully there are more seasons to come so I have faith in Nolan’s team.
  12. I did start Outlander earlier this week, and yeah TB, I see whatcha mean about the romantic drama aspect getting a lil too much in S1. Think I’m on episode 8 or 9 but it’s pretty dope other than that. Dunno if I would’ve watched it had it not been for the quarantine but it’s got my interest at the moment
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