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  1. The Panthers FO did him so dirty. Thankfully we don’t have to deal with him anymore, especially if he is truly healthy again. Healthy Cam with McCaffery and DJ Moore, Brady with Evans and Godwin, and Brees with Thomas and Kamara would’ve been a fucking nightmare. Still is a nightmare but at least Panthers don’t seem scary. I do hope wherever Cam goes he gets to play the Panthers and completely tears them apart
  2. For me Better Call Saul as officially overtaken Breaking Bad as the better show. The writing, cinematography, editing, and character development are all better in BCS. you can even argue the acting is just as equal. Also, I want more Lalo dammit!! Tony Dalton kills every scene he’s in
  3. Imagine buying a console (XSeX) with no games to play, that’s as bad as buying a PS3 in 2006
  4. lmao GS had the player score listed first which was a 9. Damn TCGFR I was prolly one of the cows that betted A permaban on that game too .
  5. Had to look it up, but 9 = flop? I suppose in SW sense it makes sense because it was hyped to be GOTG
  6. Life took me away from this place during that time period and the next thing I knew it split into this place, Sidescollers, and SW2, and I think one other place. What caused the split and are any of those places still up?
  7. Haha I feel it. I was a cow back then but still played lots of 360 so I definitely agree that it was a helluva console. Life took me away from PS4 / X1 gen so I never followed up on what each were doing or played much of either. I bought a PS4 in 2015 for Bloodborne and besides that Dark Souls 3 and like 1-2 other game I haven’t gamed this gen. Then I come back here and see you completely flipped on MS, but what you just said makes sense. With MS acquiring studies again and arguably has better specs, are you hopefully for the return of the great X?
  8. Gonna be replaying both Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 on PS4 if anyone wants to join. Used to be a hardcore gamer and bought a PS4 in 2015 to play like 3 games lmao.
  9. Was old BodyCount an act, shit posting to shit post to add fire and keep topics between 360 vs PS3 moving? Or because MS started cutting everything and lost their way that you switched over?
  10. Haha I was mostly joking. Co-op made RE5 a great game, probably had like close to 1,000 hours in that game on PS3. it’s the only reason I’d want a remake of it, game was fun as hell with a partner. And nah RE4 was the downfall of the series, was one of the greatest games for sure but it absolutely sucked as a RE game.